Get Namecheap Coupon Code for Domain + Hosting [Save BIG]

Are you looking for Namecheap coupon codes to help you save money on hosting and domain? I have what you want, and today, you will learn how to get a promo code for the Namecheap products you want.

What is Namecheap Coupon Code or Promo?

Namecheap coupon code (promo code) helps you save money. It helps you buy Namecheap products at a cheaper rate. Over 4 coupon codes are available for you to save lots of money on a domain and host for the first year.

Who Can Use Namecheap Coupon Code?

Namecheap discount code is available to only new customers. If you are an existing customer on Namecheap, the coupon codes here will not apply to you. 

An alternative to Namecheap is intersever. They offer a Pricelock guarantee.

Namecheap Hosting Promo Codes

Namecheap offers different coupon codes for their various hosting plans. They range from a 50% discount up to 90% discount. You may not get up to a 90% discount coupon as they change the coupons while some expire. Promo codes for Namecheap hosting are available month to month, but you can still get a 50% discount.

Benefits Namecheap Hosting Discount Codes.

As a new customer, you will get an opportunity from Namecheap, a free domain offer. All the domains include;

  • . website
  • .us 


Another benefit of any Namecheap hosting plan is free 50 SSL certificates to any domain you buy for the first year.

That’s not all. Depending on the plan you choose, you will get the Auto-backup feature daily or weekly upon hosting purchase.

Read my Namecheap Shared Hosting Review for more information.

The best way to look for Namecheap’s coupon codes is to keep yourself updated with the Namecheap affiliate newsletter.

Ready to use Namecheap coupon code? Click the buttons below to claim your discount using coupon code SAVE50 Percent.

Namecheap Domain Coupon Codes

Namecheap domain coupon codes help you save up to 70% discount for the first year. The coupon codes are not eligible for all customers, just as hosting coupon codes.

When you secure a .com domain with a discount on your account, you can not purchase another .com for the same value; it applies to all domain extensions.

Added Tip.

You can sell your domain on Namecheap if you want to auction your site. Although, not as stable as other platforms like Flippa. This will be another topic to be discussed later.

New customers are eligible for the Namecheap domain transfer coupon code when buying hosting on the platform.

Namecheap promo code for the new domain may apply to new .com, labeled as the KINGCOM. You get the discount upon checkout.

To get Namecheap new domain coupon code, do the following, and you will never miss an update.

  1. Bookmark this page and visit whenever you need to use the Namecheap coupon code
  2. Sign up as a partner with Namecheap, and receive exclusive updates on Namecheap coupon codes and future promos.

If you are an affiliate marketer, choice 2 means a great opportunity for you and will save you time.

Namecheap Blackfriday Coupon Codes

During Black Friday, Namecheap rolls out new coupon codes for customers, and with them, you get up to 90% discounts on all their products.

Don’t miss this year’s Namecheap black Friday deals. Subscribe to my YouTube channel to get an update on black Friday giveaways and promos. 

P.S: Namecheap Blackfriday coupon codes are not available until the next black Friday in 2020. Don’t wait till that time; use the Namecheap coupon codes that are currently available today.

How to Use Namecheap Coupon Codes

Using Namecheap coupon code is easy; following the simple instructions below, you will be able to secure a Big discount code.

  • Visit the coupon code landing page.
  • Choose your preferred discount from any of the available categories.
  • Namecheap coupon code will be applied automatically when you are ready to checkout.

Should you have any difficulty, kindly contact Namecheap support.

Conclusion on Namecheap Coupon Code

Now, you know how to locate Namecheap coupon codes and use them to save more money. Be warned, don’t violate the terms and policy of Namecheap by opening multiple accounts.

If you are a web design company, you can save more money by letting your clients visit this page to sign up. Otherwise, you can do it by yourself. 

If an account gets disabled, let the Namecheap hosting and domain department know about it via their various support channels.

I hope you find the Namecheap coupon codes useful. 

Namecheap Coupon Code Frequently Asked Questions.

Below are the most frequently asked questions about promo codes that Namecheap offers monthly. If there are furthermore questions you want to ask, kindly use the comment box, and you will get a response ASAP.

  1. How Do I Use NameCheap Coupons?

    you can use namecheap coupon code by following the steps highlighted here

  2. How Can I Save More Money at NameCheap?

    You can save more money with namecheap coupon on Domain transfers, Domain registration, Dedicated IP, VPN and more. To get started, Kindly Visit the coupon code page to see available coupons for this month.

  3. How Long Do NameCheap Coupons Last?

    Namecheap Coupon codes are updated on a monthly bases, all you have to do now is, go to section 4 and then proceed with the steps.

  4. Is Namecheap promo code 2020 Available?

    Yes, it is available kindly go here to make your choice

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