How Can You Make Money Online with 1000 Naira? [With Proof]

These questions a lot of people ask daily on Google in Nigeria. Today let’s find the right solution to them by showing you the possible way on how you can make money online with 1000.

If you found this post on google, that is because you have searched for any of the following terms.

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I don’t care about the keywords you use. All I care about is the main reason you are here.

You are here to learn how you can make money online with 1000 naira, and that’s what I care about Before we jump into the train;


 I have a FREE Package that will help you make even more money, make sure you read to the end.


Don’t wait till your pocket is dry before you start looking for a way to make money.

Going to work daily pay by carrying sand and cement in the site will make you look older.

You end up being paid N1,500.

  • If you remove money for food, 500
  • Drugs, 500
  • N1000 is gone, and you are left with only N500.

That is not what you want…

Learn how to make money online, and thank me later for showing you.


What Do You Need To Start Making Money Online?

In the past few months, I was able to make at least N5,000 weekly doing just about everything I can from only this source.

Here is a proof this method works perfectly for anyone.

Payment Proof of Finlig


How you can make money online with 1000 naira daily in Nigeria solely depends on your level of investment of time and limited resources.

Commitment shows how serious you want to make money online in Nigeria, which is a must-have, the desire.

I want to show you one quickest way to use your 1000 and earn money learning weekly.

But then, before I show you the way, I will have to be truthful with you.

This 1000 is a one-time payment, and you will make at least N5000 to N25,000 thousand naira weekly.



Again I will have to be open with you.

If you are not ready to invest N1000 naira, this post will be useless to you after reading it.


Let me quickly show you

Learn and earn N25,000 Weekly

I want to quickly introduce you to the platform with which I will be showing you how you can make money online with N1000 and learning any digital skills as well.  

You don’t need to be professional or have a website before you can make this money.

Just your social media accounts or WhatsApp status and the best part of it, you get to learn new skills.

Introducing you to finlig

What IsFinlig?

Finlig – Learn Smartphone Digital

Finlig is an online platform that allows you to educate yourself for a minimum amount of N1,000. Finlig was created for everyone who is looking for an opportunity to learn or improve any digital skill at an affordable rate.


How Does Finlig Work?

Finlig allows you to learn over 70 digital skills upon account upgrade. All courses on finlig can be accessed anywhere and anytime, either with the web or App. 


You get to learn the following Digital Skills with a Registration Fee of N1000

All Courses Available On Finlig

  • Facebook and Instagram Advertisement
  • 3D Animation
  • Video Editing
  • Book Cover Design 
  • Text Animation
  • Email Marketing
  • Bulk SMS Marketing
  • Mockup Designs
  • Logo Creation


Benefits of Learning on Finlig

  • All Courses are available on the go: You can be in the toilet or airport and use your smartphone to access all your courses.
  • Learning is made easy: All tutors on finlig are well trained, which is the owner of finlig and his team of creatives. That being said, you are learning from a professional with lots of honors in the business and IT world. 
  • Less Data Consumption: Unlike other platforms that make you watch stacks of video and not get the main point, finlig tutors go direct to the end and hit the nail on its head.
  • Lifetime Access: Yes, you get lifetime access to the courses you buy on finlig. After you pay your N1,000, you won’t be required to upgrade anymore.
  • Quick WhatsApp Admin: Should there be any issue with your account or something, Finlig WhatsApp Chat with the admin will solve your issues.


That is not all…

Earn as You Learn: You make money as you learn with Finlig, and I am going to talk about it in a bit.


Your question will be like, how do I learn and earn at the same time? 


Let me break it down.


Finlig Reward Scheme: Earn N25k Monthly

As a Basic user on Finlig, you can earn a reward for referring new students to learn from Finlig. The reward system is simple, for each student that you refer, you will receive N500 to your balance. 


Let us do a quick maths if you refer 50 people to register on Finlig in a week, you earn N25,000

Let’s say the minimum you can do a week is 10 students, you will end up earning N5,000


Cool right? 


How To Learn and Earn With Finlig

To learn and earn with finlig, you will need to create an account which can be done by following the simple instructions laid down below.

Step 1: Click Here to Create a free account on Finlig, make sure all the details you use are correct.


Step 2: A welcome message will be sent to your email address, all you need to do is click on log in to your account.


Step 3: Next, activate your account by depositing a minimum of N1,000 to your finlig wallet either by using your card or making a bank transfer to their UBA account.

The two ways to pay are:

  • Card Payment 
  • Bank Transfer

Whichever way is convenient for you, use it.


How to Top Up Your Finlig Wallet

  • Log in to your finlig account and navigate to “Top Up Wallet,” and something like this should come up.
  • Next, enter your amount (minimum is N1,000) and choose your preferred payment method.
  • Lastly, click on the “Pay Now” button and complete your payment.


You should get an email that your account has been successfully upgraded, and you can start learning.

To start earning, all you have to do is copy your referral link and start sharing the opportunity with your family and friends or followers.

If you have a blog, you could write a review about it and get traffic to it from google and social media to start earning smartly.

PS: I can create a blog like this for you at an affordable rate, contact me now.


How To Effectively Promote Finlig and Meet your Target.

After upgrading your account, you can start earning merely using any of the following techniques I am about to share with you.


Create an Interesting Topic About Finlig on Social Media

Now, this is easy as ever, get your notepad and write something creative about Finlig and add your referral links at the ending.


An example of such a post is as below:


Title: You Can Make 10,000 Weekly While Learning every day.

Body: Yes, you can make money while learning on this newfound platform, and the best part is that you pay a minimum fee of 1,000 to discover 70 Up to date Courses that use to start your own business.

Courses include:

  • Facebook and Instagram Advertisement
  • 3D Animation
  • Video Editing
  • Book Cover Design 
  • Text Animation
  • Email Marketing
  • Bulk SMS Marketing
  • Mockup Designs
  • Logo Creation



Use the link below to register now to get started, you have nothing to lose.

Something like the above example is credible and okay to promote your link.


How to Withdraw Your Earnings on Finlig

After learning much on Finlig, you want to withdraw your money by following the simple procedure below.

  • Step 1: Log in to your Finlig account and click on “Wallet.”
  • Step 2: From the drop-down, select “Withdraw Money.”
  • Step 3: Choose your bank and enter your account details.

Payment will be made to the account details that you provided.

Important: The minimum amount you can withdraw is N5,000.



Here is The Bonus Package I Promised YOU.

I promised you a bonus, and it is an eBook for anyone who registers using my link above, and this bonus is available for the first 100 people who register now.

Shared with me - Google

You will learn how to craft a sales copy that sells anything fast, and it is guaranteed that it will work with filing.

  1. Click here to register on finlig
  2. Fund your wallet and activate your activate account
  3. Send me an email with your proof to my official email at [email protected] 
  4. get your ebook sent to you instantly.


How to Send Your Email

Hi my email is at [email protected]

Attached is my screenshot of the successful upgrade.

Thank you

Copy the above text and change the email to your own with your screenshot. Email it to my official email address provided above.

You are running out of time if you are still reading this.


Conclusion on How You Can Make Money Online With 1000 Naira

I have shared with you the best on how you can make money with N1000, and this the best time to invest in your knowledge and earn money during this COVID-19 crisis.

Think about it, school is not resuming soon and because of the same covid-19 spread all over the world.

So, the best way to make money and keep up with daily needs is by learning one digital skill and outsource jobs for it.

Added is the finlig reward system that lets you earn a decent amount of money weekly.

This is the best way on how to make money online with N1,000, you can earn at least 10,000 daily.

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