Pro Guide to Use Keywords Everywhere Chrome Extension

Keywords everywhere chrome extension is your saver when you want to do a budget on SEO. A lot of people don’t know the secret you are about to learn in this article today. You can only miss the spotlight when you don’t read to the end.

As we all know, the search for cheaper ways to do keyword research will never end most, especially when you are starting new and tight on budget.

Well, just as I said earlier, you will learn the secret only by sticking around this article.


We are preparing Keywords Everywhere tool and four others.

Just so you know, we will not be using keywords everywhere chrome extension alone to achieve our goal, and the ultimate goal is to get all keyword and domain metrics on the go. That means some other chrome extensions will be playing their part here.


What is Keywords Everywhere Chrome Extension

Keywords everywhere chrome extension is a revolutionary keyword research tool that helps you find profitable keywords in just a few searches.

Keywords everywhere pull its data from Google as they update them so you can get sure that every data keywords everywhere show you are correct and not just rough estimate.

Keywords everywhere as a tool can work alone, but there is a hidden power that unveils when you combine it with a handful of Chrome extensions for SEO.

These are metrics you may need to pay extra on other tools to use, but we will show you how to get them free.


Is keywords Everywhere Chrome Extension Free tool?

As of 2019, keywords everywhere was a free tool and now a paid tool for some ethical reasons. But from what we believe might be the cause, keywords everywhere extension became a pro tool because of the rate at which people use them.

The tool will need to pull API calls, which will result in paying for those services.

Notwithstanding, the tool is affordable for anyone, and that’s what we use at SmartBizconversion in house teams.


Pricing and Features of Keywords Everywhere Chrome ExtensionPricing and Features of Keywords Everywhere Chrome Extension

Although most of the tool, we will use here is free except for the leading tool, which is keywords everywhere that will be pulling keywords, so we analyze the competition.

Pricing of Keywords Everywhere is as follows.

  • $10 gets you 100k Keywords
  • $50 gets you 500k Keywords
  • $100 gets you 1 Million keywords Opportunities
  • $200 gets you 2 Million keyword opportunities
  • $500 gets you 5 million Keyword research opportunities
  • $1000 gets 10 million keywords research opportunities.

So, you see how cheap the tool is compared to pro keyword research tools out there. The only difference is that pro tools like ahrefs show advanced data that Keywords Everywhere doesn’t share with you.

Don’t worry; stick around for the central nugget. Payments for keywords everywhere can be made through PayPal or Credit and debit cards


How keywords Everywhere Chrome Extension Credits Works

One credit equals one keyword, automatically, when you search google for a seed keyword, and the “people also search” and “search related to” tab displays keyword opportunities.

Dispaly Type Keywords Everwhere
Related Search and People also search how it shows on Google.

If you bought 100k credits and the keywords that appear are 200 keywords, 200 credits will be deducted from the initial 100k credit leaving you with 99,800 credits.


Features of Keywords everywhere Chrome Extension

There are so many features of keywords everywhere tool, but for the sake of time, we will talk about the three most important features and how they benefit you.

The features of Keywords everywhere are;

1. Accurate and Updated Search Volume

Keywords everywhere show the precise search volume of a keyword, and it’s being fetched from the Google database directly with the help of Google keyword planner.

2. CPC for Each Keywords

If you have used Google keyword planner, it shows an overall estimate of how much you will spend per single click.

In essence, the amount people bid for that particular keyword to publishers (Google AdSense) to display ads on their site is shown.

If you plan to use Google AdSense to generate revenue, you can use the help of Keywords Everywhere to get accurate bidding per keyword. CPC shows how valuable a keyword can be to you.

3. Keyword Difficulty.

You must know how important it is to measure if a keyword can be ranked easily or how fierce the competition for a given keyword can be at a time.

Keywords everywhere use the help of another tool to display Keyword difficulty right inside the search results, in the right pane.

In essence, Keywords Everywhere shows you data based on keywords alone.

But you want more data about your competitors so you can be sure how to get prepared, that’s when our secret strategy comes in to help you find what you are looking for easily.

Oh, if you are not a user of keywords everywhere yet, see steps on how to sign up for your API key below.


Step By Step  Guide To Setting Up keywords Everywhere

To set up Keywords everywhere, Visit the official page or google chrome web store and install the extension.

Before you can purchase credits, you need to generate your API key, which is the ID you use for verifying ownership.


You will see that after installing the extension, you will be redirected to another page where your email is needed to send your API

  1. Enter a valid email to receive Your API Key
  2. Check your email for the API key and copy it
  3. Click on the Keywords Everywhere Icon on your chrome browser tab and click on Settings.
  4. Enter your copied API key and click Validate Button, and you should get a success message.
  5. Click on the Keywords Everywhere Icon on the browser tab again and click on purchase additional credits.
  6. From the next page, choose your plan and make payments; once you do your keywords everywhere, the account will upgrade from free to Pro.

That’s it for setting up keywords everywhere.

Now, let’s get more Add-ons to work with Keywords Everywhere; all these tools are free and do not require an upgrade to use.


What Are The Benefits of Using More Addons with Keywords Everywhere?

Let me bring some significant point to your attention, in case you have forgotten, keywords everywhere chrome extension performs the following tasks;

  • Provide accurate search Volume
  • CPC of Keywords
  • Competition of Keywords

So we need more critical information like;

  • Domain Rating and Trust flows
  • Number of domains linking to top 10 competitors
  • Domain ages of ranking pages.

In a bid to be able to have all these critical data, we need to use extra chrome extensions alongside keywords everywhere chrome extension.


Keywords Everywhere Keyword Research Pipeline Set up

Keywords Everywhere Keyword Research Pipeline Set up

Let’s get started to set up the other two tools, and I will like to introduce to the two of them and then show you how to install them along with the steps.



We know SEOquake to be an audit tool that helps you show data on google. It can display data from semrush and some other platforms, which are; Alexa site info, Web Archive, Whois, and Dictionary.

SEOquake will be responsible for providing us with the following data to aid you in doing accurate competitive analysis.

  • Alexa Ranking: These metrics show how well a site receives traffic
  • Domain Rating: This will combine both the DS and TS displayed with semrsuh
  • Domain and Page Authority: DA/PA will be shown with the help Mozbar


SEMrush Account

  • Average Monthly Visits
  • Total Number of ranked pages on Bing for each displayed results
  • Bounce rate

For you to get all these data, you need to link SEMrush Free account with SEOquake. If you don’t do that, you won’t be able to get the necessary information that you want.

Without further Ado, let me show to you how to do that, follow the instruction down below to get started.


How To connect Semrush to SEOquake To Unlock More Features.

First of all, sign up for a free SEMrush account, you can also take advantage of the SEMrush free 7days trial. Once you have your free SEMrush account active, continue with the steps.


Step 1: Install SEOquake Chrome Extension

Visit the Chrome Extension store and Install SEOquake, as you already know, you don’t need to sign up for an account to use SEOquake with Keywords Everywhere Chrome Extension, SEMrush or Mozbar.


Step 2: Link SEMrush with SEOQuake

After you must have successfully installed SEOQuake, Open a new tab and search for a word on Google, and you should get the same result as indicated on the below image.

How to connect SEOquake to SEMRush Account.

Click on connect right after the notice and give SEOQuake access to your SEMrush account, and once that is done, you search google again to get all the metrics you need.

You are just a few more steps away to enjoy Keywords Everywhere Chrome extension with other integrated tools


How To  Get DA and PA of Any Domain On Google

Since we have installed keywords everywhere, SEOQauke and Linked with SEMrush, one last thing is to enable Mozbar to help us get DA and PA of websites on the Top ten results.

There are no specific steps you need to take. However, you need to sign up for the FREE Moz account.

Once your Moz account is active, Install and enable the full potential of Mozbar by login to the free account.

Just click the sign-in button on the top-right pane of your browser.

Now, you are Completely ready to begin your keyword research using Keywords Everywhere and get all the critical ranking information of your competitors.


How To Do Keyword Research With Keywords Everywhere

To do keyword research with keywords Everywhere is simple, and you can follow the quick steps below without wasting time. Depending on what type of Keywords you are looking for, you will learn how to do keyword research using Keywords Everywhere. Works for two methods.

  • Keyword Research For Starting a Niche Website
  • Content Idea Keyword Research

Keyword Research for Niche Ideas

Now, if you don’t know what this is all about, here is an explanation. Starting a project that requires you to drive tens of traffic requires keywords research. Traffic generates leads, and the keywords are what bring these traffics that turn leads.

In essence, you need to be focused on a particular set of keywords only related to your type of business.

Using keywords everywhere chrome extension, you can achieve the task and comfortable as you think of it, let begin the show.

Your Product Name or Niche Idea

Doing keyword research using Niche Idea helps a lot in knowing if your target audience will be large or small. In a niche, your audience matters for conversion. We will be using the Keyword “Dog” to generate a list of keywords in no time.

Launch a new tab and insert the keyword “dog” in it. What we are trying to Is to find easy to rank keywords in the dog niche using keywords everywhere tool make sure your keywords everywhere extension is active before you can proceed with the next step.

So, as you can see below are the sub-keywords we got from searching Google keywords Everywhere tool.

NB: If you are targeting Audience on Bing, us Bing to perform your search, for our case, we are using Google because most people prefer to use it every time.

What Keyword is Best for a Niche site?

Yes, that’s a good question, you see from the screenshot above, keywords everywhere are showing us some pretty much amazing data, but be smart as not all are easy to rank.

Exact Match Domain (EMD)

However, you can choose one and use it as Exact Match Domain (EMD), domains registered using keywords. These types of domains drive traffic on their own when adequately optimized for at least six months to a year.

Moderate or Low Competition

Keywords with low competition tend to be accessible to the rank and profitable, so choose keywords with little game. Keywords Everywhere use a rating from 1 to 0.00 as a measurement for the competitiveness of a keyword.

Keywords with 0.50 to 1 tend to be very hard to rank, while 0.50 below are most accessible to rank even if your domain is new.


Good CPC for Adsense and Advertisers

CPC shows the value of a keyword, the higher the CPC, the more valuable a keyword can be. You should be able to understand currency value and choose keywords with Good CPC.

Search Volume of the keywords plays a significant role. However, the first two indicators are most valuable because any right keyword will have an incredible search volume. So, don’t get for search volume, the search volume may be high, but that doesn’t make the best keyword.


Top 10 Results

Check the top ten results to see if people are interacting with the niche, is it something you can handle? If the Competition is stiff, run from it and find other alternative keywords.

So, with that being said, let’s choose our successor for the “Dog food” keyword from the keywords everywhere suggestions.

Our Successor is “pedigree dog food reviews.”

It has a search volume of 1.6k, Good CPC and Difficulty is 0.6

Keyword Choosed During Research.

Not, this is not some detailed keyword research Pipeline; we did this to show you a rough idea of how it works.

You are welcome to try it out and share how it worked for you; however, in no distant future, you should expect a particular keywords research using the best tools in the industry.

Written by Yusuf Bitrus

Yusuf Bitrus is an SEO Consultant and Digital Media Strategist.

He teaches how you can improve your sales and gain more business visibility using organic traffic from Google, and it's midwives. If he is not doing research and writing his next article, he is hiking with my friends.

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