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My name is Yusuf Bitrus. I have spent the last three years learning SEO and working for small businesses to increase their traffic and gain more leads. Their goal is to reach the first page, and I did that for them. Just recently, I decided to make this skill work for my blog and do the stuff, grow niche websites, and sell them off. Of course, Bitrusprneur is my brand website, and it is staying for good.

If you asked me, I have managed to sell only one blog, and it was good pay. On Bitruspreneur, I will be sharing what worked for me and how I managed to scale up things using SEO. I’d be glad if I can get the SEO consultant title to help other people make the right decisions in their business.

My Blogging Journey.

I started blogging way back in 2015 doing the baby step stuff thing for like two years and finally became competent in the third year. While in the third, I learned some high ticket skills, and SEO is one of them. If you ask me what those top tickets skills are, see them below

  • Copy Writing
  • WordPress Website development
  • Mini – Importation Business
  • Domain Flipping and SEO
  • Creating Digital Products
  • Turning Skills into Gold and many more

Days turned weeks, and weeks turned months and months turned years for me while doing what I had to do to survive.

During these years, I work for somebody while doing blogging and SEO as side income job. I’ve worked at the lottery, betting shop, and now Point Of Sales, which I will be leaving soon to embark on my life journey and see where life rides me. You are surprised how I all these years?

I started with going to the farm to keep my websites up and running, my first website zthatcomand off growthh. I’d rather not talk about them.

I also wrote a book or two, which is The On-page Dominator currently on amazon and Goodreads selling for $9.99, which gives me the title of an Author. Watch out as roll out more books for you enjoy.

My Plan For the Next Coming Years.

Leave 9 to 5 jobs, focus on my business, and then get married (20xx LOL). Yes, I mean to get married. Someday we going to have kids, don’t we?

But let’s get rich first. Let’s make some money by doing what we have to do, which involves selling what I know. I’m getting by with Grace of God. Yeah, leads and I follow.

Well, you are welcome to my world, and I am going to be sharing value with you on this website. Feel free to reach out to me for questions and booking to speak at your event.


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To your continued success,

Yusuf Bitrus | Founder and Author of Bitruspreneur.com