SwagBucks Review: Can You Make Money With Swagbucks?

SwagBucks Review: Can You Make Money With Swagbucks?

xceSwagbucks review, is it a scam or legit? Okay, Millions of people are asking the same questions and some other related questions you can ever think like Is Swagbucks safe?

Can you pay bills with Swagbucks earnings? And this last strange question

Will Swagbucks pay half of your rent?

In my Swagbucks review, I’m going to provide answers to these questions and a lot more kinds of stuff.

Every day, there are dozens of product owners and companies recruiting people around the united states to take surveys online. But you got to be careful because some of these platforms are not legit; they trick you into submitting reviews and never paying you for doing your job. A proof that this platform works will be shared with you below.


Is Swagbucks Legit or Scam?

I won’t beat around the bush to tell you the answer to the question; Swagbucks is legit and not scam. It is a reward platform that pays you for using the app. Swagbucks have spent over 300 million dollars to its users, still counting.


Swagbucks provides you with the best connections to make sure you are getting paid on the high side. Swagbucks rely on your opinions to make decisions for their products.

Now that you know about them, why not take a look at what they are doing? I mean, the benefits of joining the platform exceed only making money; it has a lot of other benefits that you need to know.

  1. It is fun
  2. It can be
    • a way to find new services
    • a place to get gifts for your friends
  3. etc



How Does Swagbucks Work?

I heard someone saying Swagbucks pays well, and another person was saying Swagbucks is not paying. You need to know what I found out about them. Read to the end.


A simple process of how it works.

  • Take  Surveys
  • Earn Points
  • Ge Free GiftCard/PayPal Money
  • etc

Read on to find out how you can be making money with Swagbucks


How To Make Money With Swagbucks.

To make money with Swagbucks, you need MBps. SB points are referred to as points that you earn for performing activities, surveys, polls, etc., which can then be converted into PayPal or any form of gift cards that are available on the Swagbucks reward store.

There are basically Six  (6) core methods you can use to earn points, I have highlighted each section and also with hacks that will help you obtain a lot of points.


#1 – Take the Highest Surveys

Answer Surveys On Swag Bucks

Big surveys earn you higher points. This will only mean that you should take the Goldmine surveys. The reviews are usually capped 70 SBPs; they may take from 10 to 30 minutes to complete each one.

Be as honest as possible, because you are writing each survey to humans and not some robots.

The more impressions that you make will make you extra points if the vendor loves your surveys. If you do not know much about a subject that is given to you, just skip it and head to another offer.

There a lot of offers you can be doing surveys and still bank cash ruthlessly. All they need from you is your honest opinion and not some copied idea or fake imaginations from your head.

When you receive notifications to submit surveys, forget about the money. Yes, forget about the money and make sure your reviews meet the Swagbucks expectation. It helps you to stay focused and balanced. At the end of the day, check your earnings dashboard, you will definitely smile.



#2 – Watch Videos To Earn More Points.

Answer Surveys On Swag Bucks

Do you love wasting time watching funny videos on youtube? You know for sure that no one pays for the time you spend watching videos on youtube. Why not switch to Swagbucks and earn points while w

You can watch videos and earn points. But this a kind of complicated way because It will require a lot of time to watch videos. But hey, you can still earn extra points by running the video on a background tab while you work or do other activities. Ah, that’s the hack.

Why not watch the video instead of running them background tabs? Well, the truth about is that the points are low watching videos. That’s running them on a background tab will be the best option.


#3 – Earn SBPs Playing Games.

Play games On Swag Bucks

Hey, do you love playing games on your computer or mobile device? If you are a game addict and can’t resist playing a set every day-well here on Swagbucks, you can play games for fun and earn points. For every second that passes, and you are on the gaming platform points increase, which is an addition to the survey that you take daily.


#4 – Search The Web and Earn Points

Search The with Swag Bucks

Google is by far one of the best search engines in the world, as at the time I am writing to you now. But then, Google does not reward you for using their platform. You get points for each search you make with their custom search engine, which is powered by the Yahoo search platform. One problem. Nobody has been able to figure out the number of points you earn per search.

The hack: Replace google search engine with the Swagbucks search engine, and more points search you perform. By the end of the month, you will be amazed by your points.


#5 – Discover Offers to enable you to earn points

Discover Offers

You earn SB points for signing up for brand new services, check out free services, and many more kinds of stuff.

Other ways to earn include but not limited to using the Mobile App to perform all the tasks above. It is easy to use, and you can perform tasks anywhere and anytime you feel like using it.

Pros and Cons Of Swagbucks

Below is my honest judgment of the Swagbucks review you just read.

Pros (Advantages) Of Swagbucks

  • Registration is completely Free
  • Signing Up easy and does not require ID verification
  • Wide Variety of earning methods
  • Multiple Payout methods are initiated on the platform such as; PayPal, Giftcards and many more
  • No delay in Payment: makes use of an instant payout system
  • The website is a pure swift, and Mobile App is easy to use


Cons (Disadvantages) Of Swagbucks

  • Points are slow to earn (750 SBps is equivalent $10)


Can You Pay Half Your House Rent With Swagbucks?

Let me be honest with you, it is not possible to pay half your house with money made on Swagbucks. It is nearly impossible. But they can be spent on burgers, it can buy you little extra fuel to your car or engine, it can get books from the Amazon store and other petty kinds of stuff.

This why

It is no place to earn fast income online, it is only there to handle the basic needs and wants. If you are looking to earn quick money or make  money online-try affiliate marketing


What do you need to start earning?

  • An Android device or computer and internet connection to access the website
  • Email address To sign up and receive emails surveys
  • Minimum of 5 to 8 hours daily to take surveys
  • PayPal Account to receive payments or GiftCards.
  • If you join now, you will make $5 in the first 10 days, How cool is that?


How To Join Swagbucks

Step 1: Go to

WARNING: If you are not a US person, this link will not work. Swagbucks is ONLY designed for the following countries.

  1. USA
  2. UK
  3. Australia
  4. Canada
  5. Ireland

If you proceed to the link, here is what you will get.

Swagbucks is not available your county

…and not this one here

Swagbucks is available in your county

The best advice right now is to check for other survey companies.

If you are currently in Nigeria, you can check out how to make 5000 to 20,000 with the NNU income Program a month reading the news daily.


Step 2: Enter your email address and new password then click the sign-up button

Once you sign up, you will be receiving emails from Swagbucks to do surveys daily.

Don’t forget to use your best email and make sure you have notification turned on your android device or PC.

Conclusion On Swagbucks Review

To answer if yes or no, Swagbucks is an excellent place to earn passive income, the truth depends on how you think about it, which comes in two forms.


The Rippers

This platform allows you to earn does not mean they don’t know what they are doing. Rippers are hungry and, therefore, device blackhat methods to cheat the platform. If you take this one way to make online as a get rich scheme, then you are never going to get satisfied with what you will see daily. As mentioned in my cons (disadvantages) using Swagbucks to make money online. Earning process is slow, except you want to work your ass out daily.

Slow Steady Earners.

This is actually me, but I don’t know about you. I make my money form this kind of platform legitimately without having to get worried if my points are increasing or not. But it has to increase ANYWAYS because I am taking part in surveys and doing some daily routine.

Down the line, you want to be the right person, do you? I guess yes is the answer, be sure to take it seriously but look for other means to work with Swagbucks. Try new things.


I hope this Swagbucks review has helped you.

If you happen to come across some platforms like this and you are confused about their legitimacy. Please share via the comment section of this article.

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