ReactFlow Review 2020: Convert Visitors to Buyers Easily

Reactflow is another analytics tool like Hitsteps. But has tons of feature you are going to love. Knowing how your business performs is very important. You want to know everything going on right on your website. I will show you exactly how to do it in this article.


What is Reactflow?

Reactflow is analytics playback tool that helps you to understand the pain point of your audience. With Reactflow, you can solve your design and users experience issue, fix bugs, and know why they happen. Also, optimize your site for better conversion.

All activities will be in a record and extracted from recordings leaving you with great insight about;

  • Website performance
  • Usability issues
  • Customer experience for marketers, web developers, and products managers.


How Exactly Does Reactflow Work?

Here I will be explaining how Reactflow works alongside its core features you can use to boost your business. Just stay glued and sip a cup of coffee as I list them.


Clean Funnel Analysis

You probably have not-many-but few products buttons or lead gen buttons on your website that you aim to track seamlessly.

Reactflow helps you track these buttons or links to help you analyze your effort. It will help you know where you get drop-offs and conversions so that you can make the right move to improve them.

It is one of the features I’ve found useful about this tool.

Your visitors use many links or Buttons on your site. Tracking specific ones you want to improve over time can be done using Reactflow Funnel Analysis Feature.

Using this feature, you can hack your Funnel in a way that converts almost every visitor.

Your conversion rate is critical; therefore, the improvement must be made to ensure business growth.


Reactflow Tracks HeatMaps With Clear Visuals!

Your product or landing page needs tracking to help you know where your visitors click next when they are on your product page.

Are visitors ignoring your most important buttons, one way to know is with the help of Reactflow heatmap analysis tool?


Here is How The HeatMap Works;

  1. Get the URL of the page you want to track its clicks, hovers, and scrolls.
  2. Add it to create a tracking segment and name it whatever you want.
  3. Allow it to gather sessions and check the page back after the next 12 to 24 hours.
  4. You will know what’s gone wrong and actions to take.
  5. I tracked my homepage, and here is what Reactflow HeatMaps analysis returned for me.

PS: If you are running an ad on Facebook, Google, Bing, or whatever platform.

Using this HeatMaps analysis tool will help you get the best results.

Since you can find what has gone wrong and pause your ads, and then reoptimize your page Contents.

Snap snap! You are good to go.


Get Bugs Notifications

You are not always there with your visitors to know where your page has gone wrong.

Get along with your visitors today and know which difficulty they are facing.

The Reactflow bug tracking will extract stack trace of JavaScript, network and 404 errors from recordings made.

It will list these errors for you to watch what the visitors did that lead to failure.

In snaps, you will be able to fix these bugs or 404 errors using Reactflow bugs Tracker.

Bug Tracking Features Include;

  • Tracking of errors and messages
  • Seeing impacted pages
  • Impacted sessions and
  • Knowing impacted browsers


Record and Play Sessions of All Your Users Easily.

Watch as your visitors behave, where their mouse hovers, scrolls they make and buttons they click.

If you have been to shops or big malls like ShopRite. They have cameras mounted everywhere to ensure that Thier business is not being toyed with or track security threats

Relating Reactflow session recorder to this CCTV cameras, you can follow all your pages to find who is taking your contents, who is reading, who is taking action and visitor’s that leaves immediately.

Do you know one impressive part of this feature? You can monitor your contents and use it to increase your sales as well. Reactflow makes it very easy.

This Recording feature includes

  • Analytics Overview
  • Location intelligence
  • Referrals
  • OS & Browsers
  • Popular pages
  • Landing Pages
  • Exit Pages.


Create Widgets That Can Help Generate leads.

Reactflow offers you an excellent opportunity to get feedback from your customers or users.

Maybe you don’t know it; your users have many things to say. Why not give them the chance to pour out their feelings?

Not to worry, you can get it done using the Reactflow Widgets.

With one code installed, you can turn on the features and start collecting feedback.


You will collect feedbacks, testimonials, and critics of your business from your users.

The following types of widgets are available to you on Reactflow when you sign up!

  • Feedback

Here you can ask your audience for feedback and get answers based on the questions you provided

  • Survey Widget

Let your users know that you are conducting a survey that will help you improve your store or site for their own better use.

  • Poll Widgets

Hack your visitor’s mind by asking them to enter your poll to get feedback.

  • Leads Widgets

Get more sales by offering discounts or gain more emails by giving your visitors a free eBook package or white paper using this feature.


ReactFlow Can Block IP address.

Some users have the DNT enabled. Which means you should Honor their privacy and do not track Thier sessions.

This kind of people could Sue you to court for tracking them.

This IP address blocking feature can help stop these issues. Once you detect the DNT from users, you can prevent that particular IP from being recorded.

Saving your ass had never got more comfortable with no software other than Reactflow.


Pros (Advantages) and Cons(Disadvantages) Of Using Reactflow.

Just like any other tool out there, and the ones I have reviewed, like showing you the bright and dark side of them.

Does Reactflow have any pros and cons you must know? Yes, they do.

Know them before taking actions.

Pros (Advantages)

  1. It is cheap and Affordable
  2. It is easy to set up and supports great CMS such as WordPress, Wix Shopify, Joomla, and impressPages.
  3. Has great UI design for comfortable and better navigation from page to page.
  4. You can track errors bugs and know some hidden gems on your site and get them improved.
  5. Reactflow lets you convert your visitors into customers with Thier widget feature.
  6. With Reactflow, you can solve design and experience issues.
  7. Easily understand your customer’s intentions.
  8. Allows multi-users.
  9. You can add multiple sites from your Reactflow dashboard.


Cons (Disadvantages).

  1. Free plan forever but limited to some specific usage.


How To Create a Reactflow Account.

If you are interested in getting Reactflow for your online business, this section will guide to that plus you will learn how to set it up for free and upgrade anytime.

However, before anything else, I’d like to show you the plan and pricing for Reactflow.


They offer the following plans and pricing/features defer for each plan.

Basic Plan

Pro Plan

Business Plan

How To Register An Account on ReactFlow

Follow this step by step guide to register for an account (no credit card required) and start using Reactflow immediately.


Step 1: Visit Their Official Registration Page

Step 2: Enter your full name, organization name, and website URL.

Next, accept Thier terms and conditions by checking the boxes, or you may want to read Thier terms before signing up.

Step 3: click the sign-up button, and it will redirect to your dashboard where you will be required to place your Activation Code on your website header. I will show you how to do that.


Activating Your Site.

There are two ways to do this; method one works for all CMS but method two works for WordPress and Shopify only.

Method 1 (General)

  1. On your dashboard, copy the tracking code provided and head over to your site.
  2. Add it immediately after your themes opening <head>
  3. Save your theme
  4. Head back to your Reactflow dashboard and click on the button, “I’ve Installed the code.
  5. On the next page, click on Verify installation


If you get the message with the dark screen like at the header of your site, it means your site’s ready to be tracked.

If not so, Review your code by checking if it is correctly added. Repeat the same step.


Method 2: WordPress and Shopify

  1. Download the WordPress and Shopify plugin.
  2. Install the plugin respectively
  3. Navigate to the “Settings” from your website dashboard and select Reactflow
  4. Log in with your Reactflow account and your site’s code will be added automatically.

You are all set, log in to your account, and finish the savings by following method 1 stage 4.

Hurray, your account is now active, go and explore the took and set up necessary things you need to start tracking.

Have any question concerning Reactflow review? Use the comment box, and I will do my best to answer your questions.

What similar tools do you use?


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