Hello, my name is Yusuf Bitrus, I’m excited that you want to write a sponsored post on my blog. I will be more than glad to help you with great value.

Why Post Sponsored Post?

With other alternatives such as Google AdWords,
Facebook advertising and other Ad platforms for lead generation, you can be sure to gain more leads, but content marketing still remains the best way to sell products, gain lifetime leads, long-term targeted traffics and lots of other benefits. Posting sponsored posts on Tech blogs just like my own is one of the best way to market what you have as a product or services.

I will help you to market your content to wider audience which last for as long as the site is still in existence.

Your Sponsored post can be any of the following;

  • Press release
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  • Video content
  • Article
  • Interview

By posting a sponsored post on my blog in any of the listed format above, you either marketing yourself, your products/services, and your blogs with social network at large.

What topics do I accept?

I accept sponsored posts that genuinely contribute to the Tech Society and B2B, B2C entities, which means, I can not promote posts such as music, lyrics, cosmetics, dating, and other topics that do not match a Technology topic or services.

Sponsored Post Lifespan

As mentioned earlier, your articles will be on my blog for as long as it exists, which means each sponsored post that you will write has an indefinite lifespan here on my blog and it will be treated in the best approach as done to all of my existing and new contents including Search Engine Optimization and Regular Updating. Again, I will share your sponsored posts with my;

  • Social media followings
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As for the price per sponsored article, I currently charge not less than $50 and if I will be the one to create the article, it will attract additional fee of $20.

For 1 more additional link to your site, it will cost $100.

I accept PayPal and Bitcoin as payment.

Use the contact for below to send me a message or send to Bitruspreneur@gmail.com to get listed.

I look forward to working with you.