Interserver Review: My Experience With Interserver, Should You Use Them?

My Review of interserver will go a long way to explain the experience I had with them. But that’s not the problem.

The problem is you are looking for the right hosting provider and finally stumbled on Intersever on the Internet.

Maybe I recommend them, and you saw it and decide to know the truth about the interserver.

To tell you the TRUTH…

I don’t use interserver for my leading site at the moment, and you will ask why… Not bad at all.

The answer is, I knew Namecheap a long time before Interserver, and they were the best option compared to any cheap hosting with excellent services out there.

I went Overhill about Namecheap after using it for my clients. I couldn’t resist.

However, my search for a good and reliable web hosting company never ended with Namecheap.

It landed me to interserver, and that’s why I want to talk about the good and the bad experience with Intersever so far.

I have two websites with interserver, and they are doing pretty much great. Let’s sail the ship together so you can find my unbiased interserver review. A great… Well, let’s find out.

What is Interserver?

Intersever is a web hosting service based provider that allows you to host a website of almost any kind over the last few years.

About Interserver

Interserver is a company that started in the year 1999, and they were just on the reseller and soon became a web hosting company entirely along while offering their service to businesses.

Interserver and their whole body are located in the US, New Jersey, Secaucus.

They have since grown to host companies based from

  • fortune 500,
  • small business owners,
  • single website owners (bloggers.)

In my first paragraph, I mentioned the whole body, yes, interserver has its in-house team both customer care reps and securities in one place.

They are continually building and finetuning their service for a better experience for users.

If there is anything better, they are building their fiber-optic network to serve an excellent experience better as they promise.

Interserver uses top quality hardware and boosting to give you the best uptime and 100% power in whatever Plan you choose to use for your website or project.

Interserver is using secure Infrastructure. Their environment and facilities are heavily secured.

The building has been raised above the ground to help protect it from water damage.

This way, intersever, and its team ensure that they keep 99.9% optimal uptime and 100% power without any interruption.

Added are well-trained security guards around to make sure every place is secured with competent datacenter specialists all 24/7, 365 days.

Sign Up Limit

Interserver is doing their best to keep customer service at its top performance, thereby allowing only 100 signups per day on any of their services.

This helps them have quality control with existing customers and new ones.


Interserver has 4 data centers, and they are all located in the US offering fantastic network coverage for its customers in North America.

Three centers in New Jersey and one in Los Angeles, California.

In review, the Datacenter features:

  • Climate Control and Redundancy
  • 247/365 days In-house support from Datenter staffed Members.
  • Around the (24Hrs/365 days) Security with CCTV Mounted round.

There is no doubt that interserver are doing their best to keep all their claimed promise to you as their customer. Let’s get to find out more about their hosting Plan and overall score from my experience using them.

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Detailed Interserver Review 2020

It is important to stress what an interserver hosting Plan can offer a fair price tied to each of them.

One of the best features they will offer you today is the Pricelock Guarantee.

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It allows you to renew your plan at the same price you bought a specific plan year over year.

The price lock Guarantee will be there as long as you don’t upgrade to another plan or add another resource (VPS, Storage, et more).

Secure Your Interserver Pricelock now,

Hosting Plans and Pricing

Below are the hosting plans they offer today as a full Webhosting provider. They all nine and includes Cloud hosting and colocation services.

  1. Shared Hosting
  2. Virtual Private Server (VPS)
  3. Cloud Hosting
  4. Dedicated Hosting
  5. Colocation Hosting
  6. Reseller Hosting
  7. Quick Servers Hosting
  8. Custom Hosting

With all these plans, interserver offer different levels at different prices to help you choose what better suits your budget.

Interserver Shared Hosting Review

Interserver shared hosting is one of the cheapest hosting services they offer today. The shared hosting provides the following features;

Unlimited Bandwith

The joy of every business owner and blogger is to have a website up every time without the downtime and outage.

Interserver has made it possible throughout all their shared hosting Plan they all have unlimited bandwidth without extra charges.

Site Speed and Uptime

This has been the real pledge, interserver prides itself to offer speed and up 99.99% optimal uptime and blazingly fast speed server time. All of that is made possible with the help of four data centers and an experienced team of supports.

  • One-Click Installation
  • Free Backup

You can be able to back up your website any time you want.

  • 24/7 Unlimited customer support on all levels.

Domain Migration/Registration with Perk

Migrate your domain or register a new one for only $1.99 when you purchase any of their web hosting packages.

Free Full Cpanel Migration to Interserver.

Interserver will help you migrate your active Cpanel and Content to their server for free without a fee.

Free SSL and CDN

CDN helps your website stay live and participate on a high level. It allows anybody from different parts of the world to be able to access your website from one location.

Speed is one of the most significant SEO ranking Factors today. Your site powered with both CDN and SSL with the help of Cloudflare, thereby reducing the cost of yearly billing for SSL certificates.


Never Pay 65$ AGAIN

My Experience With Intersever Shared Hosting

I am not writing this review based on assumption without using their services. I use interserver to host two of my niche website using the $5 per month plan. So far, I have not had any problem with any of these websites.

Hosting a Music Website

One of my websites is a media publication website; we all know how massive these sites can be most of the time from having raving traffics to direct upload of audio files.

Before migrating, I had to make sure my doubts are cleared. So I asked the customer care if they will allow one to host a music platform on my current hosting plan.

I got positive feedback and successfully migrated my website personally without any issue.

Do you want to Migrate your website to another Hosting? Kindly Hire me on Fiverr it takes less than three days to complete full migration.

Why I Hosted A Music website

There Is a misconception that most hosting providers don’t allow you to host music blogs on their server, except for companies like Contabo and some cloud hosting.

However, the case was reversed as you can see, interserver is hosting my music website without any downtime or hosting notification or something.

But I want to prove something wrong even tho they approve of it… VERY shocking. Just read on.

Secondly Hyped Speed: I read reviews talking about the speed test to have up to 200ms speed. That got my attention well, and it was damn real.

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Back to Our Review


Programming Languages That Intersever Accepts for VPS.

Interserver allows you to run unlimited Mysql databases, and if that’s what you are looking for, they have it coupled with other programming languages despite being on the shared server. Some of the programming languages interserver accept are;

  • CGI/FastCGI
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Ruby/Ruby on Rails
  • SSI

Interserver VPS and Cloud Hosting Review

If you are looking for a good VPS hosting, you can get them with two types of OS which are

  • Linux
  • Windows…
Interserver VPS Slice (Cores)

Each server has a feature called a slice. Once you choose a slice, you are eligible for a free website migration, and there will be several allocated resources for you.
Each slice has the following allocated resources

  • The number of CPU cores
  • The amount of memory
  • The amount of storage
  • The file transfer rate

The more slice you add, the more allocated resource and subscription fee increases.

Features and Benefits of Intersever VPS Plan.

When you purchase a VPS Plan, they have all the listed features and benefits below;

99.9% Optimal Uptime Guarantee: This allows your VPS sever to stay up without your sites crashing. To verify the uptime, there is an uptime tool that comes with your Plan. Use it to check for yourself.

Increase Resources: You can add slice anytime you want using from your Cpanel with few clicks and clicks.

Instant Resource Access: Immediately you make your payment, you will be provisioned with your server details. You don’t need to wait several minutes or hours to start work on your projects.

Root Access: You will be granted access with Installation and Full customization of your preferred software to enjoy your hosting.

Interserver VPS Hosting Programming Languages.

Interserver VPS Plans comes with ready to use programming languages. You have root access to customize or install any program of your choice.

However, the more your resources, your fee increases if it exceeds the current slices resources.

Interserver VPS Hosting Programming Languages they are;

  • MySQL
  • Perl
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Ruby

Intersever Pros and Cons

Here, you will discover the actual truth about Intersever shared hosting and other plans they offer. You remember I told you this review was based on my personal experience.

What I found out VS. What population told me.

The Internet is thriving, and everyone desires to live to expectation.

Should that be a reason why you should not be told the truth?

No, you deserve to know the truth and avoid exact decoys others have fallen into.

Pros (Advantages and Benefits of Interserver Hosting)

Excellent Uptime and Speed: as demonstrated in the image below, it shows that interserver hasn’t been down for an extended period with an average of 100% uptime.

100% uptime as of March 4th, 2020.

Looking at the speed, it isn’t bad for an SEO trying to optimize for increased rankings on Google.


Improve your rankings on Google today by

Pricing Plans: Interserver shared hosting is restrained at $5/month for life. Yet, their price lock guarantee helps you maintain a fair price.

In essence, when you purchase any of their current hosting plans at $4/month, your renewal next year will be sealed at $4 without imposing the supplementary fee.

Check interserver Plans and Pricing

Fast In house Chat support: Well, they keep their words, and that is one of the incredible capabilities they maintain.

Their customer care responded in 2 minutes.

To substantiate some points, I had to chat with interserver support, and it took them two minutes to acknowledge.

They offer support through the following channels;

  1. Chat support
  2. Ticketing
  3. Phone calls
  4. Direct emails

You see right there; they stood by their terms.

Free Site Migration: Yes, this is true. Interserver helps you migrate your site and get to pay only $1.99 for the domain. You get this with all their plans.

Highly Customizable VPS: Although, interserver offers pre-installed apps. You can add apps that you want. It may be from a third-party, though, if your allocated resources for your VPS plan exceed. There will be a need to upgrade your slice by one or two.

21 years of Service and Still Counting: Interserver started as a reseller company and grew to become a standard web hosting company over the years.

Interserver has won a lot of awards with 4 in 2019, including the best hosting provider of the year award.

Cons (Disadvantages of Interserver Web Hosting)

No Money-Back Guarantee: Interserver offers a money-back guarantee for their shared hosting plan ONLY, which is limited to 30 days. It came to the bad when they ruled out VPS hosting.

Interserver VPS hosting does not deliver a money-back promise, so be sure for what you ask before making your purchase, contrariwise, a shared hosting plan should be a favorable plan for you.

Unlimited Plan Isn’t “Unlimited”: You anticipate this to come up under the benefits of my Interserver critique. It is clearly stated that each user is administered with 20% (25,000 – inodes files and uploads) any user who has passed this limit will be yanked to SATA.

inode information chat with interserver customers care

Acknowledgment from the support team and that was what the chat is all about.

Now, if you ran over the hill with what I said earlier, well, I tender an apology. Now you see why it is always favorable to see to the demise of any review that you find on the web.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Interserver

Is InterServer a VPS Webhosting?

No, they offer a full Hosting suite from shared hosting to VPS and dedicated Hosting.
Just any type of hosting package you need

Does interserver offer free domain registration?

No, however, they allows you to purchase a domain from them for the price of $1.99. The offer is available to new customers and free website migration ONLY when you are buying any of the hosting packages.

Does interserver Uptime Guarantee?

Yes, they promise 99.99% uptime, which is excellent anyway. In my pros and cons of interserver, you will see the screenshot indicated 100% uptime for the last 30 days.

Does interserver give a money-back guarantee?

Yes, and it’s only available for their shared hosting plans but not VPS. However, they do offer month to great month billing, which saves you from losing tons of money.

What is a price-lock guarantee from the interserver?

The price lock guarantee means that the price you purchase service is locked for renewal the following year for life, with no increase

How many websites can I migrate to interserver?

You can migrate as many websites as you want for free provided that your allocated resource for your package is not inundated (with).

Do Any Big Brands Use This Host?

Yes, fortune 5000 companies use them to host their websites. As well, a lot of influencers in blogging and marketing niche businesses use them—both privately owned firms.

What is InterServer’s cheapest hosting plan?

The cheapest hosting plan is their standard plan, starting from $5/momth for their shared hosting and $8/month managed WordPress hosting plan.

How is InterServer’s customer support?

Superb, their customer support is one in a million of its kind. The customer service are well trained to answer any question you may have and solve any problems regarding their hosting as their customer.

Do any of the interserver plans offer Free domain?

No, none of the plans offer free domains at the time of writing this review. Nonetheless, they offer $1.99 domain registration when you purchase any of their hosting plans.

Can I get an SSL certificated directly from Interserver?

Yes, you can purchase an SSL certificate from them directly, and they still offer free SSL through Cloudflare. An excellent way to save money.
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