15X Professional Content Marketing Tools for Bloggers in 2020

Best Marketing Tools For Bloggers? Oh, that’s a question you just asked. Are you one of the bloggers who does not have blogging tools? Yeah, maybe not.

But if you’re one of them, you are not ever going to be successful.

Do you know why other bloggers are getting traffics and making money from articles ranked?

I know It is because they are doing something you are not doing right.

You still probably guess before you do anything. I mean – If you want to write the title of your blog post, you think, you want to target keywords, you guess.

You guess everything and even guess your traffic, everything guesses guess.


Hey, I think if your domain could Iguessandblog dot com.

Yikes – Maybe, that would probably make the right domain name.

Well, my friend, yes you, why not stop doing that thing. Oh, I am going to mention that again, GUESS!!! AHAHAHAHAHA.


I’m not joking about this, stop laughing and get this on a more serious note. You find it funny right? Well, I don’t see it be funny.

You don’t have to read my post anymore thoroughly. In case you do not know – blogging without any of the Marketing Tools For Bloggers, I will be recommending in this article is like running a race you can never win.

Do you know how a race you can never win looks like? It looks like this: You quickly run out of ideas and never get anything done in time.

Then, before you realize it, you are the last person. You do not want to be the last person, do you?

Once Upon A Time, I used to guess, too, until I realize that using tools will boost my blogging carrier. All ProBloggers I know, mention their names,

  • Harsh Agrawal,
  • Jide Ogunsanya,
  • Matthewwoord, and the likes.

They use these tools; if not, they wouldn’t have been so successful.

They are because they used any of the tools I will be listed here to have fresh eyes for better and greater insights.


oh if you are wondering, I do use some of these tools too.

Cut The Crap, Here Are the benefit of The Marketing Tools For Bloggers.


  • Number one, No chance for guessing, you are now free, it is like using Vudu.
  • Number Two, Makes keyword research easy, simple as ABC.
  • Oh! Number three: These tools will help you brainstorm the most fabulous Ideas of your life.
  • Okay! Number four: Oh damn, link building outreach is another great benefit that you get from using one of these tools.
  • super Awesome Number Five: I should say, this the best you can ever get, tracking your keywords and knowing what to do to improve them
  • Last But never the list: Number 6: Get the work done, yeah,

15+ Free and Paid Marketing Tools For Bloggers In 2020

Now, look up all the Marketing Tools For Bloggers I’ve outlined below, choose at least three, and master them, you will be glad that you did. I mean, took action.

Keyword Research and Monitoring

When last did you do keyword research before writing a piece of content? Weeks or years? Answer the question.

But that’s not important right now, this what is important. As a blogger, you need to do keyword research before writing your articles.

Except you are blogging in the copy and paste niche, yeah, I mean gossips entertainment and the likes.

If you run the make money online niche or a blog like this one, you need This set of Marketing Tools For Bloggers to help you find profitable keywords.


1. SemRush

Semmmmrussssh! I stressed that word too much here is the correct one. SEMrush is a tool that allows you to search for keywords and as well monitor them from your SEMrush dashboard.

This tool has been helping me to know which keywords are performing best and which one to improve over time.

It’s beautiful and nifty dashboard will display keywords that you are currently performing better and countries with the highest traffic never the less it doesn’t end there.

With SEMrush, you will be able to spy on your competitors to know what they are doing and what you can do to improve better.

You should sign up for a free 7days trial to find out how the tool can help in terms of keyword research and keyword monitoring.

If you found it very useful, you can subscribe to the monthly and annual usage. If this tool were not listed in Best Marketing Tools For Bloggers, this would not be complete.


2. Google Keyword Planner

Whoohoo! This guy here, I mean the Google Keyword Planner, is a tool by Google which helps you look for profitable keywords and write useful content on them.

However, this tool is used for checking how a keyword will perform based on the monthly search volume. The tool is used mostly by AdWord advertisers but also helpful in doing keyword research.


3. SpyFu

This blogging tool sounds like a Chinese accent but does the job way better. the name makes me want to visit China (Shanghai.)

SpyFu is a tool that collects keywords from your competitors and helps you avoid the same mistakes they are making on the corresponding keywords.

With their $33/m Anual plan, you will beat your competitors and find that thing they’re not doing and take advantage as simple as that. I may have to visit Hong Kong because of this tool… no, don’t laff


4. LongTailPro

Scream, Daddy Yankee…No, don’t scream, say ”I found the most lovable tool in the list Best Marketing Tools For Bloggers” Sshhhh! I want to whisper this into your ears so your competitors won’t catch us.

Oops, he/she might be reading this post. They won’t know you are the one. Just continue reading.

LongTailPro helps you find highly searched and less competitive keywords for your niche.

This tool will help you analyze each seed keyword that you provide and help you find their LongTail keywords.

With this tool, you will find out your competitor’s strategies. You will learn From how long they’ve been ranking for a particular keyword, the age of the domain for each competitor, and how difficult or easy it is for you to outrank them.

Now this tool, I will call it my beautiful keyword hunter… The tool has a free trial that you can sign up to get or subscribe to every month or yearly.


5. WordTracker

You like free, you can’t afford to see free things go freely, are you? That why I added this guy here.

The Wordtracker is a FREE alternative tool to keyword tracker, which allows you to find 1000s of LongTail keywords. You can rank easily with up to 10,000 results per search.

This tool helps you find FREE keywords. However, it won’t show you all the data you want to use for content.

Oops! I didn’t expect that either Not enough data to analyze, that’s one thing you need to know, 99% free kinds of stuff never give you the best experience.


6. Ubbersuggest

Uberrsugesst is one of the freest resourceful blogging tools you ever need. Ubbersuggest helps you find longtail keywords for free.

It is a tool that is owned by an SEO specialist Niel Patel and his marketing team.

Ubbersuggest is one of the most fastest FREE growing Keyword tools and can help your keyword research journey get easy.

I do not recommend that you use this tool alone; you should use other paid tools for better keyword research outcomes. I use this one too.

Performance Monitoring

Do you want to know how your blog is performing over time?

Performance may be how many times your pages have been followed right from the nose of Google or perhaps where your most traffics falls.

Any concerning performance tracking this set of Marketing Tools For Bloggers will help you do them with just a few clicks. Check the tools out below.

Oh, another thing, make sure that you bookmark the one you like the most so that you can easily find the page when you want to check your performances.


1. Google Analytics

Google analytics tool helps you to monitor your site visitors from search engines like Google, it tracks

  • Usage,
  • Pageviews,
  • Bounce rate, and
  • Terms used to find your pages on Google


And other search engines. The results are gathered through a tracking code that is placed in your site header.

Google analytics should the first or second site performance tool you should integrate to help your blog content grow and know which area to improve better.


3. Similar web

The tool, similarweb is a marketing tool that helps track the performance of your site and that of your competitors.

The tool will compare the data of your site and that of your competitors to find risks for possible adjustments and keep your website ahead.

You can also grow leads based on your site performance to help grow your product or market base in terms of ROI and know where to improve.


4. Nibbler Silktide

Among the Marketing Tools For Bloggers, this tool is free and straight to the point. Nibbler Silktide is not accessible but very helpful in terms of checking some critical metrics on site performance.

Once on the page, enter your blog URL, and it will analyze them and show the overall site performance with a site audit to help fix some site related problems.


5. Alexa

Alexa shows site information based on how popular your site in some countries and targeted countries.

With Alexa site information, you can judge how authoritative your domain is by its global position.


6. Majestic

Majestic SEO helps you to check the performance of your site by providing data on how trustworthy your website could be if anyone will need to link to your site.

However, majestic can also track numbers of

  • Do-follow and no-follow links linking to a site,
  • How they relate to your website,
  • The total text used as anchor text to link back to your domain.

Majestic is good for link building as it will help monitor your site performance check trust flows and citation flows.


7. Hitsteps Analytics

I have written a review on this tool, and you should check it out. It is a fantastic Google Analytics Alternative you can resist.

I’ve listed it under this best Marketing Tools For Bloggers because of the distinct features.


8. Website Grader

Website, Grader Marketing tool, Helps you grade your website for FREE and then present data for SEO performance, Site Mobile Readiness, and site security.

To use the tool head over to their website and enter your URL, then get the results.


Content Research Tools

Content is KING; every blogger needs to accept the fact. Creating great and unique materials for your blog is one of those factors that will boost your success.

Without adequately researching content for your blog, you are most likely to lose Ideas.

Ideas will flow, but you can’t capture them. Why not check the following content Marketing Tools For Bloggers.

They will help you stun ideas; I use some of these products, mostly the portent checker.


1. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo allows you to find trending social media topics and contents all over the world wide web.

You can use the tool to find more content ideas from any topic of your choice just by using the seed topic inside the search bar.

This tools also allow you to track the performance of your content right from its awesome nice looking easy to use dashboard.

The paid version gives you access to many other features that will help facilitate your content creation easy.


2. Feedly

Feedly, a cloud-based content aggregator tool that shows the feed from different popular news feeds to help you gather content ideas.

You can create Google Alert for topics or tags that interest you the most or whatever topic you want to be following for daily updates.

Enter your keyword in the search and find whatever you are looking for easily without much stress.

Get the google alert feature and other useful content tracking features for as low as 4$ per month and 89$ annually.


3. Portent Content Ideas Generator

Portent has one of the best and fast content idea topic generator tool for any topic you are looking to write.

The tool is free and easy to use. Just insert your topic and then enter for topic ideas, the more your press enter button, the more topic it generates for you.


4, Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a powerful tool and free from Google. It allows you to do in-depth research on science and technology topics.

For science researches and data science niches, this tool is the best option known ever.

Just insert your keyword the search bar; it will provide high-quality content that will satisfy your research needs quickly.

Also, the alert feature allows you to track topics – sends new updates based on the keywords you create alerts to your inbox.


Rounding Up On the Best Marketing Tools For Bloggers

Oh, now you don’t want to guess.

I know this content doesn’t talk everything about Marketing Tools For Bloggers. But I have a plan to get all of them reviewed with tutorials on how to use them.

I hope you have checked these tools out and chose your best. I want to advise you never to look down on these tools; they’ve helped a lot in scaling much in business.

Your starting point could be from any of the listed Marketing Tools For Bloggers above.

Start with anyone you feel is right for you; choose at least one from each category; they are three there.


I hope this article has helped.


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    • Hi, Ogunsaki
      I’m glad you found my blog post helpful. Doing keyword research is essential, it helps you get your content right.

      You will be glad you chose to do the actual work than to guess.

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