Inforib Review: Earn N5,000 Weekly and N15,000 Monthly On Inforib.

Hey, checker today I will be taking you on inforib review, a very interesting method to earn 5k to 15k monthly.

I need your attention here, we know many income programs have come and go, but this time there is something different, the revenue program is doing the impossible and if you are early with your decision today, you can not be broke for at least the next 3 months.

What is Inforib?

Inforib is a revenue generation program that lets you earn money online by answering and posting questions. You can be making at least 2k daily and 14k weekly. As a new program, you will get N1,000 as a signup bonus.

How to earn on inforib

Inforib has an incredible system that lets you make money fast, it is a matter of you having the time to perform the daily tasks I’m about to show and they are very simple to do.

  • Signup bonus – You will get N1,000 sign up bonus immediately you register  via this link
  • Affiliate Referral bonus N100 – For each new user you refer, you will earn N100
  • Ask a question – When you ask a reasonable question, you will 20 points as N20
  • Answer a question N20 – Answering a question on inforib will earn you N20 as well
  • Publish article N500 – As a publisher, you earn N500 for publishing an article and it will be reviewed by the admins to make sure it meets their guidelines.

Report an eyewitness news N200 – For each live event or gossip you can post, you will earn N200 added to your balance.

How Much Can You Earn Daily? – Action Plan

Earning 2k daily or more than that is very possible with inforib, just like I said earlier, you can not be broke for the next 3 months while earning. Let me show you how much you can earn daily.


You can Earn N4,000 Writing Articles

Inforib allows you as a member to earn N500 per article you write that is approved by the admin. Each article must be at least 800 words of quantity and unique.

There are many categories that you can publish content under on the platform. Write whatever you will be interesting for the audience to read and for you to get approval. If you are new to writing, you learn how to write via this link.

So, four articles daily will earn you 4k daily…

There is more:

  • Publishing Questions earns you N20
  • Earn 2k Daily Referring Your Friends and Family to Inforib.
  • While publishing a single article earns you N500 it is low and you need a fast cashout.

The Way out:

To earn fast on inforib, the best thing to do is to refer new members and to refer new users, you need a large audience. It is easy as pie.

For each new member that signs up with your link, you will get N100 and the person you refer will earn N1,000 Free Bonus instantly. Register Via this link to get your N1,000 Bonus.

Automatically, you need a minimum number of 20 people daily to earn 2k on the inforib revenue program.


Try my method: 

I referred 24 people in less than 12 hours of joining inforib revenue program and that is N2,400 and I can earn more than that every day depending on how available I am to answer questions.

Below is the simple post that earned me N2,400 by referring 24 people to inforib revenue program.



With something similar to my Facebook update above, you are sure to earn more than 2k daily on the inforib revenue program. This method applies to WhatsApp if you have a lot of people viewing your status.

You see, it is easy to make money with the inforib revenue program. You just need time and positioning. Get started and make your first N1k now by signing up via this link.


How to Withdraw Earnings on Inforib

To withdraw from inforib, kindly send an email with the subject “Inforib Cashout” to [email protected]

You can only withdraw money once you have up to N5,000 in your account.

Kindly take note that a 10 percent fee will be charged for every withdrawal, the 10% is used to pay admins on the website.

You can only withdraw once per month and dated 28th of every month starting May 2020.


Is Inforib Legit or Scam

Yes, inforib is legit, and that is because I have seen real testimonies from my fellow professional bloggers like Mathias Amodu.

For the first time in a while, I am writing about an income program, you should know that is legit that is why I am doing so.


Who is the owner of inforib Revenue Program

Infiokobong Ibanga is the owner of the inforib, he is a blogger with 10 years of experience and earns 6 figures monthly blogging. He launched the revenue program to help people have easy access to making money online easily without any investment.



As we are aware, he wants to be giving away N150,000 every month to help people feed while he makes his money through true programmatic ads.

Over 10 years of staying legit, his way to giving back to the blogging community, and the general public online is with the help of the revenue program.


Guidelines Inforib Users Must Follow.

As you earn on the inforib revenue program, you need to keep in mind these few guidelines of the platform. Going against these guidelines will result in a penalty such as suspension of the account.

 Very Important information:

How Do They Make Money to Pay Members?

They make money from Google Adsense and which gives him a lot of return to pay members monthly and still have some profit for themselves.

Have any questions on inforib revenue program? Kindly register and get your N1,000 bonus.  don’t forget to ask your questions if you got any.

Written by Yusuf Bitrus

SEO Specialist | Content Creator | Businessman | Gamer

I help website owners attract high paying customers with well targeted organic traffic from Google.

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