SEMrush Affiliate Program: 5 Ways To Earn High Commissions

You can earn a 40% recurring commission When you join the SEMrush affiliate program. SEMrush has been of the best tool in the SEO and Social Media Marketing industries.

It will be something awesome to know that such a company offers you an opportunity to turn your audience and influence into a money-making whatever.


What is SEMrush Affiliate Program All About?

Like I said in my introduction, I will make it clear here again. The SEMrush affiliate program is that it allows you to make money online, promoting SEMrush products.

SEMrush is an SEO tool that SEO experts can use for finding and tracking keywords.

So your primary role as an affiliate marketer or an influence is to promote SEMrush products via the SEMrush affiliate program and make money.

This is yet another income stream for you.yeah, because the majority of bloggers are in search of near-perfect tools to help them analyze keywords.

All you have to do is make sure you are promoting the tool the right way.

However, the affiliate system is not set-up on the site itself; the leading name is Berush Affiliate program.

Berush is the platform you will join and get all your marketing tools, ranging from Banners to affiliate links.


Who Can Join the SEMrush Affiliate Program?

No niche is restricted to join the SEMrush affiliate program.

You are allowed to join the SEMrush affiliate program as long as you have some marketing strategies to promote semrush products.

Your marketing strategy and effort will determine if you are capable. Something is always inevitable.

Some niches will do better at promoting the SEMrush products to earn. Such niche is blogging or SEO niches.

Why would they? Because of their audience differ, and they will already have at least 30% to 40% interest to get similar tools. On seeing SEMrush, they are prone to subscribing for a month, and that’s a win.

Not to worry too much, I will list possible ways to make money with SEMrush products using the SEMrush affiliate program. Continue reading to find out how.


How To join the SEMrush affiliate Program.

As I have said earlier, the SEMrush affiliate program is not available on the SEMrush website itself. It is on berush.

With berush, you will get your tools to promote your links. Approval is instant, and there is no review needed.

Follow the steps below to join the SEMrush affiliate program.

  1. Go to
  2. Click the green join button
  3. From the pop-up, enter your details and hit the join button. Check your email for your account activation link.

You don’t need to worry about reviews. Berush approves affiliates instantly.

Note: When filling the payment details, make sure you are using your working PayPal email address. This is to avoid future earning complaints or disputes.

Thanks for joining, now read further to learn ways on how to promote your SEMrush affiliate links and banners to earn money. That’ as what you get for joining the SEMrush affiliate program


Earning  Recurring Commissions  With SEMrush Affiliate Program.

Now, as an affiliate marketer, there are many ways to promote affiliate links. These methods are as follows;

  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Video marketing
  • Forum Promoting
  • PPC.

However, the listed methods may NOT work for you; that’s why you need to read the next tip.

I will be sharing with you how to promote your SEMrush links and earn recurring commissions too.


Writing Listicles (Listing Tools)

A listicle is one of the best ways to promote affiliate links and gain much success in sales.

Listicles mean writing a list of tools, for example, one I wrote on marketing tools for bloggers in 2019.

In there, I listed SEMrush as one of my badass tools and recommended it for bloggers to use.

You can use these same methods to promote your SEMrush affiliate links. Although, you need a blog as a serious marketer.

I suppose that you have one. If not. You need one to make this method work for you.


Writing Reviews.

Reviews have been the all-time saver for me and will be for you too if you want to earn money from the SEMrush affiliate program.

Writing a review will help the matter. People trust reviews because they believe in experience.

You as the marketer, you have to write something good about SEMrush.

For example:

  • SEMrush Review: How To Find Profitable Keywords easily


Writing Definitive Guides aka How To’s

Creating Guides for tools such as SEMrush will earn you a lot of cash. Most especially when it comes from experience.

Definitive guides let people understand a tool, and its features can be used.

Since SEMrush is a great tool,  you can use the advantage to get more SEMrush affiliate sales.

The rule is giving 70/30. 70 is for value and 30 to make sales. And yeah, it works like crazy.

Some Example are;

  • How To Track Yout Performance Report Using SEMrush
  • How To Find LongTail Keywords Using SEMrush
  • 5 Ways To  Harness The Power Of SEMrush

I’m giving some heads up, and I hope that you know that?


Video Marketing/Tutorials

Recording or sharing a video of you using the SEMrush tool or illustrating how it works can drive you insanely traffic.

YouTube is one of the most Largest Video Sharing Platform in the World right now.

So, recording a video about SEMrush will earn you a lot of money, and that’s what you want.

Just have to go ahead to record a video of you teaching how to use SEMrush for anything SEO and make sure it is detailed.

Tell the viewers how to get it for themselves, boom there you go, share your blog link or SEMrush affiliate links, and start making money.


Sending Promotional Emails To Your Subscribers.

Email marketing still works and will be of great value if you have a list already. If not, start building one today.

Recommending this tool to your subscribers will help boost sales provided that you do not oversell them.

Promoting SEMrush Affiliate Links can be done occasionally, an example is using the FREE TRIAL Promo to entice them.

Once you get them in, you can start talking about SEMrush in your future emails for a little while and give it a break.

Using this method will guarantee you at least 3 to 4 sign ups per email campaign.

Just before I forget, you can promote your SEMrush affiliate link using the affiliate banner.


These banners are of different styles, colors, sizes, and languages to help match the scheme of your blog. See the image below to see what I’m talking about here.



Requesting Your Earnings On Berush

Now that you know precisely ways to promote your SEMrush affiliate links, you should also know how to get paid too.

After earning some affiliate commission on Berush, you do want to get paid. Well, Berush has two payout methods and each with their payment terms.

  1. Get paid with wire transfer when you earn $1000
  2. Get paid through PayPal when you reach the $50 threshold.

Your choice of the method remains yours. I use PayPal as my payment method.

NOTE: Berush has two payment days in a month, 10th and 25th day of every month. You have to make sure you are within your threshold.


Terms Of Promoting SEMrush.


Affiliate marketing rules are clear and very simple to follow. But if you do not abide by the terms – your money will be gone for good.

  • Your earnings cannot be disclosed to your fellow berush affiliate teams
  • No self-referrals; this is considered as fraud and may lead to paying a fine, or you might get a ban.
  • Your Domain must not carry the name “SEMrush or Berush” even in a misspelled manner.
  • Promote your affiliate links only on platforms allowed.

Check out berush affiliate terms to save your future earnings.


Hey, I hope this article has helped you know about SEMrush Affiliate Program and how you can earn recurring commissions.

Do make sure you give it a try and make use of at least three methods highlighted here. They will help you get more sales in the long run.

I have some other way that you can earn a commission, just like the SEMrush Affiliate program.

If you have any questions, do make sure to post it in the comment section below.

How do you make sure you don’t get penalized as an affiliate marketer? Let’s interact together; don’t be shy to say your mind.

Written by Yusuf Bitrus

SEO Specialist | Content Creator | Businessman | Gamer

I help website owners attract high paying customers with well targeted organic traffic from Google.

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