20X Best Google Chrome Extensions for SEO – Mega List

From analyzing domains, competitors, to lead generation, Chrome extensions for SEO has been pretty much helpful to many Digital Marketers at an increasing rate.

Many SEO practitioners look for ways to balance their work and increase productivity, and chrome extensions have helped them gain better results.

Let me introduce you to the must-use tools for your chrome browser. They are all in use, and most of them get regular updates.

Notice upfront, these plugins for chrome may cost fees on sign up or may require an upgrade to use their exceptional features.

If a tool can do what it’s been programmed to do correctly, it wins the competition. Check for the collection of chrome extensions that will help improve your SEO productivity.  


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1. Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere Chrome Extension for SEO in use

It used to be a free tool but turned paid as it can’t be free forever since they also need to make payment for API services they use.

However, before I tell you the story of their life, Keywords everywhere let you get data about keywords on significant search engines like google, not excluding Amazon and Youtube.

It shows the overall quality of a keyword by price, known as CPC bid, and the search volume of keywords.

One thing can not be left out: the competition of a keyword; the chrome extension shows you data you need to use on the fly.

You will also get important and detailed data exported into CSV or PDF format as readable and editable files.

Before you ask about the benefits of keyword everywhere chrome extension, you need to know below.

  • Keywords everywhere let you find keywords on the world’s most popular search engines in just a few clicks.
  • Keywords everywhere use the “People also search” and “Searches related to” feature from Google, thereby showing their CPC, competition, and Search Volume.
  • All CPC data are gotten from the Google Keyword planner tool, so if you think of bidding on Keywords, this extension is your best bet.
  • Reasonably cheap, anyone can afford the payments, and their lowest pricing starts at 10 bucks for 100,000 keywords.

Install Keywords everywhere Chrome Extensions for SEO  


2. Buzzsumo

Buzzsomo chrome extension is a powerful tool that lets you share metrics of a blog post or web page in just a few seconds.

This powerful tool allows you to know how people engaged with the type of content you want to create.

Less share of content means the topic is not engaging enough, or the competitor has a poor writing style, or the content is not unique enough.

It gives you the idea of what to write about and how to make your content engaging enough for humans to interact within an understanding level.

QUICK TIP: You can use buzz sumo to craft befitting titles by examining your competitors. A better title Increases CTR and wins you more readers. 

Install Buzzsumo Chrome Extension


3. Serpstat Plugin

Serpstat is a nifty tool that lets you get critical metrics of a domain without opening a new browser tab.

All the critical information you need about your competitors is in one place with the help of the Serpstat Google Chrome extension for SEO. Benefits include

  • On-page analysis and optimization opportunities.
  • Page analysis
  • Overall Domain analysis.

They have brought together all the useful SEO tools into one place, which is easily accessible.

Even without signing up for their services, most of their tools run without API requests.

Get Serpstat Chrome Extension For SEO.  


4. SEOquake

This chrome extension is similar to SERPstat; it, however, only shows domain metrics on Google search and webpages you visit.

SEOquake is powerful when integrated with other tools such as Moz and Semrush to give some accurate data.

On page load, you will get everything about your top competitors on Google without having to switch tabs or opening a new one.

Features of SEOquake Chrome extension

  • Know accurate domain rating (DR)
  • Total number of link domains to a particular page (LD)
  • Domain age and Alexa Global
  • SEO Audit
  • The estimate of Keyword difficulty
  • Position tracking on Google

SEOquake is simple to use and easy to install. No sign up needed for basic features. Sign up may be required to use other available features of SEOquake Google Chrome extension for SEO.

Install SEOquake for Chrome – install on Firefox Browser


5. Mozbar SEO Plugin

Moz Chrome SEO Tool Being Used

The all-in-one powerful SEO suite for Chrome extension, Mozbar lets you check domain metrics that are very important and critical to help optimize for better ranking.

You can check hyperlinks on a given page if they are do-follow or no-follow tags. Other features are.

  • A quick check of Domain Authority and Page Authority of a Webpage.
  • Compare one domain metrics to the other while on SERP.
  • Find and Highlight Keywords and links.
  • Check page Elements with few clicks.

Using Mozbar requires you to sign up for a free account on their platform.

However, the Moz pro tool’s paid version lets you check advanced metrics of Keywords and domain, which includes Keyword difficulty and page optimization.

Get the Mozbar SEO chrome extension.


6. GrowthBar

Growthbar is not just a chrome extension for SEO to improve their productivity; it is all for Facebook ads experts looking to get data about their ad competitors.

With this tool, you can unlock ad insights, keyword research, domain metrics, and backlinks analysis.

The creator has used the GrowthBar chrome extension, and they grew from zero to a seven-figure company.

For Facebook ads gurus, GrowthBar is a deadly tool because it reveals million of dollars secret of competitors.

Download and install the GrowthBar SEO chrome extension.  


7. Woorank Chrome Extension

I’m almost sure that we haven’t discussed current data on this article yet, so here is one for you.

Woorank Google Chrome extension for SEO provides you with current data of your competitor’s domain and your own to find where there is a problem for an easy fix.

Woorank will also help you audit your site for technical issues that may weigh down your website on SERP. Also, Woorank lets you check structured data of any domain from the browser tab.

Install Woorank SEO Chrome Extension  


8. Mangools SEO Extension

Mangools is a powerful Chrome extension for SEO that analyzes a page or domain to give essential data to improve your SEO efforts.

We have talked about so many tools here, but this one is quite different.

Mangools has a feature that allows you to analyze keywords based on the country location you want to work. Hands-on, it provides the necessary information such as

  • Keyword Trends
  • Search Volume
  • Keyword Difficulty
  • CPC

All according to the location that you choose to check. Mangools has both free and paid options.

Chrome Extension can be used without the pro version, but the data it will analyze will be incomplete or limited to a single feature each.

For example, the domain stats show only Trends in the freemium version while it shows both TF, CF, DA, and PA of a domain being analyzed with the Pro version.

Install and Try Moongools Pro SEO Chrome Extension for ten days FREE  


9. Alexa Site info

We use the Alexa Site info tool to check traffic estimates of domains before requesting a link to our domain or building links via comments.

Alexa helps us to know if a site is actively getting traffic or being updated. It is important to check because sites that can no offer referral traffic have nothing to offer, or link juice will be seemingly weak.

The important Metrics that matter to us when analyzing a domain includes;

  • Wayback Machine: Shows domain age
  • Traffic rank worldwide and Specific rank.
  • Search Analytics: This shows the sites that people visit immediately before google.

Practically, a domain with a global traffic rank above 1 Million is considered not active and 700k downward healthy and active.

Alexa SEO tool is free to use without creating an account, but you will have all the necessary data when you have the pro version installed.

Install  Alexa Traffic Rank SEO tool  


10. Google Analytics Url Builder

Google Analytics Url Builder is the active version of Analytics  URL and tag Builder tracked by google analytics reports.

The tool can add UTM parameters to track your google analytics performance fully if you are running a campaign and want to follow the conversion.

The and link shorteners to help you generate shareable links. This tool is entirely free to use, and the installation and integration with google account are speedy.

Install Google Analytics Url Builder  


11. Page Analytics by Google

The Page Analytics Chrome Extension lets you see how your visitors interact with your page. Most web owners wonder what’s going down on the page, why they are getting low bounce rates and sales.

Well, The Page Analytics Chrome Extension sets it right because you can easily see what is happening and adjust quickly.

The Page Analytics Chrome Extension can be integrated with Google analytics to give insights to optimize your website layout and how people get to your site.

Install and Use The Page Analytics Chrome Extension


12. Redirect Path

Sometimes there are redirects that you can’t notice even when you run an audit for your website.

Redirect path chrome extension quickly brings your attention to all redirect errors, status codes, and server-side redirects like Meta and Javascript.

Install and Use Redirect Path  


13. Page Load Time

Page load time of your website is essential to help them rank on google better and have the attention they deserve.

If you have slow pages, customers will run, and the google crawl tool may also find it difficult to crawl your pages.

Page Load Time measures the page load time and displays it where you can see it on the google chrome toolbar.

Install and use the Page Load Time Chrome extension.


14. Check My Links

Check My Links crawls through your webpages and reports broken links. The tool is created for developers, web designers, and content editors.  


15. Link Miner

Please take advantage of broken links from other sites by building links directly from them.

Linkminer SEO tool lets you find broken links on pages and find fixes to them. Just like you are scrapping emails, you can check broken links and use them for broken link building strategy.

Besides building links, you can find how many outbound and inbound links exist on a particular page. Linkminer is fast and easy to use.

Install and use the Linkminer SEO tool.


16. Ninja Outreach Lite



You are looking for a tool that you can use to reach out to website owners and generate emails from websites for link building outreach? Ninja Outreach Lite is the tool you should think about.

The ninja outreach plugin lets you use extraordinary browser capabilities to use with the push of a few buttons.

This Google Chrome extension for SEO is entirely free to use if you need more features; you can upgrade and enjoy all the benefits. Please don’t get confused when it’s referred to as an SEO tool.

It is because the purpose is to serve as an email outreach tool used for link acquisition.

Ninja outreach lite can work with any operating system that will not crash or slow down the webpages from loading.

You can integrate it with your Ninjaoutreach account if you already have one.

Get started with seven days Free Trial or Use for Free.  


17. FindThatLead

Just as the name implies, find that lead that will link your site without stressing yourself searching tons of pages. Find that lead Google Chrome extensions for SEO lets you get potential points from

  • Web pages
  • Twitter profiles
  • LinkedIn
  • Web domains.

Contact those who are ready to give you a backlink by emailing them without leaving the chrome tab.

Here is how it works;

  • Find and verify emails from LinkedIn, Twitter, or websites in a few seconds.
  • Export them in CSV format or send them an email directly from the tab.

Find that lead also works for B2B marketers, Sales Teams, SaaS companies, and Growth Hackers.

You get access to free 50 searches per month for the free version and cause an increased rate with prospecting tools when you upgrade to pro.

They also have a handful of tools to help you learn how to use FindThatLead.

Get a 10% Discount and Install Find that lead chrome extension.  


18. Link Graber

Link grabber Chrome extension is an easy way to extract links from an HTML page and display them on another tab.

Link Grabber chrome for SEO does not require permission to use or send data usage to the developers.

Install Link Grabber Chrome Extension  



Unleash the power of URL with the best service ever created. You can shorten links from the browser without visiting the leading website for link shortening.

Scrap links and customize the URL to a beautiful one, which is shareable on the same tab within your chrome browser.

Install Bit.Ly Chrome Extension  

20. VidiQ Vision for Youtube

Learn to optimize your YouTube video without exerting too much effort. vidIQ Vision for Chrome has many tools within as a suite that every youtube creator needs to uncover secrets behind high performing videos from their competitors.


  • What makes videos appear as related
  • How youtube Videos get ranked on search engines
  • Where recommend videos pop from.

Features of VidIQ

  • Check the overall scores of your videos and get a recommendation for optimization tips for every video scanned.
  • Spy on competitors and find what makes them rank better on the search that you are not doing.
  • VidIQ Chrome Extension lets you measure video velocity and know which video is getting traffic and many engagements.
  • Audit your youtube channel and fixe whatever you are not doing right or fix the missing information efficiently.

They are a lot more amazing features that I did not cover here. VidIQ is a freemium chrome extension and can be mastered in no time.  


Our Top Chrome Extension for SEOs.

We choose the best performing SEO extensions that you can use for your chrome, and these are the top plugin according to their user rating.

  • Keywords Everywhere 
  • SEOquake
  • Buzzsumo
  • Mozbar
  • GrowthBar 
  • Ninja Outreach
  • FindThatLead 

Make your choice, and if you have your list, please share it with us in the comments.


Conclusion 20X List of Chrome Extensions for SEOs to Improve Productivity.

Now that you know the chrome extensions that work for any task, it is easy to use on several tabs.

You can start today with the chrome extensions that apply to your current need.


A quick tip: Using too many chrome extensions may slow down the browser or crash from time to time. You may want to install a handful of extensions that meet your needs at the moment.

Preferably, since we have broken down the list into categories, you can choose one from each section. It will help you to stay focused.

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What do you think about using chrome extensions for improving SEO productivity?

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