3 Unforgettable Lesssons From Investing With JumbleBox

In a world where making money is very important, one has to be smart with choices of platforms and firms you invest your money upon. You see, many mistakes are made by people when they want to invest in income programs like Jumblebox. It is no news that a lot of platforms will come up like this and make you money or take them away from you. So, today, I will be sharing with you the key lessons I have learned from investing my money on this platform that crashed some days after.



Why Am I sharing this with you?


For you to learn and be smart about the future of your next investment and know-how exactly sites like this will crash. Apart from the reasonable doubt, you may have during the introduction, and there should be some inner part of you that disagrees when you get introduced.

But somehow, you may not get to that level of thought if your friend shows you person to person proof that the scheme works—no social Media, No video call, Youtube Video, and not email.



1 – Don’t Be Too Late To Start!


Most people call platforms scams (even me) because they lost their money after investing while some individuals invested and cashed out their money. This reminds me of the NNU income program, and I tagged them, scammers, had the owner displayed on social media attacking him everywhere. But in the end, it is what it is. Don’t be too late to invest in legit income platforms, especially when it is just launching. Most platforms tend to crash or start developing issues between the 6th and the 12th month of launching. All you need to do is be among the freshers, so you be among the first set to cash out.

If you are about to tell me trash about people who invest later, let me bring something to your attention.

Have you ever gambled and lost your money? Yes, I have ventured and lost 20k to 60k at a sitting, but I didn’t call the betting platform a scammer. You know why? Because I was quite aware that if I lose, there be a refund for me and I win, I will get my value based on the TOS.

Relating that to income platforms, if you lost your money based on the fact that you invested and did not cash out, just remember that by paying up your registration fee, you agreed to their non-refundable terms or Disclaimer.


2 – Avoid Investing in All Your Capitals.


Oya, this is for those who are eager to rake everything. When they ask you to take risks, they didn’t ask you to put your life savings. We all know it is wise only to invest part of your money allocated to investments should be shared widely.

But some people want to gamble everything, most notably the Nigerians or the people who see slight opportunity and want to get everything without doing an initial check of the platform.

For me, what I did was to invest a small amount in the starter plan of Jumblebox, not because I don’t have much to go on a higher method. I want to know if there is a future with Junglebox before investing a considerable amount.

I planned 30 days testing period in which I will get two times the money I invested and use it all for the next plan. It all stopped on the 10th day, and I only got my investment. The system pays daily and directly to your wallet.

So, I would consider myself lucky for being part of the people who got their money back and those who started early.

In all, Avoid investing the money you kept for other things in platforms like this. Have a plan on what you spend on projects or platforms that will give you returns. Mostly, you are safe if you don’t put in all your money.

You can not carry the same mentality you are using to gamble in football betting here. Or maybe you are a reckless spender. Stop being one and learn how to invest your money wisely.


3 – Invite People With The Risk In Mind


So, before joining Jumblebox, I was told it is a risk that I am taking because my friend also told me he took the chance too.

You see, most of us don’t look at the risks involve most especially when you have been showing real-life proof of something working. We are more drawn to the possibility beforehand.

The basis which made me joined was because my friend testified and showed me his earnings (no screenshot) on his phone. I believed but Didn’t forget to use my head along because there are other things I need money to do.

While inviting people to join, I made sure they got the Disclaimer right after the main introduction. You agree to use my link to register means you are taking the same risk I received, which is getting me the earns.

Never forget to let people know the risk involved before they join your account. It saves you from unnecessary blames and fewer questions after which the site has crashed.

Did you invest? what do you have to say about this?



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