Opay Set to Launch MasterCard and Visa Card Soon, Will It Be Free?

Opay Mastercard will launch soon, there is going to be a massive reaction and competition. Because so many individuals and business owners now rely on Opay to carry out their daily monetary transaction such as;

  • Bill Payment
  • Buying of Groceries
  • Funding betting accounts and
  • Urban means Transportations, Oride.

With over 1+ Million Opay users and 250k agents, inevitably, they are here to stay in the game for long. Opay and its team believe everybody in rural areas should have the freedom to economic expenditures and safeties while transacting.

We have seen some other online financial institutes grow, one of them is ALATByWema. They are among the first digital banks to introduce such banking methods.

OPay came, and soon it may take over as most of its supports are coming from influential banking segments and country with High Tech country, china.

How Does The Opay Mastercard Look Like?

I have only the chance to view the front side of the card, which was uploaded to their site with the coming soon heading.

It will benefit a lot of entrepreneurs online since opay has now launched as a means where most banks can send money to Opay Users.

Opay Launched or Parneretd with Paycom as a means where users are operating with banks like GTBank can send money to any opay account instantly.

Will The Opay card work anywhere in Nigeria?

Well, I guess so because my facts are not complete yet. However, the card will work with all opay POS centers provided that your account is active or Upgraded. Yes, there are three stages in Opay

  • KYC 1: you receive a Maximum of 50k daily
  • KYC 2: Maximum of 500k
  • KYC 3: Up to 20 Million

All steps are easy to pass, provided that you have the necessary documents to upgrade, and the upgrade is free.

Answer the question; Will OPay MasterCard work anywhere in Nigeria? Will be YES, since the card is meant to carry out daily transactions from POS, Web or ATM booths.

The good news has already is here, will you now wait until the card is ready to create your opay account or you will do it now?

To sign up on Opay is easy, follow this link, it will take you to Playstore or Apple store depending on the device you are using.

Download and Install the app

Sign up using your phone number.

Very easy.

Who can Use Opay Mastercard?

The Opay Mastercard is yet to be launched, and there is no information as to who can apply for the card or not. One thing is sure, the card will get to people who qualify for the unknown Minimum requirements.

Since their main objective is to make banking easy in Africa, most of the Opay users will be getting the card and be able to perform monetary transactions to it.

Is Opay card FREE?

When ALATbWema Launched, they issued free ATM cards to all their customers, the card should come at a free or affordable rate as the banks do.

Does Opay Plan To Have Visa Card?

Yes, Opay will launch their MasterCard alongside Visa card to making it easy for their customers to perform ATM and Online transactions with allowed countries.

My Opinion The MasterCard Set To Launch

I love anything that can give me the convenience to operate smartly, that’s why I chose Opay and AlAT by Wema.

Imagine cueing at the bank the whole day, the time I should have used create to content like this would’ve been wasted, and I may not resolve my complaint.

With Opay, I never experienced issues, and if I do, their support is there to help out.

These digital banks have made it easy for you and me to bank seamlessly, what more can you ask for?

Opay will make a lot of difference, and more people will be introduced to online banking, Opay will Change the narratives.

Over to you, what do you think about the Opay Mastercard? Let us hear from you.

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