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Desktop mode Daylight Mode

You are tired of the white backgrounds or your computer get your eyes too stressful while reading on my blog?

Well, I’m here to inform you that you can now easily switch to night mode on this blog to find it easy to read any information you’ve come in search for.

This feature was recently added to the theme and I want to show you how it works and a few reasons why you need to switch modes at times while reading on my blog.


The Reason Why I Added the Night Mode Feature.

I could say to ease your aid of reading – yeah, it is right but there is more to it. I’ve discovered that most people come to read on my blog in the evenings around 7 pm – to 3 am.

During these hours, it is usually dark for some countries not the same course for others.


That is why I’ve considered enabling this feature for everyone both on mobile, tablet, and desktop browsers. The night mode feature is compatible with chrome, firefox and Opera browser.


How to Switch Modes Easily on Any Device.

Switching modes is simple, if you are on the desktop, you will find the half-moon like an icon, if you tap this icon, you are switching to night mode.


If you want to switch back to daylight while on night mode, tap the sun like Icon and there you go, you’ve done it.


Where The Icon Position is on PC and Mobile mode.

The images below show how both modes look like in both mobile and PC view.

Desktop Mode Presets

Desktop mode Daylight Mode
Desktop Daylight Mode


Desktop mode Night Mode
Desktop Night Mode


Mobile Mode Presets

Mobile Daylight Mode
Mobile Daylight Mode



Mobile Night mode
Mobile Night mode

I hope this post has helped you on how to read on my blog easily by switching modes easily without much stress.

Was this post helpful to you? I would like to hear you speak your mind.


Written by Yusuf Bitrus

I am an experienced SEO Consultant and Digital Media Strategist. I teach you how to increase your web traffic so that you can improve sales and achieve more business visibility. Part of it all, I am a talented go-getter.

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