Hitsteps Analytics Review 2020: Best Google Analytics Alternative

Hitsteps web analytics tool is a next-generation tool that helps you keep track of visits to your blog and easily convert them to customers. We’ve seen a lot of Real-time website analytics tools come and go off the market with their features but with hitsteps web analytics tool, things are seemingly different.

Hitsteps gives a complete purpose of real-time website analytics, after my rundown on hitsteps, I bet you might want to drop Google analytics to stick with this real-time web analytics software.


About hitsteps web analytics tool

Hitsteps is super powerful real-time Website analytics tool and live chat service. Hitsteps allows you to monitor visitors and trace each visitor’s page views to know the pages they click.

Hitstats allows you to engage with your visitors using the live chat feature. As a matter of fact, you will get details of each visitor – starting with the keyword or means users used in visiting your blog, device each visitor is using, ISP, OS/computer version, type of Browser, IP address, battery percentage and much more.


Features of hitsteps Web Analytics Tool

Here is a rundown on what to expect from a hitsteps web analytics tool,


The Dashboard

The Dashboard of your Hitsteps web analytics account will contain overall stats of your blog or website analyzing the overall visits and page views or your site.

Showing online visitors like that of google analytics but provide data you are curious to know about your victors.

Other Dashboard Features Includes:

  • Page Views
  • New visits
  • Bounce rate
  • Page views Per Visits
  • Returning visitors

The chart that shows current online visitors

The dashboard allows you to choose the way you want data presented making it fast and easy to navigate the page.


Uptime Monitor.

Hitsteps web analytics allows you to check the uptime your blog if there is ever any server downtime and know which necessary steps to take on your web hosting account or your website.

This is also good for testing web hosting services for reviews or personal purpose. Just like jetpack will send you a notification that your website was down for some period of time, hitsteps Web analytics uptime feature will help you to do same.


Pagespeed Insight

Google analytics shows you or provides your page load speed by using their own servers, but hitsteps will provide data based on the browser each visitors used in visiting your site rather than using a custom server.

It will show the time an individual page takes to load in ms and statistics are provided in MS seconds then interpreted in both graph and pie chart.

You see, you are beginning to like this tool, I told you earlier that you might drop google analytics for hitsteps. Find out more awesome features below, I know will love them.


Hitsteps Allows you to Integrate Live chat.

The hitsteps Web Analytics tool provides you one of the best ways to retain a visitor on your page and can help you to turn cold visitors to hot a hot one if they are new or returning visitors.

Do you have a product on your blog you are selling and your traffics are waisting due to the fact that they don’t like your product?

Hitsteps web analytics live chat support feature can help your business have the right turn and help you to get more sales even if your business sells high.

Here is why,

your visitors might have had a problem in deciding if they want the product or not but from here, you can ask them what problems they are having concerning the products or services.

You can easily convert your visitors to buyers or subscribers.

Another feature the live chat support is that you can get build email subscribers or get emails from your visitors and then message them at a later time – thereby convincing them on why they need to purchase your product and how it can benefit them.

The live chat support is good for enterprise, e-commerce sites, Shopify shops, or any online marketing business you will ever think of applying for hitsteps support.


The Heatmap analysis

Hitsteps web analytical tool helps you to keep track of your live pages to know which parts of your blog is clicked the most.

The amazing part is that you will know if they are actually clicking on the buy buttons on your sites or quickly exiting your blog after a warm visit to the page.

This is getting more interesting right? Yeah, you should expect it because I will never write about information that does not matter.  So, let’s read on.

The heatmap feature also helps to analyze your pages and make them accessible for you to watch them via the heatmap dashboard.


Hitsteps Allows You to run Basic SEO Analysis


If you are SEO wise like I am, you will love this feature and want to pack from google analytics like I will be doing sooner.

hitsteps Web Analytics Tool lets you check search engines visitors use to find your blog.

The keyword analysis helps you to analyze top keywords that users use more often to visit your site and provides recent activities for each keyword with a better interpretation that you can easily understand.


Hitsteps lets you Label Activities Using Triggers

Now, this tool is getting more crazier than I thought it is.

hitsteps web analytics tool can help you create triggers that will notify you when a certain visitor from a designated IP log is coming from.

The trigger also allows you to create a notification for a particular set of keywords you want to keep track on.

The reason why it is getting crazier is that you can actually increase sales with this feature.

Let’s take for example that you have a product on your site that has been optimized to bring traffic from Google and you want to sell to every potential visitor.

All you need to do is set a trigger for a particular set of keywords or IPs you.

Once they visit the product page, you will get notification from your Laptop or Desktop computer, from there, you can use the chat feature to request a chat with the visitor.


Referral channel.

Do you want to always know the top referring channel to your blog? This includes the source of your traffics from other sites.

If you are the Blogspot user type that always gets anonymous traffic with an unknown source.

Hitsteps Web Analytic Tool will help you know where they are coming from and device a means to stop them if you really want to do so.

The Big Question

Can hitsteps Replace Google Analytics?

My answer will be a Big NO, the reason is that google analytics has been a trusted tool over the years and it has other features hitsteps does not have.

One the feature is cross-integration with other google webmaster tools.

Integration with Adsense Account does not exist on hitsteps but google analytics allows that.

You can not integrate hitsteps with Google search console with other features included that cannot work together.


Looking hitsteps features, it actually a badass tool than google analytics in different ways such as:

  • Livechat support Option
  • Heatmap Analysis
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Setting Triggers as Notifications and a lot more I’ve discussed with you here.


Pros and Cons Of using hitsteps Web Analytics Tool.

Pros of using hitsteps Web Analytics Tool

  • The dashboard is easy to navigate and understand
  • The tool is user-Friendly
  • Works with top CMS such as WordPress, Shopify, Joomla, Blogspot and many more.
  • Statistics are easy to navigate on the WordPress dashboard
  • Tools and features can help increase sales and user experience of business.
  • Good for Blog owners and online business (e-commerce and organizations)

Cons of using hitsteps Web Analytics Tool

  • The tool is not free and requires a set-up cost or monthly subscription to get started
  • Dashboard takes little longer to load than Google analytics.
  • Requires you to have good network coverage for analytics tracking.




hitsteps Web Analytics Tool is for sure a good tool that can help your blog or e-commerce site grow and help gain more revenues in a long run.

If you would ask me a question like “is the tool worth subscribing for?” I’d say “yes,” because of the diverse features it has for business purpose.


How To get started with hitsteps web analytics.

Sign Up for A free 10 days trial and Upgrade anytime you want.

But after 10 days, you will no longer be able to use the tool. The trail will help you decide if you want to continue with the tool or not.

Integration with your website is easy. Just sign and copy your code then add it at the header of your site, but if you using Shopify, WordPress,  Joomla or Drupal, you can search for the hitsteps web analytics plugin and activate it with your API Key.

That’s all, and you will start seeing stats from your hitsteps web analytics dashboard.

I hope this review helped you.

Do you think this tool is great for business?

Will it overtake the analytics Market?


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