• Seyi says:

    Is this offer still available?

  • Maxwell says:

    How do I get started

  • Egbuachor Anthony says:

    Are there no alternatives to ClickBank? people are really getting pissed off right now

  • praise says:

    if i use a canadian address to open the account which i have done, will they ask of tax id before i get paid? i know if i use usa, clickbank will ask of tax id even during registration, but i wasn’t asked when i used canadian address i dunno if when i wanna get paid clickbank will then ask for it, although i tried using uk but my account was disabled several times but i succeeded with canada i look forward to your reply sir

    • Yusuf Bitrus says:

      No, they won’t ask for tax information if they didn’t request for it from the signup process.

      Unlike the US account, you are prompted to provide your tax information ℹ️ during the signup process.

  • Stanley says:

    What of de banks details, if use de 1st alternative, is it my friends bank account details I will use or my Nigeria account??
    Or does clickbank pay with PayPal??

    • Yusuf Bitrus says:

      You are to create a payoneer account to receive payment from ClickBank.

      Just like I said in the article, the person you are asking to create it for you should be trusted enough or else it might be too dangerous.

  • Solomon Osakuni says:

    how long would it take you to ppen the clickbank account for me if I pay you. And how can I trust you since I have fallen victim of scams and lost so much money to the so-called Nigerian gurus in the past?

  • Kenny says:

    I have a working payoneer account. Can the account be created in my name that tally with the payoneer details or it must be opened with the name of the foreign contact?

  • Preciious says:

    Does the name on the payoneer account have to tally with the name on the clickbank acc

  • Favour says:

    Helo Yusuf, if I have a relative in UK create the account for me, do I still need a VPN to login to the account here in Nigeria? I just want to make sure.

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