How to Recover NYSC Login Password

Are you a prospective corps member or a serving corps member and you cannot access your NYSC dashboard? Probably because you can’t recall your login password. This is a common problem among both serving corps member and prospective ones. It’s easier to recall you NYSC email address, since its already stored in your mobile phone. But what happens when you forget the random password you created for the NYSC account? How then can you access your NYSC dashboard? The truth is, you can recover your lost password is you know the right steps to take. And luckily for you, in today’s article I’ll be giving you detailed steps on how to recover your NYSC login password. See more details below.Information Guide Nigeria

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How to recover your NYSC password

Your NYSC password is the security code for your NYSC account. Since most people tend to use random numbers and letters as password, it’s not surprising that some people will forget their password. So what happens when you forget your password? You follow the instructions below to recover it.WAEC Result

  1. Visit the official NYSC portal via
  2. Click on “forgot password” on the login page
  3. Enter your registered email address or username into the space provided
  4. Tao on the “Search” link to find your NYSC accountJAMB Result
  5. Tap on “This is me” link next to your account icon
  6. A reset password email will be sent to the number linked to the account
  7. Check the email address for a link to reset your NYSC password
  8. Enter a new password twice and click on “Change password”
  9. Your password has been successfully changed.Recover NYSC Login Password
  10. Access your NYSC dashboard again, using your email and the newly set password.

How to Login to the NYSC Portal

After setting a new password, it’s time to login to the NYSC portal and access your NYSC dashboard. Follow the instructions below to login to the NYSC portal:JAMB Form

  1. Visit the official NYSC portal via
  2. Click on the login icon to go to the login page
  3. Enter your email address and password
  4. Tap on the login icon
  5. You’ve successfully accessed your NYSC dashboard.

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What Can I Do on My NYSC Dashboard?

The NYSC Dashboard is the most vital tool for every prospective corps member and serving corps member. It helps them perform operations without needing to go to the NYSC office. There are several operations you can perform on your NYSC dashboard including:Things to Buy for Bridal Shower in Nigeria

1.   NYSC Registration

On your NYSC dashboard, you can do your NYSC Registration with ease. If no registration is in progress, the message “No Active Registration” will be displayed on the screen. Once registration/mobilization commences, the status on the portal will be changed, and you’ll be able to do your registration.

2.   NYSC Portal Login

All serving and prospective corps members who have done the online registration can login to the NYSC portal dashboard. All you need is your registered email address and password, and after entering them into the required columns, you’ll be taken to your own personal NYSC dashboard. Your personal NYSC dashboard contains all your information, and there’s also an option to recover lost password.Npower Recruitment

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3.  Verify Your Certificate

You can verify your certificate on your NYSC dashboard. This option is mostly used by newly created tertiary institutions. If you wish to verify your certificate, you can do it straight from your NYSC portal dashboard.×280&!6&btvi=5&fsb=1&xpc=Xg6P7oFT6a&p=https%3A//

4.   Check All Your NYSC Payment Status

On the NYSC dashboard, you can check the status of any payments related to the NYSC program. After making payments for any procedures concerning the NYSC scheme, check your dashboard to confirm the payment status.

5.   Get Information From the NYSC Homepage

From the NYSC portal, you can visit the official homepage of the National Youth Service Corps. There you can get steady updates and news about the NYSC scheme.

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6.   Check Foreign PCM Requirements

Prospective Corps member who graduated from accredited foreign institutions can check the requirements for their NYSC mobilization from their NYSC dashboard. The requirements for foreign trained graduates are different from that of locally trained graduates. Hence, to avoid missing out on the NYSC mobilization, login to your dashboard and check the requirements.×280&!7&btvi=6&fsb=1&xpc=UxEGcuDR5S&p=https%3A//

7.   Check Payment Guidelines

Most prospective corps member and even fresh corpers usually make errors while making payments. Hence, it is advisable check your NYSC dashboard for detailed information on how to make payments correctly.

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8.   View NYSC Senate List

Only prospective corps members whose name appears on the senate list can proceed to do their NYSC Registration/Mobilization. You can check the NYSC Senate list on your NYSC dashboard. Once, you see your name on the list, you can proceed with the NYSC Registration.Things to buy for restaurant

9.   Check Accredited Institution

On your NYSC dashboard, you can check if your institution is duly accredited for the NYSC program. If your school is not accredited for the NYSC program, you will not be mobilized for the national service.

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