Grammarly Affiliate Program Review 2020 : Is It Worth It?

Grammarly Affiliate Program has existed for long, so, why is little to nobody is talking about it? Has Grammarly Affiliate Program gone extinct? If it does exist, how does it work? I will help you answer that question but before then.


What Is Grammarly?

Grammarly is a grammar correction tool that helps; writers, students, teachers, freelancers, and web publishers (bloggers) to correct mechanical grammar errors in contents. It allows you to;

  • Correct wrong sentences or complete their statements by suggesting possible fixes.
  • It helps you to suggest missing punctuation.
  • The Tool helps your writing vocabulary even better, presentable, and easy to digest by the reader.
  • Grammarly helps Chek Work for Plagiarism
  • also, tones of features that let you write well-formatted contents or research papers.

It has a free version and no limits to words you can correct, but then you need a pro license to operate well and get the best correction grade. 


Now that you know about Grammarly and its features, let’s look into the main topic of the content by first of all answering one question.

This question below will help you draw into the conclusion and answer the rest of the problems.


What is Grammarly Affiliate Program?

Grammarly affiliate program is a reward platform that is created by Grammarly to allow you to earn a reward by inducing new customers.

These customers are to get a license or subscribe to a plan before you can get rewarded.

That’s how affiliate marketing in most of the companies. However, then,


Why Are Little to Nobody Interested In Grammarly affiliate Program?

Well, that question has been on my mind too. Don’t worry; I will tell you what I know and what I found out about why a small number of people are talking about the Grammarly affiliate program. 

The bottom line is, people are looking for higher turnover affiliate partners, so do you and I.

However, there is even more reason why people around the globe don’t like to join the Grammarly affiliate program. Which is, 


The Payment Gateways They Accept

You see, there is a high number of people using PayPal to receive payments worldwide.

Paypal is one of the top 3 secured methods of receiving money online. However, the giants say, it does not process payments through PayPal. 

That calls for a sad face to all interested persons. 

I think so many people did not value that idea since it can take a lof process to get money received via wire transfer.

Wait, it doesn’t end here; let me surprise you.


There is Good News?

The good news is that they have now partnered with two big known affiliate merchants to help people promote and get paid quickly.

So, who are these BIG guys that solved the problem?


We have them as

  • CJ Affiliates: Commission Junction
  • ShareAsale.

Through these two merchants, you can join the Grammarly affiliate program and get paid to your Payoneer account.

Cool right? What’s cooler is that you get paid with a deduction fee of $2 – $3 per payments processed.

The Payoneer option gets rid of any charges that they both collect for wire transfers.

That’s a solution, but then people still prefer PayPal.

I am answering another question below.


Has Grammarly Affiliate Program Gone Extinct?

You do not expect me to tell you the answer, right? Just kidding, I have to tell you the truth.

The truth that you need to know is that it still exists and has even turn out to be better now than ever.

Grammarly didn’t offer other options to join their affiliate system back then in 2016 and 2017 (Correct me if I’m wrong).

They do now, and that’s by using a third-party trusted platform.

Now that you know they still exist and even gotten better, here is how to join and start making money. However, before then,


How Does Grammarly Affiliate Program Work?

Grammarly Affiliate Program works this way. You join via this link (ShareASale) or this one (CJ Affiliates). Once you get approved, you will be earning the following terms. Oh, you need a Payoneer account too. you can visit here to sign up

Payoneer offers Mastercard that allows you to withdraw funds globally.

  • You earn $0.20 for free sign ups
  • Once a user upgrade account, you get paid $20 
  • They Provide a Cookie of 90 days.
  • Reward Bonuses is there if you can make at least $2000/month and above.


With that been said, the Grammarly affiliate program is still active and functioning.

Top of it all, It is worth trying since they offer high commissions.

If you are still waiting for me to tell you to go and sign up, by the time you finish reading this article, 20 people might have just signed up.

Oh, you are still here? 

Make some extra dollars buddy 🙂

You still read to the end? Just go and sign up and hey friend, if you have a question to ask, feel free to ask.

I will answer within a few minutes. I’m here for you any day at any time by God, Grace.


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