6 Bloggers Share Thoughts On “Why SEO is Crucial For Your site”

6 Bloggers Share Thoughts On “Why SEO is Crucial For Your site”

Organic traffic will take lead in 2019 and there is no way you can put the fact aside, it is like quitting your blogging career. I solely depend on organic traffic and that's what I'm depending on to get affiliate sales, sponsored guest posts, more product reviews. 

I have invited bloggers from different niches and different locations to have a say on the these topic and you will find it very interesting and useful.

Let's get to hear what each contributor has to say about the issue on "Why SEO is Crucial for Websites (Blog)" You should read them carefully as they have all talked about important points you need to know.

Starting with Janice Wald, 

Many bloggers have expressed a cavalier attitude when it comes to SEO.

People have told me they consider SEO hard and believe they can avoid it.

Optimizing your content for search is not difficult. As a matter of fact, my guest author describes in this post how he easily got his article to Google’s Page 1. Almost a year later, the post is still at the top of Google’s Search Engine Results Pages.

Here is the post. People can see and follow is methods:

Case in point: I offer 7 blog consultation services including how to improve SEO.

Yet, my most popular service is how to monetize.

People don’t realize they go hand-in-hand.

For example, once my articles reviewing tools became found on search engines, more brand contacted me to ask me to review their tools.

It all starts with optimizing for search engines.

What starts?

Everything vital for bloggers and marketers: web traffic, brand recognition, monetization

Also, SEO is important for the shelf life of your content.

How long will your content stay on social media? 

Not very long. (Pinterest has the longest-shelf life.) Yet, posts on Google and other search engines stay for YEARS. Posts I wrote years ago still get me search traffic.

I recommend bloggers write evergreen posts. These are posts that are always relevant. (This is in contrast to posts about technology which could become quickly outdated. Posts about holidays are also not relevant year-round. Even posts about social media sites might not be evergreen since social media sites like StumbleUpon could fold tomorrow.)

Last, if people want to make sales, they need people to find them in search engines that are looking for their service or product.

Even local SEO is important for these reasons.

I believe many bloggers avoid SEO due to the complex nature of optimizing for search engines and believe there are other, effective, easier means to get traffic.There might be other means, but they are not easier, and they are not as effective. Trust me, my best social media referrer is Facebook. Yet, Google provides approximately 20% of my overall search traffic, beating Facebook.

To wrap up: You will get more traffic from search engines and that traffic will last for years. That is the importance of SEO.

Janice Wald

I’m Janice Wald, the author of AN INSIDER’S GUIDE TO BUILDING A SUCCESSFUL BLOG, available on I can also be found at Goodreads.

I write about blogging in order to help bloggers by giving step-by-step directions for content creation. I am on a mission to empower bloggers with tips and resources.

Wilfred Michael Says: 

Search engine optimization (SEO)is important for site owners because,

Customers May Be Searching For You on the Search engine bars and what happens if you're not there boom! You lose them and your direct competitors reap.

If a site ranks well, then you're sure of your customers finding your business.

It is the cheapest source of long-term traffic

While it is true that you have to pay an SEO expert to get the best out of your sites SEO, you end up paying less than you would have had to if you invested in SEM or other paid traffic sources.

For new site owners who have to opportunity to get all their SEO ranking right from the start, there may be no need to explore paid traffic and this obviously saves you some cash in the long run.

Global Traffic

With the exception of cases where the search engine algorithms rank sites in a particular location ahead of you, a site owner could rank for the best keywords in any niche from any part of the world his site is hosted from.

Consistent ROI

For site owners who dream of getting to a point where their site could generate consistent income without investing so much money again on traffic, then SEO is the real deal.

Wilfred Michael

Digital technology blogger and cryptocurrency freelance writer.

Alvin Uchena Says;

Search engines are the main source of traffic

Believe it or not, people hardly visit sites directly for the first time. Rather, they turn to search engines for solutions by simply searching for what they want.

These search engines will in return provide them with results based on the rankings in which the web links contained in such results meet certain requirements. Knowing that search engines call the shots, it is best to play by their rules and to work on SEO so as to gain optimum traffic as there can be no lead generation or conversion when there is no traffic to start with.

And to wrap it up, the more you appear on search engines, the more known you become online and this will make people turn to you for each and every solution.

SEO made it possible!!!!!

Alvin Uchena

A Passionate Blogger With A Keen Eye In Helping People To Develop, Design And Monetize Their Blogs.

Okejiri Emmanuel says;

SEO in abbreviation which means "search engine optimization" is a process of affecting the visibility of a website. 

Why is SEO Crucial for Websites?

SEO is very crucial for a website but the problem people encounter is how they can set there site SEO .

SEO is crucial because website without proper SEO, your blog/site will hardly rank or drive organic traffic from search engines like Google, Bing etc

So, if you are a blogger like me, try and acquire SEO knowledge or hire SEO specialist to handle your blog/site.

A lot of people have been blogging for some years now yet they find difficult to drive organic traffic to there blog. Do you know why many site owners fail to understand SEO?  They refused to follow some simple instructions. 

I gave my ghost blog a rapid growth under five(5) months by increasing the domain authority to 36 and as well drive huge foreign traffic to the blog. 

What of hubfactory, which I am earning 7 figures from without Google AdSense...  Hehe

These can only be done from a site with good SEO setup. Well let me no talk much,  this is to prove to you the power of SEO.  Yusuf Bitrus is one of those guys I so much respect in SEO. 

Okejiri Emmanuel

Okejiri Emmanuel is a legit blogger who's aim and reputation is to help newbies and professional bloggers online and offline.

Ryan Biddulph Says;

SEO is critical for every bloggers because learning the ins-and-outs of the strategy helps you drive targeted and passive traffic to your blog. Targeted traffic is interested traffic.

You won't be spinning your wheels with people who have no genuine desire to read your stuff. Passive traffic helps you grow your blog while you're away from the internet. This is a must if you want to have a fun freeing lifestyle through blogging

Ryan Biddulph

I'm a world traveler who can help you build a successful blog.

Victor Anene Says;

Search engine optimization is very essential not just only to bloggers, but also Corporate businesses that are seeking for online presence to find customers, makes sales and outrank competitors.

There have been an increased competition amongst businesses lately, as gazillion businesses are introduced into the market structure. The only way to stand a chance in the competition is by maintaining a strong web presence for continued marketing success and a strong ROI.

Even if Your business offers quality products or services, if your customer base can’t locate you, then what is the need? Search Engine Optimization is the strategy That gives your business an optimal placement in search engines rather than being lost amidst hundreds of results.

A solid web visibility can guarantee that your company constantly stays at the forefront of search engines, thus making it easier for your customer base to find you first.

Your potentials of taking the lead over the competition rests on the shoulders of Search Engine Optimization. If you haven’t taken SEO into consideration, then your website is missing a great portion of search engine benefits.

Search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN considers Search Engine Optimization when making the placement of a website in organic search results. A successful SEO implementation employs keywords and key phrases throughout your corporate website that can be used to identify your products and services, and drive traffic to your site. A website without Search Engine Optimization is likely to never be seen.

Victor Anene

Victor Anene, popularly known as " The Growing Entrepreneur '', is an entrepreneur blogger, social media strategist and writer.

My Own Answer;

Looking at the way many web owners take SEO for granted these days is getting too much, most especially those who are just getting started in the blogging and internet world. As your Facebook advertising is important for you, so is SEO, since you have a website and looking for more customers to buy your products, sign up for your monthly services, get leads (messenger chatbot, email leads or Facebook members) and growing of your Facebook group or page. SEO Can help you to achieve any of the purposes. 


What comes with SEO?

#1 Organic Traffic

Search engines alone provide the organic traffic, search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo search. If you adapt to SEO and get the right keywords to target you will go from zero traffic to at least 1k, 2k, or 3k traffic daily.

Now when I'm talking about getting the right keywords, they are keywords with less competition, low Difficulty and at least 100 to 500 search monthly.

Getting 50 easy to rank keywords and write an SEO optimized articles will bring fortune to your blog and these keywords should be primary and the ones that provide help to whoever finds them on Google and related sites.


#2 Long lasting Traffic

SEO provides you with the most promising traffic compared to paid traffic, as Janice Wald has said in her answer, that if you focus creating contents that will be still on demand for years to come, you will keep the organic traffic coming in as far it is relevant and ranks better on search engines.


#3 Best For Lead Generation

SEO brings you the best lead generation for email marketing and community growth. In the last five to six months I have used SEO to get as many email sign-ups as possible.

You know what, "maybe yes or no," every email is worth a Gold in the possession of an Email Marketer. So, if email Marketing is what you look forward to doing, then SEO is never an exception, give it a go, and you will see the results.


#4 Targeted Audience

You must have heard of targeted Audience on Facebook Advertising, if not so, Audience targeting is a systematic process of acquiring targeted customers for a particular niche, topic, product or whatever you may think of doing on the internet.

In SEO it is called Targeted Traffics. these type of traffics helps you to market your products or services to the right people instead of doing the guesswork. If you want to grow and become an authority in any niche you want, you will need SEO as bad as you need water to survive. Your site depends on it to grow.



How To Do SEO?

SEO is important, but getting the right SEO Specialist is the main problem, you can either learn and implement it on your site or get someone or an organization that specializes on SEO to do it for you. Learning SEO Would be less expensive but time consuming compared to hiring experts as it will take you months to get from ground zero to becoming better at it. To learn SEO, you can check Udemy for courses that are highly rated and recommended  


If you need a specialist to handle your SEO Project, you should contact any the people listed here


  • Janice Wald
  • Matthew Woodwords
  • Awogor Matthew
  • Yusuf Bitrus (me)
  • Prosper Noah

Or you can go to Fiverr or Upwork and hire an SEO Specialist, there are many SEO freelancers.


With all being said, you should know why SEO is Crucial and how SEO is important to every blogger and site owners by now, you should have been convinced to learn SEO or Hire someone to do it for you.


A Quick Recap:

What are the Benefits of SEO?

Benefits of SEO i can list includes;

  • You get FREE organic traffic Search engines Like google
  • With SEO, you can build an email list, get Chat-bot Subscribers, and grow your community base.
  • SEO gives you the opportunity  to network outside and within your niche
  • SEO Allows you to become an authority within a niche or topic.
  • ...and many more benefits you may think about.

So, if you ignore SEO, please go and starting planning on how to get back on it, because 2019 will be competitive compared to other years. One of the recommended ways to be on top of the game is to use SEO also, it will be of benefit for years to come. Taking action today will be a game changer for you and the best decision you could ever take.

Don"t forget to share this information with your friends or community, it would mean a lot to them and add some extra benefits to their knowledge.

Do you have a question to ask, I'd be more than glad to help you answer it, just ask and i will give the replies based on my knowledge, meanwhile, I have questions for you

In what Way has SEO helped you? 

Apart from SEO, what other methods do you get visitors to your site?

Lets hear from your corner

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Written by Yusuf Bitrus

I am an experienced SEO Consultant and Digital Media Strategist. I teach you how to increase your web traffic so that you can improve sales and achieve more business visibility. Part of it all, I am a talented go-getter.

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