How to Change NYSC Local Government

Then how about applying for a change. Corps members who are posted to a local government (place of primary assignment) can apply to NYSC to change it to another local government, or PPA. Do you know how to apply for a change of PPA? If you don’t, then you’re lucky to be reading this article. Because you’ll find procedures on how to change your NYSC Local Government and PPA in this post.Npower Recruitment

Kindly note that, before you can apply for a change of local government or PPA, you will need to first obtain a rejection letter from the head of your originally assigned PPA. The rejection letter shows that your services are not required in your current PPA, and hence the NYSC would have to option but to change your PPA. You’re probably thinking “how can I obtain a rejection letter from my PPA?” continue reading to find out.

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What is the NYSC PPA

PPA is a short form of your NYSC Place of Primary Assignment. This is the exact location (local government) where you are to carry out your national assignment. You can be posted to a firm, school, company, ministry, or various establishment in the local government. Once you have been posted to a particular PPA, you are expected to report to your local government inspector for documentation. If you do not wish to service in that particular local government, then you’ll need to continue reading to see steps on how to change your PPA.

Why apply for a Change of NYSC PPA?

A corps member may apply for a change of PPA for various reasons. It may be because he/she dislikes the location, or maybe he/she may have had an unfortunate encounter in that particular PPA.

Most corps member tend to apply for change of PPA if their assigned PPA is located in a small remote village far from town. Since they cannot cope with the conditions at the PPA, it’s only natural to apply for a change of PPA.

Some corps member apply for a change of PPA in other to go to a PPA where they have a greater chance of getting accepted to serve in a company. If you have a better opportunity in another PPA, it’s only natural to want a change of PPA.WAEC Result

How to Change your NYSC PPA

The best way to change your NYSC PPA is to obtain a rejection letter from your current PPA. Most PPA issue a rejection letter to corps member when they do not have the necessary amenities to house the corps member.

Imagine given an accommodation that has no many faults, like roof leaking and no toilet facility. It wouldn’t be comfortable right? In such cases, your PPA can issue you a rejection letter if you request it, so you can move to another location. Also, if an establishment have enough corps member working for them, they may not require your services, and immediately offer you a rejection letter.Change NYSC Local Government

In some cases, if your employer at your PPA does not have enough money to pay you, or he wants to pay lower than N5,000 then you can request for a rejection letter. If you have other motives for wanting a change of PPA, then you’ll need to negotiate with your PPA.Information Guide Nigeria

How to Obtain the Rejection Letter

Applying for a change of PPA is sometimes difficult, and even more so if you do not have a rejection letter. Let’s take a look at how you can obtain a rejection letter from your PPA and apply for a change of PPA.JAMB Result

  1. Negotiate with your PPA: Have a polite conversation with your PPA and make them see reason why you cannot work with them. If you have a reasonable understanding with them, they will issue you a rejection letter.
  2. Issue a Complain to NYSC: If you issue a Complain to NYSC that your PPA does not have the necessary facilities to keep you. You can write a complain letter and request for a change of PPA if the accommodation is not good, the payment is ridiculous, or there’s a threat to your life.
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