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How to Upload mp3 Tag Script for WordPress Site

Mp3 tag script for WordPress
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Mp3 tag script for WordPress is a tool that helps you upload songs on WordPress in 3 seconds. With it. 

You will save yourself time and data. If you download songs from other sites before uploading them to your site, it consumes twice as much data but with this Mp3 tag script

You can save your data for other downloads or streams. Today, I will be sharing with you working steps on how to upload an mp3 tag script on WordPress using Cpanel. 

After you must have purchased the script, you will need steps to start using them.


If you don’t already have the script to upload, visit our shop and purchase now and proceed.


Importance of mp3 tag script

The mp3 tag script handles some basic task which might take much of your time editing offline and they are;

  1. Editing the name the artist
  2. Editing Music title
  3. Changing the Title of the Album
  4. Replacing the Background Image of the song

If you are looking for an mp3 voice tag script with voice, also known as an online mp3 voice tag script, we can help you sort it out. 

Due to the script’s complexness, it is not as cheap as the one without a voice tag.


Who can use mp3 Tag Script for WordPress?

Music site owners need this script more; I don’t know how to stress this enough, but using mp3 tags scrip will save much of your time.


How to Upload mp3 Tag Script in Cpanel

Before we proceed, be sure you have the right script and have access to Cpanel. 

Be warned that wrongly uploading the script to Cpanel may cause your WordPress blog to crash

As such, I strongly advise you get your developer to handle the process or hire me to do it for you.

Ready? Let’s get started.


#1 Step 1: Download and save the mp3 tag zip folder where you can easily access it.


#2 Step 2: Log in to your Cpanel and open File manager;

cPanel Login: Mp3 tag script for WordPress
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once that is done, navigate to “public_html” in your file manager. An example is shown in the screenshot below.


#3 Step 3: Click on upload right at the top of the Cpanel.

cPanel File Manager
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#4 Step 4: Click on “Select file” and Select the file from your computer, and upload.


#5 Step 5: Once the upload has read 100% with green, head back to your file manager and go to public_html.


#6 Step 6: Select the “” zipped file and click on extract at the top right-hand side of your file manager.

cPanel File Manager Extract
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#7 Step 7: Inside the public_html, open the folder titled mp3 there. You will find 2 files and folder respectively named as

  • 361.png
  • Index.php

Edit only these two files.

The 361.png is the art that people see when playing music on their media player. The feature helps to promote your site more.

cPanel File Manager: Mp3 tag script for WordPress
  • Save

When you upload a new image, make sure it is in png format and rename it as 361.png


Use of Index.php File

This file is responsible for handling all the outer structures of the upload page. Watch the video below to learn it works live.

Edit the names and URL to correspond to that of your site.

That is it with how to upload the script on WordPress. I hope this article was helpful.


How to Access the mp3 Tag From Your Blog

To access the mp3 tag portal on your blog, simply visit for example

Set every parameter according to how you want the music to appear when downloaded.


Please, make sure you have the right script. Purchase mp3 Tag Script for WordPress from us.

If you are confused or don’t have a developer to upload for you, hire us, we will Help You Set it Up.

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