Namecheap Shared Hosting 2020: Best Shared Hosting For You?

Find out why people are going gaga about Namecheap shared hosting and why they can’t get enough of it.

I for once was in this shoe until I get to taste the honey, its beehive.

Most people are looking for cheap ways to host their websites online.

They get so many bad experiences testing one company to the other.

However, my Namecheap shared hosting review will guide you on choosing what’s best for you.


It would be best if you didn’t look things like I’m siding Namecheap here.

Whatever you read or find here is right about Namecheap.

You will find critics from other attesters and me, if possible.

But before we chip into what I have to say about Namecheap shared hosting, let’s hear from people’s voices.

After doing a simple survey listing Namecheap shared hosting and other renowned shared hosting providers online.


My Survey Proves Namecheap Shared Hosting is the King.

Everybody who contributed and participated in this survey speaks from their experience with Namecheap shared hosting.

Predicting the survey before I land it, over 90 percent of these users have used Namecheap.

Let’s talk about 2 out of many received.


The above screenshot is the question I asked on my Facebook timeline.

All these responses where made not because they think but because they know Namecheap as customers they are.

Now let’s take a look at their answers.

 Engr Reginald Onyeahialam Says:

You see, Engr Reginald just highlighted one of the reasons why people are going crazy with Namecheap services. This customer care reputation is what they have kept intact for over 19 years now and counting.

Any hosting provider that gives you their services and less of their time is not worthy.

They don’t care about you; what they need is your annual renewal, but Namecheap made a difference by offering round the clock support.

The second response still validates another point about rumors that Namecheap is worst.


Odey Godwin Says:

Everything depends on your pocket, and it does matter if you have enough money to pay for hosting or not.

So, Namecheap has again once proved they are right, not just by mouth but in what they do.

Another point, Odey also made mention of other VPS hosting far better and cheaper than Namecheap VPS hosting.

Which cheap VPS hosting could be better with good customer reps like Namecheap?

I bet they’re a lot, but the Namecheap type is rare.

All right, that’s where I stop about the survey and focus on the review. However, I wanted to discuss four comments, but these two are good but not enough.

That’s why I’m going to talk about my experience with their shared hosting.


What Do You Think About Namecheap Shared Hosting?

I get this question, and I’m over the roof telling you that Namecheap shared hosting is damn good.

Their services I’ve used for the whole year, I have no regret moving to Namecheap so far.

But this is not about me, and it is about you making the right decision.

Two years back, I chose to use a local hosting provider, and they almost gave me a heart attack.

I get an email from jetpack that my site is down for 15 minutes, virtually twice a month.

But everything changed after moving to Namecheap, no downtimes or speed issues. Everything worked fine.


Do you Know Downtime on Shared Hosting?

Well, Downtime is when you have a site, and it just goes blank now. Your SEO efforts begin to decline because any time a bot visits to crawl your websites, it won’t be available.

I experienced Downtime with my local hosting provider. Namecheap would not give you such a problem if you experienced it with any other host. Using them for a year, I feel comfortable renewing my plans happily.


How Would You Rate Namecheap Customer Care?


I give them 47/100, yes, no second guess about this. I remember almost every single contact I have made with the customer care. All their departments well trained to answer your questions correctly and attend to your needs.

Do you know what it feels like getting back your Namecheap account after losing your phone number? Enabled 2FA on my Namecheap account, and a few months later, I lost my phone. They asked for the necessary documents which I provided, and I got my mind back.

But that’s not the reason why I scored them low, and I had a client who wanted to swap domains and keep the site as it is.

But Namecheap couldn’t assist my client in completing this task. They even wanted my client to quit using their service just for one easy task; they can take care of from their end.

I knew someone who also runs hosting services like Namecheap, and he got it fixed in less than ten minutes.

Whereas, I was with Namecheap for over seven hours, chatting for nothing. I spent half of my day with Namecheap with no results.

However, Namecheap is still high. Still, this amazing person is incredible, and I will get to review his hosting service for you.

What Is Namecheap Shared Hosting?

The 3 Namecheap Shared Hosting Packages
Namecheap Shared Hosting 2020: Best Shared Hosting For You? 1

Namecheap Shared Hosting is a hosting package that allows you to host multiple websites on a single server. These shared hostings are grouped into three main parts, and they all have their features with some key elements in common.  The packages are;

  • Stellar
  • Stellar Plus
  • Stellar Business

These three packages are amazing, and the most recommended is the stellar plus, we will get to find the reason why it is mostly recommended.

Stellar Namecheap Shared Hosting

Stellar Namecheap shared hosting is the most basic package for individuals or small scale business owners. It allows you to host over three leading websites, and It has unlimited Bandwith with limited storage. While registering, you can choose from two data centers, once it is free, and the other is not free. The two data center includes;

  • US Datacenter
  • Uk  Datacenter

The UK data center is the one with an additional $1 cost, and I’d recommend it because it is the fastest datacenter they have a 200% reliable. 20GB storage is suitable for a start, and you can make the switch anytime your Business needs more storage to store files. It includes free SSL

Get 50% Discounted To Buy Namecheap Stellar

Stellar Plus Namecheap Shared Hosting

This one comes with many AHA moments, suitable for anybody looking to host a music website. Stellar plus Is Webhosting package on Namecheap is most recommended, whether you are small or big business, Namecheap stellar plus. Its main features include:

  • Unlimited Bandwith – to convey a large amount of traffic and keep your website up and running
  • Unlimited Storage – Host unlimited files with these package with no restrictions
  • Add Unlimited Websites – You can add unlimited domains and subdomains to this package

So, if you are thinking of starting a website flipping or PBN Business, the name cheap stellar hosting package can handle pretty much anything you want.

Stellar Business AKA Cloud Hosting

The Stellar Hosting is highest among them; however, it has its features that are super awesome but not price friendly. The stellar Business comes with the benefit of cloud storage where you get to store your files. This package is mostly for large business owners and music platforms. New features found on this hosting are:

  • Automatic 
  • Adding of Unlimited Website
  • 50GB SSD 
  • Cloud Storage.


What are The Features Benefits of Namecheap Shared Hosting?

We have talked about all types of shared hosting package Namecheap offer; you know about them and some of their features. Now, I want to show you their overall features and benefits before you go on to make a purchasing decision, shall we?


24/7 Flash Like Support

Have you watched the Flash Series?

Damn Barry Allen runs fast, but in real life, Namecheap support is faster than Barry Allen in The Flash Series.

Namecheap has won this area over and over again. You get their support pretty much fast. I can stress that enough.

100% Uptime Keeps Your Site Live.

Namecheap Shared Hosting is powered by Dell server technology, an enhanced data center that keeps your hosting life without interruptions.

30 Days Money Back With No Question Asked.

Namecheap runs on Guarantee that allows you to request your money back if they are unable to meet the SLA uptime promise. The refund is eligible only within the first 30 days of purchasing any of their hosting packages.

Full CPanel With Softalcolous

Every Namecheap shared hosting comes with the CPanel feature with some enhanced features like the easy installation of CMS and Installation of SSL Certificates.

Website Builder Included

This feature allows you to build your website with ease using over 200 well-equipped templates. It also has the drag and drops feature for non-techy persons.

Free SSL Certificates

With cyber-crimes increasing every year. Namecheap makes sure that every website that you are installing for the first time gets a free one year SSL certificates and renewable once expired. Namecheap is making security a priority.

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