Beginners Guide to Starting a Tshirt Business From Home

Business can be confusing sometimes but doesn’t have to be all the time. When it comes to the t-shirt printing business, you need the right plan and strategy to keep your brand running and generating revenues. Learn how to start a t-shirt printing business from home the right way.

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What is Tshirt Printing Business?

A T-shirt printing business is a business that doesn’t require too much processing and selling.

T-shirt printing allows you to create new designs and sell to make a profit, which can be done online or offline.

Many people wait for a new designer to pop and give them that elegant or beautiful look they want.

That’s precisely when you play your part by deciding to start a printing business.

Whether you plan to own your store or utilize other people in the play, read this post till the end to find out how to get started and the materials needed.


T-shirt Printing Business Plan

Yes, t-shirt printing business, you can start it without spending thousands of dollars to bring a name to the market place.

But you sure need to have a business plan to score you high in the industry.

Being ready for competition is what you need to do while thinking about starting a t-shirt printing business.

Who says you can get a cut out of the company? You need a plan that will work the magic.


Knowing Your Market

You can’t go and start selling to anybody or everyone suddenly. You need to have one specific audience that will like and follow your trend.

Here is what I mean; if you are trying to sell coding t-shirt or hoods, you might consider a community of nerds and programs your audience.

If you are creating beachwear, you will know you need to target people going for vacations on a beach.

How you do the targeting will be explained in the marketing section of this article.


#1 – Create Your Brand Identity

Your brand identity distinguishes you from the multitudes of the same type of business that has existed before you.

It includes getting your logo done, your online store, choosing a brand name and brand color with a slogan.

Your T-shirt printing business has to stand out with everything in look, feel, and tone. However, you don’t need much stress nowadays.

Fiverr has a lot of GiGs that can help you create a brand name in less than 24 hours while you focus on other important things, like getting your first t-shirt design and it’s mockup.


Your brand persona

A brand persona reminds the owner why the business exists, and it’s the focus in the industry.

Until you solve a problem in the t-shirt printing business industry, it has nothing to offer.

But your brand persona, which you will be developing in a few jiffies, will help you identify the problem you can solve.


Brand Persona: Mission Statement

Put yourself in one of your customers’ shoes and now tell them about you by writing down a mission your business wants to accomplish in the industry.

Example: Welcome to Lok lines, tell us your style, and make it come alive, or choose from our exotic clothing.


What’s your Promise?

Is it to make people going to the beach have the best time of their lives wearing clothes that create memories.

There should be a promise you can keep, not fast delivery. That’s a complete cliche. Create a sign that will make customers become recurring buyers.


What’s the Essence of your brand?

If you like it or not, you can’t escape this one for your t-shirt printing business; it can be fast delivery, new finishing, durable materials.

Just one essence your t-shirt brand can stand by is enough.

It’s your secret weapon, confuse your competitors with other stuff, but your essence should be in secret and kept in place.


Trademark and Social Appearances.

After creating your brand, Persona, and you are sure of what your business is solving. You will need a logo and brand slogan to stand out.

So do your social tags and handles. They need to be 100% unique in other to be different from others.

Material properties that have never existed, or you could get existing handles and brand them to your own business.

To get your logo done, you can create it by yourself if you know your ways around photoshop, but thanks to some free online tools like and name cheap logo makers, you can create logos in less than 10 to 20 minutes.

If you feel that’s not professional enough, you can get a freelance logo designer from the Fiverr marketplace.

However, the same brand name generator can get your logo with different samples; you can choose and use it. The logo design comes as a side gig.

I recommend you hire a professional to design the logo for you.


#2 – Choose Your Design Pattern

Once your brand Identity has been figured out, you will need to create a few designs and mock-ups to help take your business to your target audiences.

Every other t-shirt printing business has its lines and creativity. Say maybe, Vintage, Casual Beachwear, just any kind, you have to create it differently.

How you do that is with the help of online tools or Photoshop. If you are a photoshop expert, you could get it done almost immediately.

It would help if you spent time making different patterns and designs, so you will have a collection of many printable designs ready to be printed.

Mock them up with blank t-shirts or hoodies; they have different sets made.

Better, you could also ask your team members or family to see if the t-shirt design will be a good fit so that you know how people will react to what you are trying to market.

The best way is to use online testers to get feedback; that way, you will know if your market will be a good one or just a mismatch.


#3 – Platforms to Printing Your Designs

Printing your designs should not be overwhelming; you can decide to print it online using your printing machine or hired service.

However, a couple of platforms are ready to print and ship your designs to any location.

Your effort is needed only to upload the mockups, and then people get place order from your store.

You can use Shopify, Etsy, to automate your printing and shipping at the same time while you manage the financial aspects and promotions of your finished lines.

Printing and design are never the hard parts of starting a t-shirt printing business, marketing your finished products as aspirants in the company.


#4 – Marketing Plan

It would be best to have a marketing plan ready before you publish any product or make it live.

People make lots of mistakes when they want to go live with their products, and they don’t do the actual market research.

If you know your audience better, your adverts or TV commercials for your t-shirt printing business will bring more sales than you ever dreamt you could achieve.


Carry Out Surveys Online.

Launch landing pages and write a copy for your T-shirt printing business, each with the following soon to create a waitlist.

You will see, the number of people who sign up will determine how your business can grow.

If they are less, you miss the point, and there is a need to make changes to your questions and pages.

What if the results are fantastic? Great, replicate the effect for the main launch, the same pattern, and approach.

If you are confused about what to do, hire a certified digital marketer to write plans and the necessary tools to execute your T-shirt printing business.


Create a Website or Webshop

People often overlook the power of having an online store to promote their business that shouldn’t be you.

The chances of generating more revenues increases when your store has a website.  If you are not sure how to create a webshop or website for your business, perhaps searching Google can be of great help.

You can get started by exploring how to create a blog. However, your site can not on its start to gain attention; you need to put in effort in two ways.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your site should be SEO ready to generate traffic from google and other search engines freely. SEO involves…


Keyword Research – Finding low competition and profitable keywords that people search to get the information they want.

Use keywords that will drive in people who can turn out to be potential customers. Don’t waste your time on keywords without benefits.

Content – Content is king. SEO is queen if you don’t create befitting content for your audience.


Resources you might need:

How to Build a Brand Persona


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