Introduction to YouTube Timestamp Schema Markup [Updated]

YouTube Timestamp schema is a way of arranging and making your videos appear to be easy to watch for your subscribers, Viewers. And higher rankings.

You’ve probably heard of the table of contents for WordPress platforms.

The table of content is a plugin you install to make reading articles way more comfortable for your audiences to digest fast. It arranges your headings, an array that is clickable for readers.

Most importantly, your chances of ranking higher in Google increases when you have the table of contents installed.

This time, you are going to learn how the YouTube Timestamp Schema Mark Up works and where and when to implement it.

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What is YouTube Timestamp?

YouTube Timestamp Schema is a Mark up introduced by Google to help YouTube viewers get the best experience watching videos on YouTube. It is also a way to make your videos appear on search engines in a more organized and helpful manner.

YouTube Timestamp Schema Implemented on a Video

With the help of YouTube Timestamp, users don’t need to watch the whole video because they want to be quick about saving time.

So you solve the problem by helping them help you too.

What’s In it for You as a YouTuber?

How exactly do they help you? Double views: Yes, your views increase. Each YouTube Timestamp you add, you get a click.

When a viewer is watching a video and wants to navigate to say “How to implement YouTube Timestamp schema,” your video will get a fresh view count.

That’s a win-win situation because you are helping them save time, and as well they get you views.

Example of how Youtube Schema Looks like On Google.

When I first saw the timestamp, it was on Matthew woodward’s YouTube video.

I got amazed by how it looked and helped me navigate better.

That go me well; I mean, it was enticing and fresh at that moment.

So, below is how the YouTube Timestamp looks like on Google.

How Youtube Timestamp Appears On Google
How Youtube Timestamp Appears On Google

Do you see from the screenshot above? It’s easy to navigate because each step has been marked out to help you view and skip to any time you want.

You Can Increase Your Sales Using Timestamp

As a YouTube Marketer who reviews products on Amazon or any product that solves a problem, this could make a lot of Cray Cray money.

I mean a lot of money (chuckles)

People are looking to save time and get what works for them. Implementation of YouTube Timestamp schema is the right way of saving time and give them what they need.

Maybe someone wants to get a “Plastic Chicken Helmet,” that’s funny, but I never made that up, lol.

So, if they want to get the helmet and you happen to have a review with the YouTube timestamp that says.

Chicken Helmet, Unbiased Review

2:34 The Truth About Chicken Helmet
3:00 Grab 75% Discount on Chicken Helmet

They are more likely to ignore your intro and watch the truth or get the discount.

It provides options for them because you do want to help them.

This is an excellent hook for Nigerian YouTubers because average viewers want to save time and get what they want.

That’s how YouTube Timestamp saves you money.

Add YouTube Timestamp, Improve Your Video SEO

I don’t do much of YouTube SEO; however, from my SEO perspective, you can make it to the top easy with the YouTube timestamp schema implementation.

YouTube Timestamp Chart

When you appear on search with such schema, people are more prone to watch your videos than to read the article.

The reason is that they saw the layout, and it carries what they need; you have a new subscriber or view to you—cheers to that.

Now you have seen just little possibility the newly introduced schema can help you retain more views, sales, and subscribers. It’s time to learn how to implement them on your videos.

I haven’t tested YouTube Timestamp schema on my videos yet. However, I’m more compelled to tell you because it has worked for SEOs in my niche.

If you are ready, let’s do it together, shall we?

How to Add YouTube TimeStamp Links in Video Description

First, what do you need to make this work? Well, you might need a longer video of 20 to however long you want it.

You don’t need any plugin or any special voodoo to apply the schema to your videos.

Upload your new video and do any necessary tagging with a description written. Now, you will need to do a lot of pauses and play.

Watch the video, write out steps or headings that can make a table of contents with their timestamp.


If my video has an introduction and the next thing I will talk after the presentation says “How to get started bla bla bla” or “What is Chicken Helmet?”

When it gets to the point where I say, “What is Chicken Helmet?” I’d pause and record the exact time I said the phrase.

Below is the real example;

Video Chapters

02:34 What is Chicken Helmet?
04:15 How To Use Chicken Helmet
12:30 The Good, Bad and Ugly
19:45 Final Judgement
24:32 Where To Buy Chicken Helmet
30:56 45% Discount Code

Do you get that?

Once your time timestamp is ready, go to your YouTube video and paste it inside the description.

You don’t want to add it in the last place; if you can make it stay on top, it’s okay. I strongly recommend adding them after the first 200 – 300 characters of your description.

You Can Add Timestamp Using Easy to Understand Language.

Googles AI can detect your voice and make organic timestamps from them even tho the majority of people add timestamps to youtube manually.  So, for you to achieve this, you need to follow a few but essential recommendations.

#1 Edit Your Subtitles To Correct Youtube Blunders.

Most videos that are on youtube except for the ones that are carefully edited get this issue with youtube CC not corresponding.

The way that you edit is simple, upload your videos and get the translation done. It is precisely not that simple but, you want to add a timestamp to youtube videos you need to do just the above.

Youtube doesn’t understand 100% of your language unless if you are audible and accurate with your pronunciations when filming.

However, a video well recorded with almost every word correct gets the youtube timestamp feature. Below is an example of youtube video without the Youtube Timestamp schema being implemented.


#2 Systematically Add YouTube Timestamp By Using Headings in Videos.

Just like this article, you can see a lot of headings in your youtube videos. If your videos are in step by step or have a list of viewers must follow to achieve something, you need to make it clear during recording.


  1. Method 1
  2. Method 2
  3. Pro Tip 1
  4. Pro-tip 2

Just hit your spit draft in the head by following what you planned in your manuscript.

I think we are evident here, but a few questions I need to answer before you go.

I’m hoping to see you back.

  1. Does YouTube Timestamp work For Shorter Videos?

    If you do, you have nothing to lose 🙂
    I want you to try them out and give me feedback, and I hope this post is a piece of additional valuable information to your pocket.

  2. Is There a Tool To Add Youtube Timestamp

    your videos, but not automatically. You still have to add the timestamp manually y copy and pasting. It does work and could save much of your time and increase productivity by an unknown high percentage. You can try the tool out; however, I still recommend the pause and play method.

  3. Can You Add the YouTube Timestamp schema on published videos?

    Absolutely, yes, you can add them up by editing your description. You need to watch these videos and note the timestamp.

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