Is NIN Compulsory for Jamb 2023

Unlike before, the NIN is now being requested in major institutions like the bank and if you want to own a driver’s license or get an international passport, you’ll be asked to present your NIN as well. This is because the NIN is an important number that carries information about any individual in the country (living or dead).

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In 2022, JAMB made it compulsory for aspiring students who want to further their education in Nigerian institutions to enrol for NIN before they’ll be able to register for Jamb.

With 2023 on the way, will NIN also be compulsory for students who want to write jamb or will it become optional? To find out, you’ll have to keep on reading.

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Is NIN compulsory for Jamb in 2023?

The short and simple answer is Yes! Of course, you’ll be required to register or enrol for NIN before you’ll be able to register and write JAMB in 2023. It was compulsory in 2022, it will be compulsory in 2023 as well.Is NIN Compulsory for Jamb 

Asides from Jamb, your NIN is also important or needed for SIM card registrations, custom clearance, and even when applying for scholarshp opportunities like the PTDF scholarship.

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The NIN is compulsory or required for Jamb because your NIN contains your data (information about you). The data contained in your NIN will be sued to create your Jamb profile.

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How to acquire NIN for Jamb registration in 2023

  • Locate any NIMC enrolment centre closest to you. If you can’t find any, you can use the NIMC website to find the centres that are closest to you.JAMB Result
  • Find your way to the nearest centre with your BVN (if you have one) and any supporting documents. Supporting documents you can carry include your birth certificate, certificate of origin, voters card, old national ID card, valid international passport, school ID card, and declaration of age.How to Transfer data from Airtel to MTN
  • You’ll be given an enrolment form to fill out. If you did the pre-registration online then you’ll be asked to present the printed slip carrying the 2D Barcode to be scanned.
  • Once you are done filling in the correct details, submit the form to the NIMC enrolment officer attending to you. The officer will use the form to key in your details in the NIMC software.Best List of All Airtel Tariff Plans 2022 and Migration Code Latest Update
  • Alternatively, if you submitted the slip with the barcode, it’ll be scanned and your details inputted online will fill the required fields on the NIMC software.JAMB Form
  • Once the officer is done inputting your details, you’ll be asked to confirm the details to be sure they are correct—the details will be displayed on a desktop (or laptop) screen.
  • Next, the officer goes through the details too and crosschecks them against the information written on your supporting document.WAEC Result
  • Once that’s done and all the details are correct. The next phase involves capturing your Biometrics (i.e., your 10 fingerprints and your facial image). You’ll also be asked to sign your signature.
  • Next, your supporting document will be scanned and uploaded as well.
  • Once that’s done, a temporary slip will be generated and given to you. The slip contains your tracking ID but it doesn’t carry your NIN. However, you’ll be given a date to come obtain your NIN slip—it usually takes 1-5 working days.Npower Recruitment

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When you return to the enrolment centre, you’ll be given your NIN slip. Remember your NIN slip is an important document, so it’s best to laminate (optional) the original copy and keep it safe.

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