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12X Hot Top Paying Affiliate Programs in Nigeria

12X Hot Top Paying Affiliate Programs in Nigeria (1)
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So you are looking for the top paying affiliate programs in Nigeria you can join to start earning in a few months or less?

In this article, I will be discussing with you the 20 most reputable top paying affiliate programs in Nigeria you can join and start making money.

Amazing thing…


You will be earning dollars, and most of these affiliate platforms pay directly to your Nigerian bank account.

At the same time, some will require that you create a Payoneer or PayPal account to receive your money.


Learn how to create a PayPal account here and also visit here to open your Payoneer account.

Before I begin with the list, bear it in mind, their two types of affiliate programs, and they are CPA (Cost per action).


CPA is the type of affiliate program that involves the activity whereby you submit either email or phone number to enable you to earn.

In CPA, your sales come when the visitor you refer to submit their emails or phone number.


Affiliate marketing involves your traffic to convert into buyers.

In other words, people you refer to have to buy products using your link before you can earn a commission. Affiliate commissions from the listed programs range from 5% – 100%.

How Affiliate marketing Works

In affiliate marketing, you don’t have any limitation to how much you can earn except if a particular program no longer wants to run affiliate programs.


Affiliate marketing works if you put in the time and some little investment in SEO to drive traffic.

What makes a successful affiliate blog is your passion and desire to churn out great content and make money off them.


And your passion can be anything you like or the niche that you choose to work on.

With a better strategy put in play, you can do a lot more numbers monthly.


Top Paying Affiliate Programs in Nigeria You Can Join.

Below is the list of all the best affiliate programs you can join as a Nigerian and legitimately earn money online.

All of these platforms have proven to work and with some backings.

Let’s get started.


#1 Jumia Affiliate Program

Jumia affiliate program is one of the top paying affiliate programs in Nigeria to join.

Jumia pays directly as naira, which means you don’t need a special payment gateway to receive your money.

How you make money with JUMIA affiliate program is easy as well.


You can have a blog created to write product reviews for people searching them online. Such a blog can be focused to say phone reviews and gadgets.


An example of this kind of blog is, and they have been in existence for over some years now.

Now, think differently and bring some good to the table, instead of jumping into a category you don’t belong.

You could create a blog based on what you can offer without stressing yourself over the content you want to write next.


Join Jumia Affiliate Program


#2 Rakuten Linkshare

Rakuten connects you with online sellers who have products for sell, and they vary from different industries to one another.

All you got to do is to sign up as a publisher and then apply from the category that suits you better. One thing I might have to tell you is this.


To join Rakuten affiliate program is not hard, but getting approved by advertisers is one hell of a problem.

How you deal with the problem is by standing out with your blog and content.


You want to make sure your site has the following qualities to get accepted:


  • Create contents that fit in the category you are planning to apply.
  • Have a good blog architecture; it should be well structured.

Most websites get tested with similarweb before approval, so make sure your site is generating good traffic before you apply.

There you have it with Rakuten Affiliate.

Join Rakuten Affiliate Program


#3 CJ(Commission Junction) Affiliate

CJ commission Junction if full lets you as a Nigerian join and start making money. One good about them is that you get paid via wire transfer or direct deposit to your Payoneer.


A slight difference from Rakuten is that not all advertisers review your request to join their network.
They have varieties of categories you could join and start earning a commission. It includes both physical and digital products.


#4 NairaAffiliate

Nairaaffiliate is a Nigerian based affiliate program with products that are targeted to only Nigerian buyers.

It’s new and has not so high an index of products you can promote but then their products there are hot on demand.


All geared to helping small and big businesses to grow their presence and generating more leads.

NairaAffiliate Requires you to sign up with a fee of N10,000 which is renewed yearly. Payout is in naira and very fast.

Join NairaAffiliate


#5 Amazon Affiliate Program

Undoubtedly one of the most significant affiliate programs in the world with almost any kind of product you may want to promote to earn a commission for your efforts.

Amazon Affiliate Program is one of the top paying affiliate programs in Nigeria.


They pay in direct deposit (Payoneer) and amazon gift card, which is most convenient as Nigerian.



#6 Jvzoo Affiliate program

Jvzoo creates lots of digital millionaires in dollars yearly, and most Nigerians have been successful on JVzoo. They pay their users via PayPal and direct deposit to Nigerian bank accounts.


JVzoo is different and the way that you market products make it different. For you to make alot of recurring money with JVzoo, you need to have a list of buyers emails pers say.


You need to know how to use email marketing as a tool to generate income just like every other affiliate does.

If you are looking for a smart way to scale up in the affiliate marketing business, give JVzoo a try.

Join JVzoo Affiliate Program


#7 WarriorPlus Affiliate program


Warriorplus is like JVzoo and far easier to make money than JVzoo.

WarriorPlus, you can use free traffic methods to earn as an affiliate marketer without spending money on ads or creating a website.


Just simple tips on how it works

  • Get your audience ready by adding relevant people according to your niche on Facebook.
  • Find a suitable offer that will match what they are looking for.
  • Drive traffic to the page where the value is by sharing the offer with them.


Join Warriorplus Affiliate


#8 As seen on TV


As seen on TV is a similar marketplace as ClickBank. Still, then anybody can sign up without restriction by country on individuality.

Okay, As Seen On TV works similarly as the Amazon affiliate program does.


Remember, when I talked about creating a niche website for a particular set of products and be writing reviews on them, boom, the same thing can be done here.


You have more opportunities for making sales because if not all, most of these products get advertised on TV.

Hence, people are more likely to search google, bing, or yahoo to get more information and that’s the money is, you get them to buy from your website through your link.


Payment is via PayPal, and if you are having issues with creating a PayPal account that works in Nigeria, you can use this working step by step guide.


#9 Travelstart

Travelers and lifestyle bloggers or Vloggers, this is your chance of earning big.

You can make a lot of money from people who buy flight tickets, rent cars and book hotels on the travel start.

TravelStart is a Nigerian company that has gained much ground.


As a travel blogger or influencer who talks much about traveling, you can sign up and start earning.

To maximize your income, you can create a blog that tells the tale of your travel and beautiful places to be, likewise Vloggers. Social media is another medium to leverage on.


#10 Luno Affiliate Program

Luno is a bitcoin wallet that can be used to store or trade bitcoin. They offer an affiliate program for Nigerians which lets you earn Bitcoins as commission.


Similar to when Buy coins Africa Started their own where you and the person you refer earn N1,000 but its lower than that with Luno.


Earning with Luno can be simple when you own a blog or community who are interested in cryptocurrency exchange and all that has to do with trading bitcoin.


Payout is in bitcoin which deposited directly to bitcoin waller and withdrawable to your Nigerian bank account.

Sign up For Luno Affiliate


#11 Envato Affiliate Program

Envato affiliate program is suitable for WordPress developers or Freelancers who create websites consistently. Likewise, for bloggers who treat WordPress as a topic on their blog.


Payout is via direct bank deposit to your Nigerian bank account.

Join Envato Affiliate Program


#12 Fiverr Affiliate program

Send traffic to Fiverr and earn commission as people order for gigs using your link. Fiverr is a platform for freelancers and businesses who are looking to offer or buy services online.


The Fiverr Affiliate program offers varieties of products that everyone can promote and make money from.

Ranges from SEO services down to graphic design.

Join Fiverr Affiliate Program



Now you know the list of top paying affiliate programs you can join in Nigeria and start earning. All you need to do is get started by taking action that requires little to no amount from your pocket.

Make sure to choose the one that best works for what you do or the type of content that you share.

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