Worank, Woorank Review 2020 Everything You Need to Know

Do you need SEO Audit faster with a click of a button? Try the Worank SEO suite.

In my worank review, I will be showing you the features and benefits down to its pros and cons. In the end, you are going to choose if woorank is the tool you have been waiting for and how to Implement the tool on your project.


Woorank Review: What is Worank or Woorank?

Worank(woorank) is an SEO tool that lets you optimize your pages for better ranking on Google, and it’s midwives.

Worank partners with Google, Majestic, and wordlift to provide you the most accurate data you can ever need. Woorank As a tool has been doing great in every aspect of SEO framework such as:

  • Website Review
  • Keyword Tool
  • Site Crawl
  • SEO Monitoring
  • Sales Tools
  • Worank Chrome Extension


Worank Review: Website Review

This also known as Website Audit; worank lets you perform an audit for your website to find technical issues that need to be fixed. Some the results you will get include the following;

  • Headings
  • In-page links
  • Broken links
  • XML sitemap
  • Blocking factors
  • org markup
  • Mobile-friendliness

The score showed up above the page after you must have requested an audit that doesn’t take hours to get.


That’s not all…

The result can be exported into a PDF file for later referencing, or you can send it to your dev-ops to fix issues with the site.

The scores are as that of google page speed score, and the various problems are marked with three colors.


Worank Review Result

Green means you are doing well


Orange color means your site needs some inspection, but no that severe.


While red is must fix and bad.


Worank Review: Site Crawl

How google sees and interprets your website matters because the way it appears influences the rate at which you will get new visitors.

The best part.

Site Crawl by Worank ensures that search engines understand your content and the way it appears on them.


Why does this matter? The combat with duplicate content has always been a fight for many SEOs to date; you can win all of these fight using worank SEO Site crawl features.

Here is the deal; it will crawl all your contents and fish out all the duplicate tags and contents. Indexing errors, reasons why Google and other search engines were unable to index them will be alerted to you and how to fix them.


Worank Review: Keyword Tool

Just as I said earlier, worank is an SEO suite containing essential tools you may need from big-name tools like SEMrush and Ahrefs. With woorank, you can track and get keyword opportunities that are beneficial to your site’s growth.

Listen Up!

Tracking your rankings on search engines is very important as you need to know how you are performing.

  • Know where you rank,
  • Know your competitor’s strength,
  • Find contents based on your existing materials and
  • Track rank changes.

SEO Monitoring


SEO involves strategy and these strategy put in place must be monitored to see if there is currently any improvement in

  • Site health,
  • Uptime to check if the website is down or not.
  • Keyword Position change.
Worank Downtime Notifications emails

Email Sent By Woorank for Downtime and Uptime


As a busy person, you don’t always have time to check or track some quick reports about your sites, worank does something to help.

You will get emails each day to report your SEO progress and highlight what should be done. This way, you can focus on many other things you need to attend to in your business.

I can’t get you to understand this enough:

As a professional SEO, you need more clients which you can get from people that visit your website daily.

You can offer them a free website review for them to check their current website status. They can get results such as;

  • Mobile-friendliness
  • On-page technologies
  • Marketing Analysis

With these data you get from their site, you can pitch them your services at the end of every report generated on your company website.

worank site review type

Another best part?  Woorank lets you generate unlimited reports, which you can later email them at the end.

Check this out:

Worank Review: Woorank Chrome Extension

Worank Lets you have more access to data right from your chrome browser. With woorank chrome extension, you will be able to

  • See any website metrics with just a click.
  • Find out how well optimized a page is by the owner or you.

A poor score means there is more improvement to be done, and a high score can improve even better. With worank SEO Chrome Extension, you can do a lot even without you logged in.

Get started with Woorank (No Aff)



Pros and Cons of Using Woorank

Worank is a great tool, no doubt, but it has its ups and downs as no tool can offer 100% efficiency. However, you will get to know if woorank is what you want or choose another tool. Let’s find out.

Pros (Advantages of woorank)

  • Easy to use
  • Site Crawl and Audit is Accurate
  • Keyword Tracker Tracks Keyword Position On google.
  • Ability to Track data country wise.
  • Great for SEO lead Prospecting

Cons (Disadvantages of Worank)

  • Worank is not Suitable for Keyword Research
  • The interface looks a little outdated.
  • Pricing is a little bit high for the features.


Worank Review Conclusion.

We wouldn’t advice that you rely on Worank for all your SEO research and Audit, there are better tools out there, however, if you are on budget, it will be better to still use woorank SEO review tools for your SEO projects.

Don’t rely on worank to give you all you want, try other tools and compare data to streamline the ideal key points you need.

Have questions? We’d love to hear from you, use the comment section.

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