How to Dress to NYSC Secretariat

Are you planning a visit to the NYSC Secretariat? Maybe because you have a query or complaint to make at the NYSC secretariat, or you were called to make an appearance at the NYSC secretariat due to one thing or the other. Wherever the reasons may be, it is always good to know what to wear when heading to the NYSC office. Keep in mind that, the way you dress will determine how you are attended to, at the NYSC secretariat. Just like the saying goes “Dress how you want to be addressed” the way you look when heading to the NYSC secretariat may very well determine the type of outcome you may get. If you have an appointment with the NYSC secretariat, then read today’s article to know the best way to dress when going.Information Guide Nigeria

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What Should I Wear to NYSC Secretariat?

Although there is no particular dress code when heading to the NYSC secretariat. However, it is better to go with an official dress code when heading to the secretariat. Also, ensure that you have your NYSC ID card with you when heading to the NYSC secretariat. Your chosen dress code communicates to the NYSC board, it can be used to determine if your case is worth reviewing. Sometimes, the way you dress can determine if you will attended to at the NYSC secretariat.

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It is recommended that you wear 6/7 of your NYSC official kit. That way, you look ready, and responsible, and will be attended to immediately. You can choose to wear something else other than your NYSC uniform, but ensure that it is a corporate wear.

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What is the NYSC Dress Code?

The NYSC dress code was established on the 22nd of May, 1973, and the dress code has been maintained ever since. The dress code was made devoid of ethnic, religious or gender bias. The official NYSC dress code is as follows;Npower Recruitment

The management of the National Youth Service Corps, NYSC has announced that any other dress code contrary to the officially sanctioned NYSC dress code will attract disciplinary actions.

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Note: The NYSC board does not issue the hijab as a part of the official dress code. However, the scheme permits the use of white hijab which must not be longer than your shoulder length, and must be tucked into your NYSC uniform.

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How to Get the NYSC Uniform

To obtain the NYSC uniform you must first report to the NYSC camp. Upon getting there, and completing your registration you will be directed to where you will make payment and obtain your complete NYSC uniform. Below is a breakdown of the full NYSC kit and their cost.How to Check BVN on Glo

  1. Khaki Suits –  N2,870
  2. Jungle Boots – N1,789
  3. Canvas -N1,709
  4. Caps -N243
  5. Belts -N232WAEC Result
  6. Socks – N238
  7. E Shorts –  N404
  • Total – N7,485
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