SEOclerks Review 2020: Proven to Rank on Google Brilliantly

Do you want to know more about SEOclerks using my SEOclerks review article? Do you want to find out if SEOclerks can help you rank your articles well on google?

No worries, you have landed on the right page because I will be sharing a piece of detailed information here in my SEOclerks review on.

I.e., How it works, what their service is meant for, and how you can use SEOclerks services on your site/blog?


There is no doubt that if you want to rank on Google #1 (first) page for your buyer or intent keywords, you need to do a lot of work which one of them is finding profitable keywords, others include.

  • Writing well structured and user-friendly articles
  • Getting social
  • Link building.
  • signals
  • etc…


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In this SEOclerks review, I will tell you what I know based on my recent experience with the SEO market place.

I will share the services I’ve purchased with you. below are the things you will you are going to learn about SEOClerk

  • What is SEOclerks?
  • How SEOClerks Work
  • The Good and The Bad
  • SEOclerks Vs. Fiverr
  • Proof that Seoclerks work
  • etc…

So, without wasting much of your time, let’s get started right away.


What is SEOclerks?

SEOclerks marketplace is initially made for SEO services from day one.

They have become a popular place to buy SEO services ever since they got known by a broad audience of SEO industries.

Experts and web owners go there to sell, trade, or buy services. In their market place, you will find any SEO package that you want, from ranking and boosting your website’s authority.



How Does SEOclerks Work?

When you visit the homepage of their website, you will see different services with their prices.

Now, browse through the archive and select the service that you want.

I will show you how to get a service later in a video format.

Some of the services that you will find in Marketplace include:

  • Squeeze Page
  • Niche Blog Comments
  • Private Label Articles
  • Link Building Services
  • Youtube Video Promotion
  • High PR Blog Comment Backlinks
  • Guest Posting Services
  • Etc

In the above listings, I have used their Link building service, and it was worth buying. The order was effortless to place, and yea, I got value for what I purchased, and it was a WIN-WIN Situation.

Back to the SEOclerks Review.


The Good and The Bad

The good of SEOlcerks service is worth going for most, especially when you land the right SEO service, it feels damn good when ordering SEO experts.

This is why it is Good.

  • You tend to find the service you are looking for without being distracted at all.
  • Before you can order any service, you can simply have a live chat with the service provider and ask for samples or proofs.
  • They will make sure the seller has delivered service before releasing the payment made. if after the number of a specified delivery day has passed, they will refund your money back in full and mark it as a canceled order
  • If you are not satisfied with tour delivery or want to make a complaint, you can contact the seller. If not done after 5 days, the order will be marked complete and will no longer be available for claim.
  • You will instantly download the downloadable file after payment
  • No payment has been declined ever since I have been using the marketplace to purchase services.
  • For my lovely Nigerians, naira debit/credit MasterCard works on Seoclerks.


The Bad

Does Seoclerks have any downside? Yeah, they do here is what I’ve found.

  • The order marked complete on SEOclerks cannot be reversed; therefore, you will need to purchase and make amendments.
  • You need a PayPal account to purchase services, or you may use funds in your mind if available.


SEOClerks VS Fiverr

This is my short and detailed comparison of Seoclerks VS Fiverr in terms Minimum cost of services they offer, their payment method and what’is available on SEOclerks that is not available on Fiverr.


Minimum cost and Payment Methods Accepted

On SEOclerks, the minimum service you can purchase is $1 while on Fiverr, the minimum you can buy is $5.


How Do You Get to Pay?

You can purchase a service using the following methods.

  • Debit card/Credit card (Stripe payment gateway)
  • PayPal Debit/Cred Card
  • PayPal Balance (or Credit card)
  • Seoclerks balance

They also accept the crypto payment, such as:

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Ethereum
  • Bitcoin cash

NOTE: when using cryptocurrency to pay, you will not be redirected back to the service page, but you can manual;y go back to alert area or use email in your inbox.


Fiverr allows you to pay using the following methods.

  • Paypal
  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Fiverr Balance

Fiver does not allow you to buy using cryptocurrency, you can use only the method list above.

You know, that’s really no problem for everyone but to some people it is.

With this comparison, you can see that SEOclerks services are way cheaper than Fiverr.

This will save you a lot of cash in the long run.

Now, imagine you order a service that is worth $5 on Fiverr for $1  on seoclerks. It is cheap, right?


Services That are NOT on Seoclerks Market Place.

Well, having known this SEO market place for an extended time. They offer all SEO services until facebook like was pronto be removed on all SEO market(I’m not sure about others.)

Apart from that, here is what buyers are saying about Facebook-like service.

You see, they are all bot and fake likes and should not be bought. Name other SEO services that you know, they exist on seoclerks, and they are cheap.


Proof that SEOClerks is Cheap and Works.

I purchased this link building service from the seoclerks market place for a dollar to help rank one of my niche site article (URL withheld).

Within hours of applying the service, I got SERP update via Ahrefs keyword tracker – the second-fastest web crawler after Google.

So, here is what I got

11 organic Keywords showed up on google. None of them are on the first page yet, but with the help of the service.

They will eventually get there, and I’m planning to get high-quality do-follow links to rank them even more.

The service was delivered within one day, and then the next day, I started seeing the results.


If you want, you can get the same service and use it on your site too.

However, because it is cheap does not mean you should abuse the service.

I mean, it could be perilous if you use it more than once on the same domain.

If you are looking for more, browse through the marketplace and get more services and quality supersedes all.

I purchased this link building. It is a PBN service, I’m sure you will love them.


How to Purchase an SEO Service From Seoclerks


Mistakes you must avoid.

Before I bought any service from Seoclerks Marketplace, these are the precautions I took. You may need them, that’s why I outlined them here for you.

  • Don’t overuse a Marketplace service
  • Don’t buy links from Less active sellers
  • While building links, try to mix anchor text up, do not use one anchor text over and over again.
  • If you are not satisfied with your order delivery, you can always contact the seller to make amendments.
  • Do NOT complete an order if it is not done correctly.
  • Last, but not the least, don’t buy from level one sellers, buy from level three and above.




Seoclerks marketplace is not just cheap and reliable, but it is easy to use. I have confirmed them they are worth going for any time any day.

In fact, I added them to the list of my best SEO arsenal and will be buying SEO services from them from time to.

If you are thinking to boost your sites authority and rank well on Google, you can make use of My ebook that shows you how to do on-page SEO, and you can build links to your site.

All you have to do is buy links from the Marketplace, and then follow the instructions in my ebook.

I hope my seoclerks review was helpful to you. Keep an eye on this page, in future, I will be making updates to this page

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Written by Yusuf Bitrus

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I help website owners attract high paying customers with well targeted organic traffic from Google.


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    • Sorry Executive, My statement was that $1 Is the minimum(average) can pay for some of the services on SEOclerks while $5 on Fiverr. The services on seoclerks start at $1 to $999 and they vary by options

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