Verify Tax Information for Amazon Affiliates In Nigeria

Have you been having a problem submitting and completing your Amazon tax information in Nigeria?

You have moved from pages to pages searching for “how to Complete Amazon Tax Interview.”

You are now at the perfect site to get your problem resolved right away.

Well, this is to notify you that I verified my tax information in a matter of five minutes. I will show you how I managed to verify my Amazon tax verification.


Why do you need to complete your Amazon tax information in Nigeria?


Your Amazon affiliate earnings will get locked out, which means, you will not get paid for referrals from your earnings.

Completing this last stage will help secure your future earnings from getting locked out.

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Steps to get your account verified for the Amazon tax interview.

You are supposed to complete the Amazon tax interview during signing up, which was what I did, since you skipped the step, follow the tutorial and get it solved.


Step 1: Log in to your Amazon affiliate account.

Visit your Amazon affiliate homepage or Copy and paste the URL below in your browser to log in.

Step 2: Locate Account Settings

after a successful login into your Amazon account, navigate to “Account Settings” as seen in the image below.



Step 3: Choose View/Provide Tax Information.

From the settings menu select, “View/Provide tax information,” from there, you will add information that Amazon affiliates to need to verify your tax information.


Step 4: Complete Questions and submit your information for review.

Here you will need to provide information by answering questions
In the interview.

I completed my tax information as stated below and also follow the same rule to get your tax verified as I did.

Here are the questions and responses I made.

Who will receive amazon income or its subsidiary?



Are you us tax persons?


Are you acting as an intermediary agent or other person receiving this payment on behalf of another person or as a flow-through entity?


Next, de-select the “I have a Non-US TIN” option.

A section will appear as a drop-down with a question “Why are you not able to provide TIN?”

From the three answers, choose the first answer.

The country where I am liable to pay tax does not issue TINs to its residents.”


Up next, Related to income

Location of services performed

Choose “All services will be performed outside the US.”

Now check the consent button.

Next, Enter your Signature as Your Full legal name and click on the “Save and Preview button.” You should get a success message as the image seen below.




Now that’s all for Amazon Tax interview problem, and I hope someone fixes it from your end.

If you know this article has helped you verify your Amazon tax information; please share with your friends.
Thank you.

Did any issues occur during the process?

Please use the comment box to let me know what it is, and we will look for a way to fix the issue in no time.

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Thank you.

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  1. Hello Bitrus,
    It’s nice being here. Amazon affiliate is one of the many ways to earn some buck online. But tax verification is necessary if you must receive your fund. The info you shared above I believe will be of help to those who needs it. I’m tweeting right away.
    Do have a nice day.
    -Golden Okechukwu

  2. Hi Ani, this does not apply to the same thing I’m talking about here.

    I have filled a form that at the end states that 30% tax rate will be deducted from my earnings. That was back then. However, if you follow the step I provided up here, you will be charged 0% tax fee even if you are a non US Affiliate.

    Note: you are making an agreement by signing the with your name as the signature, you therefor have the full right to request for any payment deducted as regarding tax if your end agreement is 0% tax rate fee.

    One more thing, any fee charged could be as a result of the payment gateway that you chose via the payment settings.

    I hope my point is clear.

  3. Thanks Sir For this content.

    You are doing a great job.

    Keep it up.

    Please I need some clarification on this.

    I live in Nigeria.

    Must EIN be used for the Tax verification for creating Amazon KDP and Audio book from Nigeria ?

    If Yes, How can I verify the Tax Information for Amazon KDP and Audio Book ?


    If Yes

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