Best Tool to Unfollow Inactive Twitter Followers in 2020

Why do you want to unfollow inactive twitter users? That’s a big question, I’m answering it right away.

You want to unfollow inactive twitter users because they don’t add meaning to your timeline.

Tell me, would you rather keep anything that doesn’t add value to you or create space for those who are ready?

Unfollowing inactive twitter users haven’t been so easy, but this handful of tools help you get it done.

Everyone in his right senses will unfollow inactive twitter users to make his Twitter timeline interactive.

Let me show you ways in which you can use tools to perform the task.

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unfollow inactive twitter users with Manageflitter 

Manageflitter uses to work as of the year 2018. However, twitter forced them to remove the follow and unfollow tool in January 2019

Manageflitter Notice image

Manageflitter was one of the most sophicasted tools to unfollow inactive twitter followers, not only that.

Manageflitter has some handy feature that lets you manage your twitter account, making it grow even faster. 

Manageflitter PowerPost

This feature lets you create twitter posts based on the most active time of your twitter account.

The Powerpost features show you with graphs when your twitter users are active most, allowing you to get more engagements almost immediately your tweets go live.

One thing we all know is that twitter does not allow you to see if someone is active or not, but Manageflitter Powerpost helps you get in the line and gain engagements more than ever. 

Manageflitter Tweet Scheduling

This feature, as you may know, it lets you schedule tweets to be sent on Twitter.

In replace of the unfollowing inactive twitter followers, mangefliter also adjust this feature. 

Search and Follow People or Trends

Another feature that has been enhanced against the unfollow inactive twitter followers feature.

You can efficiently perform the following tasks using the ManageFilter Search feature.

Account Search: 

Finding relevant twitter to follow accounts is hard; this feature allows you to perform checks on twitter accounts and follow people or businesses that are relevant to you or your business.  

You can go from profile to profile or topic-based, filter from millions of people narrowed down to the ones who you care about and will add meaning to your growth.

NOTE: The Unfollow inactive twitter members feature has been removed, which means you can not use ManageFilter to follow or unfollow twitter users.

However, other tools help you achieve the goal of unfollowing inactive twitter followers.

unfollow inactive twitter users with Circleboom 

Circleboom Unfollow Tool

Circleboom is a tool that allows you to manage your twitter account(s) as per your needs.

If you searched the internet today, many twitter tools don’t allow you to follow users or unfollow inactive twitter followers.

Circleboom is just the opposite; they offer all sorts of following and unfollow features you may need in your quest to manage twitter accounts effectively.

Circleboom has pricing based accounts and free accounts, while the Pro accounts let’s you manage your twitter accounts at ease, the free account has enormous limitations.

Maybe that’s why twitter still allows them to fire upon the unfollow inactive followers tool/features.

Other Features of Circleboom are;

Search Tool

Perhaps one of the best Twitter search tools ever, I say smart because Circleboom has the intelligent search feature.

Creating a Twitter list is one of the best you will ever want; this list can be only relevant people to your niche.

Surprisingly, you can take care of that smartly with Circleboom smart tool. 

Explore more Features of Circleboom

How to Unfollow Inactive Twitter Followers Using Circleboom.

Before you can be able to unfollow inactive twitter followers using circleboom, you need to upgrade to the pro plan. 

The pro plan allows you to perform other activities other than following and unfollowing relevant people in your niche.

Before you exit this page, I want you to know that circleboom is the best shot for automating following and unfolmanageg Twitter users, as well as manage your Twitter account.

Alternative Method To Unfollow Inactive Twitter followers.

If you are low on budget, this method will work for you and very slow for your likening. 

In your organization, assign a role to one of your workers for them to unfollow inactive users using the circleboom inactive account features.

Sign up on circleboom using the Twitter account you want to clean and navigate to inactive followers from the left pane.

Next, manually open each account and unfollow them based on your preference.

See? That’s easy; you are, however, still limited to only 20 users per search.

You will be required to upgrade from free to paid have access to all the list of available inactive twitter followers.

What you should do now is either upgrade or unfollow the first batch of inactive Twitter followers, and then refresh the list for another 20.


Having a relevant and clean twitter following doesn’t have to be hard as always, I believe you want to have a business where you and people can communicate ideas and solve problems. 

Keeping a twitter account and having inactive followed shouldn’t be part of the bargain to grow.

If you suffer low engagement on your twitter, it means your followers are not active, or your tweets are not engaging enough for followers to interact. 

Make waves with your tweets by using tools and methods above to unfollow inactive Twitter followers.

I hope this article helps you achieve your desired goal.

Have questions? Drop them in the comments section for a quick answer.

Written by Yusuf Bitrus

Yusuf Bitrus is an SEO Consultant and Digital Media Strategist.

He teaches how you can improve your sales and gain more business visibility using organic traffic from Google, and it's midwives. If he is not doing research and writing his next article, he is hiking with my friends.

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