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How to Find and Fix Broken Links on WordPress Automatically

How to Fix Broken Links on WordPress Automatically
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Today, you will learn the easy fix to find and fix broken links on WordPress using the best free tool without any investment.


If your WordPress blog/website is declining on the search engine, chances are, there are broken links on your site.

Broken links are often not good for eCommerce sites or affiliate marketing blogs because you will lose revenues due to broken links.

You do not need to worry about losing revenue now that I have the fix to the issue.

I can talk about how broken links do enormous damage to WordPress SEO, but I’d like this post to go straight to the point.


Common Causes of Broken Link and Fix to them.


Broken links are pages that return 404 error results when visited by customers or returnees from a linked property. Broken links can be caused by the following:

  • Renaming or removing a page and forgetting to change the internal links
  • Linking to contents that have moved or deleted
  • Linking to other websites not knowing when they delete or change URL.

Any of the issues listed above can cost you a lot but fixing them immediately helps link juice flow from pages to pages. 

There are many ways of fixing broken links on WordPress, and they are: 


Use Free WordPress Plugin

To fix a broken link on a WordPress website, download and install the free plugin Broken Link Checker.

The plugin automatically finds broken links where they exist on your site and sends you an email with the broken pages.


There are three (3) things to do after seeing the broken link

  • Change the link directory to match the new destination by using the edit feature of the plugin.
  • Unlinking the page if it doesn’t exist on your website
  • Contact the third-party website and ask them to send you the updated link, which appears to be broken on your WordPress site.


You can either bulk edit or fix each link individually to find the main cause and which of the 3 options works best for them.


Perform Website Audit With Tools to Fix Broken Links.

Tools like Ahrefs and Semrush lets you perform a free audit for your website. Among the issues these tools collect and suggest a fix is broken links.

Each tool is easy to perform an audit with, and they require some certain level of understanding, or else you will find yourself doing nothing but staring.


Learn effective methods to fix broken links with tools by following the guides I share below.

I hope this helps you fix the issues. If not, you can drop a comment below, and let’s discuss

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