• Ezekwe Emmanuel says:

    Wow….I love this article is very nice and it help me activate my amazon affiliate .once more big thumbs up to you.

  • Yusuf Bitrus says:

    Hi Gbemzy, you can choose to use Payoneer or Gift card to redeem your funds as payment for the affiliate sales made.

    However, Payoneer is the best and easy since it is operated as a US based Bank.

    I hope I have answered your question?

    Do you have more questions to ask?

    Please do!

  • Yusuf Bitrus says:

    I’ve not really tried it since I see no need for creating a US Facebook account.

    You could try it to see the possible outcome although you might get banned.

  • Yusuf Bitrus says:

    When you open the app, there is an option for you to login or sign up. Choose the sign up button to get started or follow this link at https://zenmate.com/signup/

    By using the link above you should be able to sign up immediately.

    Thank you.

  • Yusuf Bitrus says:

    Yes, but only after seven days of the FREE trial has expired. But, you should get the FREE seven days trial without adding your card, that’s how it should work.

    If you have more questions, do let me know.

  • Yusuf Bitrus says:

    You are welcome Idayat, I’m happy you liked my service. Do share this page with you, social media friends.

  • Yusuf Bitrus says:

    Hey Sandra, I apologize for the late reply…

    Answering your question.

    1.) You are going to use the Payoneer account as described in the post (updated).

    You should check how to add your Payoneer bank above click here to the section

    2.) You should insert your residential or office address in the 1. That is the real address that you use and state in Nigeria.

    As for the postal code, you can search for it on google e.g. Owerri Postal code will bring lists of postal codes in Owerri.

    I hope this answers your question?

  • Yusuf Bitrus says:

    Hi Chukwuebuka, I’m glad this article was helpful to you and thank you for the notice, it has been fixed now.

  • Otobong says:

    Apart from payoneer is there any other method one could use to receive Amazon payment in Nigeria?

  • Yusuf Bitrus says:

    Thank you Benita Nwoko, I’m glad it was helpful.

  • Bright says:

    How can i transfer money from payoneer to nigeria account

  • paul says:

    please does it applies to clickbank account opening also?

  • Dan Ehidiamhen says:

    What if you don’t have a website can you create an account?

  • Temmyweb says:

    Great post here… Thanks for sharing.

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