The On-page Dominator – The Guide For Optimising Your Article


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Product Description

Do you want to write the most perfectly optimized article? Do you have a web-based (blog)  content that you want to optimize that search engines will love? Then OPD is what you need to use for getting your desired results.


OPD is a step-by-step Checklist that will help you optimize your articles for all the needed On-page factors and ranking signals. In 2019. On-page Optimization is going to be top-ranking strategies, not ignoring the one strong SEO ranking factor, Link building.

I’ve figured out this factor since 2018, and it has helped me gain so many results and help me made a lot of money from both clients and affiliate networks. What would it mean if you wrote an article, and it never gets to see the first page of google? It will be useless because if new people never get to know the problem you are solving, you are wasting your time and slowing down the successes of your project.

Your competitors are winning and leaving you right behind the wheel because they know what they are doing and have the right tools always to help them win many races. Not just tools but powerful ones. I know what you are thinking in your mind right now. One of the following questions is popping in your account.


Can I Ask My Competitors What They Are Using?

Hell no, not everybody loves to reveal their top secrets to you, not even your best friend would do that, maybe there saints like me will do it. Yeah, believe me when I say me. Let’s jump right off to the headlines of OPD.


These are precisely the headlines you will find in my 15 pages eBook.


Chapter One: Introduction to the eBook

This section says much about how it all went down from what works and which doesn’t work.

Chapter Two: The On-page Optimizing For Article(s)

Well, This section shows you apple-to-apple steps you need to know for optimizing your article base on On-page ranking signals. The signals present will tell what the article or page is all about to google and the terms it will rank for when anyone is looking for the information, product, song, services, or videos.


Chapter Three: The Best Off-page Link Building Strategy

I have discovered that a lot of people build links without having a plan that will successfully help posts or their blogs rank better on the search engine without putting much effort. They build links that will signal Google to bring down its page on SERPs. Well, I’ve got to know someone who is page was severely affected by it. So this chapter will, by far, show you how to build less and get remarkable results in less than 30 days.

In this book, I’ve put in every secret that I use for optimizing my articles and rank both primary and secondary keywords

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