UNILAG Cut Off Mark 2021/2022

Are you UNILAG aspirant? Did you write JAMB this year? Have you checked your JAMB result? If yes, is your answer, then get in here let me explain so many things for you concerning the UNILAG cut off mark 2021/2022. Information, they said is power. When you are informed, you will know how you will prepare for the worst and get the best in the end. Dollar to Naira Rate

There are some things you need to know about the University of Lagos cut off mark. Let me explain them separately below; UNILAG cut off mark

UNILAG JAMB cut off mark

The UNILAG JAMB cut off mark is a minimum JAMB score expected by any candidates who want to get admission into the University of Lagos. JAMB result

This is the least JAMB score eligible for the UNILAG post-UTME screening. The University of Lagos UNILAG accepts candidates who scored 200 and above in JAMB UTME.

UNILAG Post UTME cut off mark

The UNILAG Post UTME cut off mark is the minimum score in the post UTME screening expected by any candidate who had the UNILAG JAMB cut off mark as participated in the UNILAG Post UTME Screening. Pounds to Naira

This is the least post UTME score eligible for admission consideration.

As of last 2020/2021 admission year, the UNILAG post-UTME cut off mark was 50%. That is, candidates who scored at least 50 over 100 in the post UTME screening were eligible to be considered for admission.

See the UNILAG post UTME cut off mark for last 2020/2021 admission year below. this will give you a clue of what I was explaining above.

The University of Lagos 2020/2021 admission cut-off marks are as follows:

1Creative Arts64.17554.6559.17561.2559.4559.72561.225
3 French60.82555.92558.17557.22554.925NIL54.45
5History & Strategic Studies66.57552.5563.97564.12562.27561.260.825
6 Linguistics Igbo/Yoruba49.1NILNILNILNILNILNIL
9Christian Religious Studies60.125NILNIL58.3NIL58.954.35
10Islamic Religious Studies63.275NILNIL62.77561.17561.67561.275
2Actuarial Science68.458.85862.664.07559.27562.45
3Business Administration67.0561.263.97565.361.32563.92563.1
1Adult Education56.6553.62549.8554.155454.225NIL
2Education Economics62.97555.660.2561.82558.860.7561.725
3Business Education65.62561.459.8564.07560.37561.563.6
4Education Islamic Religious Studies59NIL55.153.475NIL54.452.175
6 Education English67.02561.965.6565.82562.47564.27560.95
7Early Childhood Education63.77556.67550.160.9559.22558.659.925
8Education Yoruba58.85NILNILNILNILNILNIL
9Education French50.925NILNILNILNILNILNIL
10Education History62.7558.45NIL57.4NIL60.9557.85
11Education Christian Religious Studies52.15NILNILNILNILNILNIL
12 Education Geography55.75NILNILNILNILNILNIL
13Educational Administration57.02551.9554.2551.475NIL52.22551.975
14Educational Foundations62.27559.07557.77558.0557.558.753.9
15Health Education54.975NIL50.651.72554.225NILNIL
16Human Kinetics Education58.32554.6555.956.855555.8552.65
17Education Biology60.37554.17552.62557.653.12551.97555.075
18Education Chemistry56.12552.075NIL48.9555.92553.125NIL
19Education Home Economics55.1NILNILNILNILNILNIL
20Integrated Science Education50.325NILNILNILNILNILNIL
21Education Mathematics60.1NIL50.82557.1555.159.7556.125
22Education Physics53.9NILNILNILNILNILNIL
23Technology Education52.45NILNILNILNILNILNIL
1Biomedical Engineering72.569.52571.22571.77571.77567.6566.825
2Chemical & Petroleum Engineering77.268.769.1757372.569.9574.6
3Civil & Environmental Engineering73.87568.5572.17572.52570.57572.3571.325
4Computer Engineering78.37573.1576.675.8572.473.22572.175
5Electrical & Electronics Engineering79.72574.92577.375.6574.776.97575.025
6Mechanical Engineering77.92572.02572.676.87567.774.275.2
7Metallurgical & Materials Engineering66.958.52558.759.17557.82559.32560.475
8Petroleum & Gas Engineering74.467.1568.173.67568.62569.07571.3
9Surveying & Geoinformatics Engineering64.956.5553.2560.0563.9563.12562.375
10Systems Engineering77.8567.17570.8574.62573.8569.8575.025
3Estate Management62.558.97559.360.15NIL54.62557.95
4Quantity Surveying68.22556.765.8565.07559.52563.560.975
5Urban & Regional Planning62.87561.67555.457.6NIL57.6558.575
1Medicine & Surgery83.3580.47581.07581.981.481.5582.525
4Medical Laboratory Science73.170.57568.472.5568.970.87570.425
3Cell Biology &Genetics67.461.32565.12565.67563.22562.365.15
5Computer Science77.1569.02571.4575.6573.97572.92572.2
8Marine Biology62.758.57559.9559.72557.457.559.2
11Industrial Mathematics65.075NIL62.22563.1560.1559.9562.475
3Mass Communication69.2564.77566.42567.57567.77565.165.25
4Political Science64.0552.6561.37560.07560.62560.958.575
6Social Work65.82558.258.9564.564.364.42560.25

UNILAG departmental cut off mark

The UNILAG departmental cut off mark is the final minimum score expected from a candidate to get admission into his/her course of choice at the University of Lagos.

This is purely based on the department or course involved. The UNILAG courses and cut off mark for admission is not static and its influenced by the following;

  1. General Performance:

General performance among candidates aspiring for that course in both the SSCE, JAMB and Post UTME: The better the performance, the higher the department’s admission cut off mark. The final admission cut off mark is derived from the following;

  1. WAEC/NECO/NABTEB GPA (grade points from the relevant O’level subjects).  
  2. Average between the JAMB score and the post utme screening score. 
  3. Admission Quota

Admission quota for the department: Each department has admission quotas allocated by the Nigerian University Commission (NUC). For example, if the admission quota for Medicine and Surgery is 100, the department will not accept any more candidates for admission after the slot is exhausted no matter the candidate’s score. in this case, the university admits candidates based on merit hierarchy (from the best candidate down to where the quota becomes exhausted). Let me just believe you understand me here.

  1. Catchment Area:

The University of Lagos, just like any other federal university in Nigeria favours candidates who are from the university’s catchment areas. Jamb Result

Based on the Nigerian educational system, a catchment area is simply the state your closest to your university either by geopolitical location or tribe. Say, for example, the University of Lagos is in Lagos, Lagos State and states within this region (Lagos States) are classified under UNILAG catchment area which will be listed below.

There are currently 5 states classified under the University of Lagos catchment area for candidates seeking admission into this great institution. As said earlier, your admission into UNILAG is much easier when you are from any of the above states of origin. These are;

  1. Ekiti state
  2. Lagos state
  3. Osun state
  4. Oyo state
  5. Ondo state
  6. Ogun state.

UNILAG Cut Off Mark for All Departments 2021/2022

The University of Lagos, UNILAG has not released the admission cut off mark for the 2021/2022 admission year. Forget about whatever you see on other websites or on social media. We will update this page once the university breaks the news concerning the cut off mark for this year’s admission.

UNILAG departmental cut off mark: See the last 2020/2021 admission year department cut off mark below. The UNILAG courses and cut off mark.

Faculty of SciencesJAMB Cut Off Mark
1. Mathematics and Statistics240 and above
2. Physics240 and above
3. Chemistry240 and above
4. Computer Science240 and above
5. Geological Science240 and above
6. Geophysics240 and above
7. Marine Sciences240 and above
8. Zoology240 and above
9. Fisheries240 and above
10. Cell Biology and Genetics240 and above
11. Botany240 and above
12. Microbiology240 and above
13. Environmental chemistry240 and above
14. Analytical Chemistry240 and above
15. Environmental Biology240 and above
16. Physical Oceanography and Coastal Management240 and above
17. Marine Pollution and Management240 and above
18. Marine Biology240 and above
19. Fisheries Technology240 and above
20. Fisheries Biology and Fisheries Management240 and above
21. Aquaculture240 and above
22. Cell and Molecular Biology240 and above
23. Environmental Toxicology and Pollution Management240 and above
24. Aquatic Resource and Pollution Management240 and above
25. Applied Entomology and Pest Management240 and above
26. Environmental Management240 and above
27. Natural resource management240 and above
28. Natural Resources Conservation240 and above
1. Civil and Environmental Engineering260 and above
2. Chemical Engineering260 and above
3. Computer Engineering250 and above
4. Electrical and Electronics Engineering260 and above
5. Metallurgical and Materials Engineering250 and above
6. Mechanical Engineering250 and above
7. Petroleum and Gas Engineering270 and above
8. Surveying and Geoinformatics250 and above
9. Systems Engineering250 and above
Faculty of Art
1. European Languages (French and Russian)230 and above
2. English Language230 and above
3. English Literature230 and above
4. Linguistics, African and Asian230 and above
5. Philosophy230 and above
6. Department of History and Strategic Studies230 and above
7. Creative Arts: Visual Arts230 and above
8. Creative Arts: Theatre Arts230 and above
9. Creative Arts: Music230 and above
Faculty of Social Sciences                                                                           JAMB Cut Off Mark
1. Economics240 and above
2. Mass Communication and Journalism240 and above
3. Political Science240 and above
4. Social Work240 and above
5. Psychology240 and above
6. Sociology240 and above
7. Geography and Planning240 and above
8. Managerial Psychology240 and above
9. Criminology240 and above
10. International Relations and Strategic Studies240 and above
11. Public and International Affairs240 and above
12. Transportation Planning and Management240 and above
Faculty of Business Administration
1. Department of Business Administration260 and above
2. Industrial Relations and Personnel Management250 and above
3. Actuarial Science250 and above
4. Insurance250 and above
5. Risk Management and Insurance250 and above
6. Accounting270 and above
7. Management250 and above
8. Finance250 and above
9. Marketing250 and above
10. Operations Research250 and above
11. Organization behavior250 and above
12. Production/Operations Management250 and above
13. Development Finance250 and above
Faculty of Law Cut Off Mark
1. Jurisprudence and International Law270 and above
2. Commercial and Industrial law270 and above
3. Public Law270 and above
4. Private and Property Law270 and above
5. Legal Studies270 and above
6. Conflict Management270 and above
7. Dispute Resolution270 and above
Faculty of Environmental Sciences                                           JAMB Cut Off Mark
1. Architecture240 and above
2. Environmental Design240 and above
3. Urban Design240 and above
4. Landscape Architecture240 and above
5. Building240 and above
6. Construction Management240 and above
7. Construction Technology240 and above
8. Estate Management240 and above
9. Urban and Regional Planning240 and above
10. Quantity Surveying240 and above
11. Facilities Management240 and above
School of Clinical Sciences                                                                          JAMB Cut Off Mark
1. Medicine and Surgery270 and above
3. Pediatrics270 and above
4. Physiotherapy260 and above
5. Anaesthesia270 and above
6. Nursing250 and above
7. Obstetrics and Gynaecology260 and above
8. Psychiatry270 and above
9. Ophthalmology270 and above
10. Clinical Pathology260 and above
11. Haematology and Blood Transfusion250 and above
12. Radiography250 and above
13. Radiation Biology and Radiotherapy250 and above
School of Basic Medical Sciences
1. Anatomy and Molecular Pathology260 and above
2. Morbid Anatomy260 and above
3. Physiology260 and above
4. Pharmacology260 and above
5. Biochemistry260 and above
6. Medical Microbiology and Parasitology260 and above
7. Biomedical engineering260 and above
8. Medical Laboratory Science260 and above
School of Dental Sciences
1. Child Dental Health260 and above
2. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery260 and above
3. Preventive Dentistry260 and above
4. Restorative Dentistry260 and above
5. Oral Pathology260 and above
Faculty of Pharmacy
1. Clinical Pharmacy260 and above
2. Bio-pharmacy260 and above
3. Pharmacology260 and above
4. Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology260 and above
5. Pharmaceutical Chemistry260 and above
6. Pharmaceutical microbiology260 and above
Faculty of Education                                                                                    Cut Off Mark
1. Guidance and Counseling220 and above
2. Adult Education220 and above
3. Adult Education Management220 and above
4. Adult Literacy and Non-formal Education220 and above
5. Mathematics education220 and above
6. Physics education220 and above
7. Biology education220 and above
8. Chemistry education220 and above
9. Integrated Science education220 and above
10. Social Studies education220 and above
11. Geography Education220 and above
12. History Education220 and above
13. Human Kinetics and Health Education220 and above
14. Exercise Physiology220 and above
15. Sports Administration/Management220 and above
16. Home Economics Education220 and above
17. Technology education220 and above
18. Business Education220 and above
19. English Education220 and above
20. English Literature education220 and above
21. French Education220 and above
22. Yoruba Education220 and above
23. Igbo Education220 and above
24. Christian Religious Studies220 and above
25. Islamic Studies Education220 and above
26. Religion Education220 and above
27. Music education220 and above
28. Curriculum Theory220 and above
29. Educational administration and Planning220 and above
30. Educational Psychology220 and above
31. Measurement and Evaluation220 and above
32. Philosophy of education220 and above
33. Sociology of education220 and above
34. Community Development and Social Work220 and above
35. Manpower Training and Development220 and above

Reasons Why UNILAG Admission is very competitive

The University of Lagos UNILAG final cut off mark for admission is always high because of admission competition. The UNILAG is one of the most popular Federal Universities in Nigeria.

As a result of its popularity, many students wish to study at this prestigious university which causes a lot of competition in admission slots.

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