Textnow Lets You Get Free USA  Phone Number in Nigeria

Do you need free USA phone number in Nigeria? If yes, read till the end, I have something for you.

If you read my blog post on creating an Amazon affiliate account, you will be familiar with Textnow.

Textnow is an app that Let’s you sign up for a Free USA phone number that is usable for some internet verifications.

It doesn’t work for WhatsApp, but it does for other accounts such as Telegram account creation and more.

Are you on your way to install Textnow app to get free USA phone number?

Well, you might need to wait and read through to learn how it works because there are other things you need to know. 


Requirements to Get Free USA Phone Number in Nigeria

The following are needed in other for you to create an account on Textnow and it’s usually free.

  • Powerful internet connection
  • Strong VPN service to switch your location to the United States. I recommend Windscribe VPN or get NordVPN pro for easy operation.

  • Textnow App.

Additionally, a Redmi Device with Second space feature. Don’t worry if you do not have it, and I will guide you. 

Some Redmi devices have the feature that lets you create a second phone allowing you to switch anytime you want. It is easier to use because the double space comes with default apps.


Let’s get started.


Step 1: Set up Playstore and Download Textnow App


First of all, make sure your VPN is turned on your device and create a US Gmail account with some essential features like book and movies. Below is a screenshot of what I mean.

Verify gmail is USA playstore account

Once you create the Gmail account with your VPN set to the United States.

Go to the play store and switch to that Gmail you just created and check if the books section appears. If it does, then proceed to the next step.


Please do not install Textnow Yet.


  • Now go to apps manager under settings and open Playstore app.
  • Click on storage and then clear cache. For android 10 users, click on clear data then choose cache.Clear Cache
  • Make sure your VPN is turned on and then open the play store app from your app menu.
  • Search for Textnow app and install.


Step 2: Install Textnow Create Your Free USA Number 


After the app must have finished installing on your phone, still check to make sure your VPN is connected or not. 


  • Open the App and proceed to sign up.
  • Choose sign up with Google account and continue.
  • It will ask you to register with your location, ignore it and proceed. 
  • Enter 212 as area code and click on continueEnter USA area code
  • Several options will come up, ignore the paid version and choose the next available free number.
  • That is it, you have successfully created Free USA phone number in Nigeria.


How to Use Textnow Free USA Phone Number in Nigeria

Now that you have your US phone number, you can proceed to use for whatever you want.

I stated earlier that textnow free USA phone number can not be used to set up WhatsApp.

Also, make sure your VPN is often on if you want to use Textnow.

If you tried it, you would get the error below, but that is not a big deal.

WhatsApp set up error using Texnow USA phone number

There is a solution to it, and It is what I am currently using without any issues. 

My Working USA phone number

Surprisingly, you will not need a VPN to use the phone number called google voice. I can do just anything with the number. 

I know many platforms must have offered you to use their service and end up failing you.

How about you test the number by messaging me on WhatsApp with it? Here copy  +1 (850) 706-0650 and save then message me.

If you are interested in getting the US/USA phone number that works in Nigeria without a VPN.

Kindly shoot me a message on WhatsApp or email me now get yours.

Kindly note that it is not free and the USA phone number costs $25, thank.


I hope this was helpful for you?

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