How to Receive Amazon Payments in Nigeria

I know you want to receive amazon payments in Nigeria. today I will show you two methods that let you receive payments without issues.

I won’t bore you with much talk because you might be busy and need a quick solution.

Jump to: Flutterwave To Receive amazon payments in Nigeria

If you have your Payoneer account set as a way of receiving payment. 

There is an alternative method for Nigerians only and is in the beta test phase. This means, only available for quite a number of people. 

Let’s get started right now

Who is This for?

You: Yes you are the reason I am writing this article to help you get your money from amazon to your Nigerian bank account.

If you are

  • Selling
  • Affiliate Marketer 
  • Amazon Kindle Publisher
  • Doing Amazon FBA

The article is for you.

What to do first

Open Payoneer Account

If you don’t have a Payoneer account yet, kindly register and proceed with the next phase of this article.

  • Click here to the Payoneer registration page.
  • From there, select that you are a business or individual and provide the necessary information required by Payoneer.
  • You will be prompted add your local bank account and its swift code do it and submit
  • If you don’t know how to get your bank swift code, you can search on google for the list, and you will be provided with code from other sources.
  • After completing your registration, allow the team to review your account.
  • Once they are done, you will receive an email confirming your account is active.


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Now, you may ask why I ask you to create a Payoneer account. 


Here is why Payoneer only allows payment to US bank accounts if you don’t want to use other options such as Gift card and Paycheck. 

You want to have your money sent to you in a way you can have it converted easily, Payoneer is the way out. Just go ahead and have an account created.

Are you done with the creation of the Payoneer account? Follow the steps below and link your account to receive amazon payments in Nigeria

The same account can be used to receive payments from all possible one can make money through amazon.

Starting Amazon Affiliate


How to Receive Amazon Affiliate Payment in Nigeria

  • When your account is active, here is how to find your US account.
  • Log in to your Payoneer account and hover or click on receive.
  • From the drop-down menu, click on the “Global Payments” tab
  • Select your US account, and the below information should pop up.
  • Open a new tab and login into your Amazon affiliate account.
  • Navigate to settings, look under “Payment and Tax Information,” choose the “Change payment method.”
  • Now, from the page, choose “Direct Deposit” as your payout option.
  • Select “United States” as the country where your bank is located from the list.
  • Fill the form provided to you appropriately using Payoneer US bank account details from your Payoneer account. Remember, your mind is always checking and not savings.
  • Now, the “Click Submit” button.

That’s it; go and make some commissions and get paid directly to your Payoneer account.

How To Receive Amazon Kindle Payment In Nigeria

To receive payments from Amazon KDP, follow the steps below.

Login into your Amazon Kindle Account and click on Your account then getting paid as seen on the image below.

How to Receive Amazon Payments in Nigeria 1

To update your payment details, kindly log in to your Payoneer account and navigate to Global payment.

Copy the US account details and Update it on your Amazon Kindle page and save

How to Receive Amazon Payments in Nigeria 2

I hope that was helpful.


That is not all…


You are here because you want to receive amazon payments in Nigeria

Here is the catch…


Flutterwave To Receive amazon payments in Nigeria

Rave Flutter Wave is Set to allow Nigerians to Receive their payments using their payment system.

They now allow you to have a Flutter US account where you can receive USD Payments from Amazon, eBay, and more platforms.


How to Be Part of Beta Users

Visit this link and fill out the form then await approval email from the Flutter community.

Be rest assured that if they exceed the limit of beta users they want, your application will be denied. Apply as fast as you can be among the first batch.


Who Can Use a Rave Flutter US account?

Sellers: Only sellers are allowed to use a flutter US account. Individual account holders with Flutter wave will need to upgrade their account to business to qualify as sellers.

That being said having a Rave Virtual US Bank account with allow you to receive amazon affiliate payment in Nigeria successfully.

This is also a piece of big news for ClickBank Affiliates In Nigeria if you don’t already have an account, kindly check this article out.

What Are The Requirements to Create a Rave Flutter Account?

  • Your Business Name as used on your Flutter Account 
  • Email Address 
  • Your Business Description


Apply for the Flutter Virtua US Account here.


I hope you learned something new today? Well, I know you did. Rave is bringing Africa to the world and that’s amazing power they have.

There is no doubt that you know how to receive amazon payments in Nigeria and that is my greatest joy.

See you in my next article

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    • Yes, and only available for Payoneer account holders.

      For the flutter wave, you are allowed a Virtual US Bank only.

      I will keep the page updated once there is a new update.

    • Yes, you can create the account as a Nigerian and upload kindles.

      The only process that may be tasking for you is the creation of the account.

      But if you know your way around it, you will find it easy.

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