Google Adsense Nigeria: Get Your AdSense Account Approved In Nigeria.

I’ve never thought of writing on google AdSense account approval from day one. However, in my quest to show you things I do right from my laptop, I will be showing you the practical AdSense Approval untold secrets.

In the guide, you will learn all you need to about applying for Google AdSense, from the kind of residential address to use and how to maintain your Google AdSense account.


What’s The Cause Of this Article?

I’ve received a lot of messages from my friends on Facebook to show them how they can get their own Google AdSense approved in Nigeria.

So, I decided to share the apples to apple step of getting an AdSense account approved In Nigeria.

If your reading this post and you do not understand what AdSense means.

Here I will quickly give you a hint on what it is and how it works.


What is Google AdSense (For Newbies)

AdSense is a platform or organization that is owned by Google, where advertisers publish adverts to gain more business publicity or sales.

It Google AdSense for Advertisers.

On the other hand, Google AdSense for publishers (website owners) allows you to apply and promote the advertisers through your website(s)


How Google Adsense Works
Google Adsense Nigeria: Get Your AdSense Account Approved In Nigeria. 1


You earn cash on visitors that come to your site with the number of clicks you get and other

I will have to stop here and jump into the main topic of this article, which is the Nigeria AdSense Approval guide.

If you are interested in finding out more about Google AdSense, this article by Google explains Google Adsense is all about.


Read This Before Applying For Google AdSense Account in Nigeria.

You Want To Get rich quick?:

if your main aim is to join the AdSense publishers to earn cash in a fast way or using black hats.

You will never get to earn while on the platform.

The odds for you to withdraw the earns is 0%.

It only means no withdrawal because your AdSense account might get suspended, which will get all your earnings to loss.

Your AdSense account will get banned for life, and your domain will never serve ads again since it is in a blacklist.


Are You Into AdSense Buying And Selling?:

Are you looking for a way to start AdSense reselling business?

It may not work out for you this time; Google no longer allows you to remove the domain which you use for applying for Google AdSense.

If you do that, the account will get banned and will no longer serve ads again.

The only way and solution are to create websites and applying for Google ads and sell the domain with the account.

That’s dangerous too because when Google finds that an address is used multiple times, it will get blacklisted.

Anyone that uses this same address will also get his account banned.

AdSense for Business or Individual: you were speaking of the type I do.

I didn’t apply for Google AdSense to sell it off.

I never used any so-called black hat method to get approval.

The AdSense for business or individual is a long term commitment with Google because you obey their law 200% and never get banned except for those that get click bomb.

I will explain that in a bit. So, if you fall under this category, you are with me, if not, you are on your own.



You Should Expect;

  • Getting your blog ready for AdSense application.
  • How To Properly Apply For AdSense account irrespective of your country (not available for languages tho)


Is Your Blog/Site Ready For Google Adsense?

We all know that you can not apply for a GA account without having a blog or website right.

Now, exactly how do you make sure that your blog is Google AdSense ready?

If you have an existing blog that got disapproved, get it redesigned and follow the rest of the instructions.

If you don’t have a  blog yet or this is your first time, read this post till the end and find out how to get your new blog approved.

Your choice of the platform remains yours solely to figure out. But it is better to be on WordPress than blogger because of its several features.

Make sure your blog is designed to the core and have all the necessary navigation placed right with great content UI/UX.


Create Necessary Pages. (very important)

The terms let users know on what conditions they are using your site and information that you share or collect from them. How their data such as; username, email, and phone numbers are being processed.

These include the following; About, Contact us, Affiliate Disclaimer, Terms of Use, and Privacy Terms.


How Do You Write These Pages?

You cant write these pages on your own, and you do not need a lawyer to get it done.

Gone are those stressful days.

But if you run a large business online, you need a lawyer to create one for you.

Some sites will help you to generate these pages without Hick ups, and they are Free.

Below, I have listed the sites that generate those pages.

Do visit them and generate those pages.

Create Unique Contents To.

When you hear unique content, what comes to your mind?

Well, don’t make the same mistakes that I made. I applied for Google AdSense for about 17x and got approved in the 18th Attempt.

Read on to find out what mistakes I made and how to avoid them too.

Google AdSense team was right about me not having good content but not enough materials.

Here is why.

My blog was deleted due to some conflicts I had with my theme. I installed a nulled theme without me knowing that it has been infected with a virus.

Avoid using nulled theme or scripts, if you must use them, make sure you have scanned them for virus using

I had to start the bog all over with the same old contents that were on the blog.

After the incident, I picked interest to display ads on my blog. That was when I got disproved 16 times.

I Had The Following Issues:

  • Canonical pointing to another Url and doorway link building- I fixed it.
  • Not Enough Contents to display ads – fixed
  • Invalid or low-quality content – fixed.

All the above issues were fixed individually.

But what’s more important from the above issues is creating content that really matters.

You hear people say content is king – yeah, content is king, it is an aspect of blogging you can never ignore.

For AdSense, creating content that solves a real problem gives you the ultimate key to approval.


How Do You Create Contents For Google AdSense Approval?

Read this and note it down somewhere in your notepad.

To create content that Google loves, it must have the following qualities.

  • The Quality of the content should be 100% unique (real-life experience) and plagiarism free
  • It must solve a particular problem.
  • The context of the content should not mislead users from what the title talks about.
  • Content should be engaging and user-friendly; the use of headings, listings, and attention driven texts present in an article eases readers to understand the messages.


Understand The 80/20 or 70/30 Rules of Writing Copies That Converts

an article that promotes affiliate links – it should adequately address the product without forcing users to buy or click on links, which may not result in sales at the later time. Avoid being too salesy. Instead, focus deliberately on solving the problems first and then sell.

AIDA is a formula that can help you write copies that entails the 80/20 rule.

The full meaning of AIDA is

  • Attention – Grab the reader’s attention by asking questions or starting with an interesting story related to the content.
  • Interest – Make them have an interest in what your post is talking about or product you want to sell
  • Desire – Make them crave so bad and have a burning desire to sign up or purchase that product
  • Action – Finally, instruct your readers to take action by signing up or buying your product.

These content marketing strategies will not only get your Google Adsense to account approved. It will help you to create excellent content that converts.

Once you have about 7 to 10 articles of 700 words and high content, you can then apply with the strategy I will be sharing below.


How Can I register for Google AdSense in Nigeria?

To register for Google AdSense in Nigeria, you need to follow the steps below. his is the same way I got my blog approved for Google Adsense in 2019

1. Create Your Google account.

Go to and click on gets started.

Adsense application Page
Google Adsense Nigeria: Get Your AdSense Account Approved In Nigeria. 2

Log in with your Gmail account don’t use an email you have used before (if any) or linked to the same phone number you are applying for other accounts you may own.

Google may not activate your account if you violate any of those terms.

Be also advised, if you are not up to 18 or more, google won’t approve you automatically.

Fill in the necessary information and accept their terms of use.

2. Verify Your Phone Number

Now, you may be asked to verify your phone at this stage before you can proceed to your AdSense dashboard for the activation code.

Once you have successfully verified your phone number, you may proceed to the Next Step

3. Verify That You Own The Website:

A code will be assigned to you by Google, you need to verify that you are the site owner. Copy that code and paste it in the header of your website. To do that,

Log in to your website and navigate to the header and paste the code. If you are not sure where to locate your website header, perhaps this article by wpbeginner can help you.

4. Final Step, submit Your Application:

Once you are done with pasting the code, head to your Google Adsense account, and hit the, “I have submitted the code” button.

The bot will run the check, and It should notify you that the AdSense code was found. Now, wait for their reply.


Great News For Entertainment Bloggers.

If you are an entertainment blogger and you find it challenging to get your blog approved by Google AdSense team hum, but rather.

Read what I will be sharing with you below; it will help you a lot.

Note: This might hurt your site as well, but for a short period.

  • Unpublish your articles – this sounds crazy, but if you want Google to approve your blog even if you have been disapproved before, just do as I have instructed.
  • Write contents on how-tos, Make money online, health-related, or something really informational.  Publish them on your website.
  • Apply for Google AdSense by following the steps I highlighted above.
  • You are ready to get approved.


Conclusion On How To Apply For Google Adsense In Nigeria

I will update from time to time so, make sure you bookmark it now. There is still more I want to share on

  • How To Maintain Google Adsense and Never Get Ban
  • Google Ad Placements That Converts really well.
  • What Type Of Keywords To target for Higher Earnings

I hope this helps.

Have questions? Do let me know by comment section down below.

Tell me what you feel I miss here, and I will fix that.

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  1. Really enjoyed this post. I have not applied for Google Adsense but will do next month. My blog is just a month old with only 5 content. I just want to post more and increase the traffic to the site before I apply. Thanks for this post.

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