How to Find Powerful Expired Domain with GetDomainData

Are you here to learn the best methods to find an expired domain with a good reputation? Well, today, I will be sharing with you the best practices of finding a right expired domain and the best platform to get one for yourself.

A quick one before we get started; do you know that using an expired domain for niche or authority website accrual helps your business grow even faster?

It saves you the time of making lots of investment in buying a bunch of links that may end up not doing what you want.

If you find an expired domain with a good reputation, they help you save time and money. Notwithstanding, if you don’t know what an expired domain is, check down below.

I have explained it, and after that, we can see where you can find expired domains, I mean good ones.


What are Expired Domains?

Expired domains are domains that were registered by businesses or individuals or organizations that did not renew their domain after they meet the deadline of agreement with the registrar.

Sometimes, they are not renewed deliberately. Once the domains expire, they are deleted after 30 days and will be available for re-registration.

Expired domains are mostly adopted by SEOs and Brands who want to scale fast in their business. They find expired domains more comfortable to use than buying a new domain.

One of my mentors, Matthew woodward, stats in his article that “he prefers old domain names when building a niche or authoritative websites from scratch.”

This case study by getdomaindata proves that you can rank keywords with expired domains in less than 24hours. They did it by carrying out a live experiment with an expired domain that did work.

So, with that, expired domains perform way better than buying a new domain name.

But you ought to be careful where to find expired domains because a wrongly choose domain will end up crippling your site by google and it’s mid-wives.

Where can I find Expired Domains?

I have done lots of research in finding a right expired domain name for my next project for ClickBank marketing and yet couldn’t find a premium domain to use.

Although I saw many that are good, the price for these domains was too high for me.

I kept on sorting from one website on google search to another.

I almost gave up on the project, not until I stumbled upon getdomaindata won my trust at first sight.


How Can You Use Expired Domain?

You can find and use expired domains for the following:

  • For building of Authoritative websites or micro-niche blogs
  • Swap Expired domain with existing domain to boos SEO performance of your blog or website.
  • Use for PBN: Private Blog Networks
  • 301 Redirect Expired domain to existing domain to get SEO juice passed on.
  • Make money with Buying and selling expired domains from $500  to $3,000+ as your profit. You can get it cheap on getdomaindata


What is Getdomaindata?

Getdomaindata is a platform that allows you to buy affordable and well-sorted expired domains for branding, niche, organization, or PBN purposes.

They have a variety of domains you can easily choose from and start ranking your most suffered keywords in less than one week to 3 months.

I am not talking about some randomly picked domains.

With getdomaindata, you can find expired domains that have pass through some necessary checks before listing for sale.


You can read about this interesting live SEO Case Study where expired domain from getdomaindata was used to rank 25 competitive keywords on Google Page 1 in less than 24hours of swapping it with a new domain that was struggling to rank for the same keywords for 11months


How To Find High-Quality Expired domain with Getdomaindata

To find and buy expired domains for SEO on getdomaindata is easy. You don’t need an account, unlike other platforms that force you to sign up and download some software or subscribe with a small fee to let you see the premium domains.


You need to check out their store and make your choice by checking domain data on various platforms you want, I.e., with a website like

Below, I have put together a checklist on determining the right expired domain.

With the checklist, you are sure to find high quality expired domain name of your choice.


How To Determine a Safe Expired Domain

You don’t need to worry much about doing the finding, as getdomaindata has already done the research and made every information you might want to find about the domain of your choice available. You can find appropriate information provided on each domain sales page.

However, below are some of the key Metrics to find expired domains with great qualities.


Critical Metrics For Choosing An Expired Domain.

Before you make your final decision, pay full attention to the metrics below.


1 – DA: Domain Authority 15+ and: Page Authority 15+

The domain you decide to purchase must be at least 15+ of DA and PA. You can learn more about Domain and Page authority here.

2 – Spam Score;

It would be best if you make sure that the domain you are choosing, it’s spam score should be from 0 – 45, anything above is not advisable to purchase.

3 – Domain Age and Rating:

Whatever you are building bet it a private network, a blog, or a micro-niche site, you need a domain that is aged two years or more.

Anything expired domain less than two years of age is not advisable to use because you will still suffer the probation period. The probation period is usually six months to 2 years for new domains.

4 – The number of External Linking Domains:

External linking Domains are incoming links from other sites. Find expired domain with at least 50+ linking domains with 30% to 90% do-follow with different IPS.

Also, manually check all these domains to avoid spam flags. I have listed some handful of tools to help you here.

5 – Check The Domain History:

With the help of, you can trace what the domain was all about, and the previous webpages will be accessible.

6 – They Are Done For You

All of the above metrics are already measured and updated for each backlink. They went further to add information like


  • Trademark history
  • Google Ban et more.

All of these are also critical to check, and they are done for you. As good getdomaindata is, It will still let you do your findings before purchasing the domain that you like.


How to Buy Expired Domain from GetDomainData.

To find and buy expired domains for SEO on getdomaindata is easy; you have to prepare your money, and they accept the following payment methods.

  • Crypto payments
  • Credit or Debit Cards

So, you rest assured to get the domain to find on the platform. However, you need to contact them directly if you are paying with Cryptocurrency.


Benefits of Using

  • You can make money with domain flipping by buying expired domains from Getdomaindata because they sell at a price below the reasonable market price and resell on popular domain sites like Flippa, Dan, Godaddy auction and others. For example, buy a $45-$99 expired domain and resell for $500-$3,000+ on Flippa.
  • Domains listed on this platform are well examined before getting listed
  • No additional cost aside from the leading price
  • Cost-effective rating is seven over seven because you can find expired functional domains at your budget.
  • 70% of the domain listed are brandable, suitable for niche building an authoritative website.
  • All domains are useful for building PBN directories that can fetch you bucks in no time.
  • Getdomaindata offers a free 50+ expired domain daily for their subscribers.



So, now that you know where to find expired domains and the critical metrics of getting the right domain.

I will still urge you to visit the platform’s buy expired domains for SEO list and find a proper expired domain name with Domain Authority, Backlinks and SEO to use or make money flipping it

An expired domain is an easy way to SEO, and it is much better because you don’t need to go through the probation period of 3 months to 2 years; all of these are done for you over the years.

All you need to do now is pick a domain and take advantage and grow your business in authority/visibility.

Choosing the right expired domain has more value to offer than that of a new domain.


We can both relate to how hard it is to grow a new domain, you will have to spend money and time to improve, and it slows down your project.

I urge you to get an expired domain and speed up your process; you might need to sacrifice your current domain name to find an expired domain that will help your business.

So, take your time and think of the process.



Where Do You Find Your Expired Domain?

More people need more sources; I have just introduced you to my favorite platform for buying expired domains.

So, id like to know the platform that you use to find expired domains, and your recommendations will also help many persons save time.

If you have questions to ask, do so by commenting down below. I will try my best to give an appropriate answer.


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