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I’m Inviting You To Bitruspreneur Linky Party

Hi, I go by the name Yusuf Bitrus. On the 22 of August 2019, I announced linky, which is holding today 2nd September 2019.

I am happy to finally bring to you the life-changing blogging party there is in the blogosphere. This not significant, and neither is it too small. Since do-follow link back to each qualified bloggers is the Owanbe (take away) LOL

Now, if you are getting to know linky party for the first time and don’t know what it is all about, read on to find out, and I know it will interest you as a blogger.


What is Linky Party?

Linky party is a party that is engulfed to help bloggers connect, explore, and collaborate with like-minded bloggers of their specific niche.

It has come to stay an I call it one of the best ways to keep up with bloggers fro other niches.

It is an idea that was birth while I was deep in thought of getting bloggers to collaborate on a project. I had to search the internet for each, and they were not what I need.

Although, I wouldn’t say this is my first time of seeing stuff like this happen. I have seen just one blogger doing it; her name is Janice Wald. You can look her up on twitter.

I thought It is a revolutionary way of helping bloggers from different niche connect.

Without further ado, I want to celebrate with you and everybody reading this and say thank you for being a fantastic partner for making this party a successful one.


What Is The Benefit Of Linky Party?

As said above, the Linky party is here to help each blogger to:

  • Connect
  • Explore and
  • Collaborate

It is my way of appreciating every other blogger in the industry for putting out amazing and helpful contents.

Each blogger who participates in this party gets a do-follow link back their blog for FREE

How to Get Listed On The Linky Party List

Just comment about yourself and your blog URL. Simple as that and you get listed below, and this will help other bloggers to get to know you better.

But we have rules here, and we must follow them each.

The following niche won’t be approved nor get listed on this page.

  • Entertainment
  • Erotic Contents
  • Gambling/Lottery

Those are the three exceptions, for now, I will add more in the future.

The party is about to get down, and I hope you are ready?

Linky Categories/Niche

Tech Blog

  1. Emmanuel Ekanem –
  2. Ogunsakin Oluwadamilare –

Health and Fitness

  1. Alwell ogolo sokari –

Personal Finance/Banking


Travel Blogger

Beauty and Fashion

Personal Development

Make Money Online

  1. Yusuf Bitrus –
  2. Johnson Ndubuisi –
  3. Stephen Gbolagade –

Relationship and Counselling

I can’t find my niche listed here, what should I do

If you can’t find your niche here, then you help me get it indexed by using the comment section. However, it could also mean that your niche is not allowed to be featured.

Let’s know you and your niche, shall we?

  • Yusuf Bitrus says:

    Hi, here is an example to follow below:

    My name is Yusuf Bitrus, I am a blogger who loves to help other bloggers connect and make money online.

    Niche: Make Money Online.

    Something as simple as that is fine, let’s set the party on ?

  • Yusuf Bitrus says:

    Thank you, Johnson, I’m glad you made it to the first list.

    do invite other bloggers to join us here

  • Yusuf Bitrus says:

    Hi Alwell, I’m super happy to have you onboard and congratulations for making it as the first in your niche.

    Do share the page on your timeline to help us reach out to more bloggers.

  • Yusuf Bitrus says:

    Thank you for joining, do invite other bloggers to join this party. You will be shortlisted if your site does not violate the terms

  • Yusuf Bitrus says:

    Thanks for participating Allen, I will list your site shortly.

  • Yusuf Bitrus says:

    Hi Ayorinde, thank you for stopping by, your blog will be updated as soon as possible. Help us reach more people by sharing this page.

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